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Top 10 sailor Moon Monster of the week

10. Screaming violin woman (093)

9. Pegasus hits the gym (143)

8. WHAT the ACTUAL HELL (151)

7. An 80s stripper who also happens to be a shoe (106)

6. Me (114)

5. The animation department had a lot of extra pink paint (174)

4. An elephant vacuum cleaner, but like in a sexy way (094)

3. My breasts are two small screaming snowmen (038)

2. Ball Family (132, 140, 146)

1. A straight-up, actual volcano (067)

the mcelroys trying to relate to teens
  • Justin: brings teens to the outdoors to help them focus so they aren't looking at their phones while also calling several inanimate objects of nature "just like snapchat"
  • Travis: focuses on the teen's artistic interests and helps them express themselves while shouting positive statements at them nonsensically
  • Griffin: brings a lone teen out to the deep woods and makes him sacrifice his phone to the "clown box" a box that likely contains a murderous clown who thirsts for phones, in return for a hand-drawn maze and other gifts who proceeds to attack griffin's lone teen.

Science is not nature. Science is not truth. Science is the process by which humans try to uncover truths about nature. 

Nature is objective and exists outside of humanity. We are products of nature and exist within it. 

But science is socially constructed, because science can’t exist without us. Science is something that must be done. And because it only exists within the context of us messy political humans it reflects our messy political society. It’s biased and political and can be (and often is) wrong. 

Science can be harmful. It can, and is, used to support and justify bigotry and hatred. And support harmful power structures. And justify whatever status quo those in power wish to maintain. 

It also does amazing things and brings to light beauty and elegance and things previously unimaginable. It can also be used to fight against the damaging and harmful. 

But these are two sides of the same coin. And if we really want science to be the best it can be we need to recognize that. 

Mimetic Words | Onomatopoeia

Hey guys, today we’re gonna talk about mimetic words and onomatopoeia in Japanese! Mimetic words, just like onomatopoeia, are words that phonetically resemble the source of sound that they’re describing – they mimic sounds, feelings, and senses! You will often see these mimetic words and onomatopoeia in either ひらがな or カタカナ! It doesn’t really matter which one you use.

Animal and Human Sounds・擬声語・ぎせいご:

Child crying loudly・うわーん
Chuckling secretively・ウフフ・(´∀`*)ウフフ
Clearing your throat for attention・おほん
Loud laugh・アハハ
Speaking a foreign language fluently・ぺらぺら
Surprised scream・うぎゃー
Unable to contain laughter・クスクス

Inanimate Objects and Nature Sounds・擬音語・ぎおんご:
You will often see 擬音語used in manga!

Bursting into flames・メラメラ
Heavy rain pouring down・ザーザー
Rock tumbling down a hill・ゴロゴロ
Running at full speed・タタタタ
Stepping on dirt or sand・サクサク
Thunder rumbling・ゴロゴロ
Water bubbling gently・こぽこぽ

Movement and Motion・擬容語
Fast paced walking・すたこら
Joints shaking・がくがく
Nodding off・うとうと
Trembling from cold, fear, or anger・ブルブル
Wandering aimlessly・ウロウロ

Excited from anticipation・わくわく
Fascinated by something beautiful・うっとり
Happy, full of hope・うきうき
Running around hurriedly・あたふた
Throbbing pain・ずきずき
Worrying about the past・くよくよ
Worrying or wondering what to do・もやもや

Grass rustling・わさわさ
Gushing water・ごぼごぼ
Loud snoring・ぐーぐー
Long yawn・ふわ~
Moving slowly・のそり
Smooth / Silky・さらさら
Strong cough・ごほん
Suddenly waking up・がばっ
Wandering around aimlessly・のらりのらり

Spiritworker's Guide to Crafting an Enchanted Amulet


There is one way of creating a protective amulet. This method involves taking powers and energies and adding them on to a “blank” object. This method works well and I have used it many times before.

However, many of us in spirit work are not really interested in witchcraft-based spellwork. I would like to present a new method of creating a protective amulet, by awaking the spirit within the amulet itself, and getting it to agree to protect whoever wears or holds the amulet.


First, though, a few words on protection.

I generally expect certain nature spirits to be nice guys. Never met a vicious crystal (a few grumpy and mean ones, but never an evil rock). A few plant spirits have attacked me but I stray far from home. I do not think anyone carrying out these exercises of talking to basic, friendly spirits is going to be at risk. There are however a few notes I do have:

  • DO NOT work with any materials that make you feel uncomfortable, nervous, or worried. Such feelings are not indicative that the material has a lot of power; it means the material is WRONG for this project.
  • Stick with my recommended materials list coming up if you really want to focus on spirits that are known to be friendly towards humans.
  • It is up to you to adjust the contents of this post as you see fit, experiment, and try new magic. Once you leave the beaten trail, you need to start working within your own system of protections.


You will be using a rock or crystal, a natural object like a pine cone, or a collection of herbs bound in a sachet. It is vital you choose an object which you believe contains a protective spirit. If you associate bluebirds with flowers and clouds, don’t use a bluebird feather for this project.

Certain materials are more traditional because people have had success with them over and over again. I will list my recommended amulet materials next.

You will “awaken” this spirit, talk to it, get to know it, and secure its service as a protector. You can then empower the spirit and learn how to take care of it, feed it, and cleanse it.

In the end, you should have an awoken and empowered spirit vessel working as a powerful protector on your behalf.


Spirit worker 101: “Protection” doesn’t work the same way with every spirit. An onyx spirit may produce an astral warrior to fight your enemies, while a cinnamon spirit may produce a wall to protect you. Which would better serve you? Choose your allies wisely; talk to many potential allies before you choose the one you really want to work with. Even better, secure several allies who can all work together to help you in powerful ways.

Here are my recommended materials:

Any black crystal or rock, or any crystal or rock known for its powers of protection. Examples are onyx, tourmaline, and hematite. Also, hag stones make excellent natural protective amulets.

A piece of wood from any holy tree (perhaps from a pagan tradition you follow), or a tree with traditional protective properties in your culture. Examples where I live are oak and pine. Dried and preserved leaves/needles, bark, acorns, or pine cones, will also work well.

Rosemary, mullein, cinnamon, cloves, basil, or bay leaf are my top six herbal allies for defense and protection. Put them in a tiny necklace jar or in a small cloth sachet.

FIRST STEPS - tl;dr: Cleanse the vessel and cast a circle.

There is one basic safety measure everyone can take when approaching a potential new spirit. You can thoroughly cleanse and purify the vessel. A harsh cleansing is not necessary; something gentle and thorough will suffice. Choose a method that will not damage the physical material you have chosen.

Incense Take some purifying incense. If you can manage it, burn or singe some bay leaf. Hold your object in the incense smoke and vividly imagine that the smoke goes not only over the object but inside of it! Imagine the gentle cleansing incense purifies the object and takes away every negative energy and ill-intent, leaving it purified and connected to Nature.

Water Place your object underneath running water (the sink or tub will do; natural is great if you can manage it). Imagine that the water streams inside of and through the object, rinsing away every negative and unwanted energy.

Earth Bury the object in natural soil for 24 hours, or three days for a very serious case. Expose the soil to sunlight and moonlight to improve the process.

Light Using your favorite energy work technique, create a ball of purifying and cleansing energies. Immerse your object inside of this sphere of energy and let it be cleansed. Draw the energy inside of your object so it is thoroughly cleansed.

After you cleanse you will want to follow a basic protective measure. This is possibly the simplest thing you can do to protect yourself at this stage. Cast a circle intended to keep spirits out.

When your object is cleansed and ready to become an amulet, go to where you would like to talk to the spirit (I usually choose my bedroom because all my magical stuff is in there). Face east. Point at the ground and envision a blue flame spring from the ground. Turn around in a clockwise motion, repeating this phrase:

“This ground be purified, protected, and blessed, in the name of my highest Powers; this circle keep all spirits out except the one I invite.”

(Alter this to refer to your higher powers by name, or reference your own power).

Once you finish the circle and return to the east, imagine the blue flame springs up in a glorious sphere that completely surrounds you, keeping out all spirits except the one you invite.

Now you are ready to begin!

TALKING TO THE SPIRIT FOR THE FIRST TIME - tl;dr: Focus on the spirit, talk to it. Ask it if it will help you make an amulet; if it says no, move on. If it says yes, continue talking and making friends.

Spirit communication is the easiest thing in the world. Don’t psyche yourself out about it. Hold your object or place it on a nice, clean surface. It should now be purified and you should be inside a protective circle (why a circle? When you call for a spirit and not in a properly warded space, any spirit may arrive. Always ward before you call spirits!).

Focus on the object. Consider what may be inside of it, what spirit may rest there.

Touch the object if you feel like it. Hold it close, put it on your forehead like me if you really get in to it. Do whatever feels comfortable. When you are ready, call to the spirit:

“Spirit of this [object], known for its protective powers, will you come greet me today? I need to speak with you.”

While you make this call, visualize or believe that your words reach the soul of the object you are talking to, igniting it and ‘waking it up’ from its slumber.

For me an action like this typically garners immediate response. If you do not receive a response, a few things may be going on: Either the spirit is not interested in speaking with you, or you don’t know how to hear it, or it didn’t hear you the first time.

Try asking one more time, and see what happens. If the spirit still does not reply, put the object down, feed it some energy, and try again later.

If you actually get a response, DO NOT expect a living fae to rise out of the physical stone, dancing in front of you like so many LSD hallucinations. You are going to receive a response within your mind 9 times out of 10. You will receive input in one form or another. Some people experience external emotions, feelings, and sensations which are not their own. Other people hear words, sounds, songs, or other verbal communication. Other people have visions of spirits within their mind. Some people simply “know”, and “know” when the spirit hears them and “know” what the spirit’s response is, without ever having any kind of tangible input. Everyone’s experience is different.

In my typical experience, I would “see” a spirit in my mind’s eye, as well as feel the spirit’s energies and intent, and hear words they speak. You may have a totally different way of communication!

For first contact, introduce yourself. “Hi, my name is Cranberry. I called you because I would love to work with you, and I think we can be of benefit to each other.” State who you are and clearly state your intentions. There is no need to beat around the bush, spirits aren’t usually offended when people seek out their aid.

Then, you wait for the spirit to respond. If you get “no way”, “not my thing,” sensations or feelings, thank the spirit and put it away and choose something else to be your amulet.

Spiritworker 101: You’re a fucking idiot if you force spirits to be your servants and slaves. They’re only eventually going to turn against you, and you’ll eventually gain a permanent spiritual reputation as an asshole that good guys won’t work with any more. There are SO MANY good and helpful spirits that will willingly work for fair pay, which we owe them. I’ve heard the most stupid, idiotic excuses that novices make to defend abuse and slavery. Fuck you if you enslave spirits.

If you get “go ahead,” “I’m interested,” or, “go on….” vibes, continue.

MAKING THE DEAL – tl;dr Be nice to the spirit and ask it to help you.

There is a difference between wild spirits that can fend for themselves, and spirits taken out of their natural environment to come live in my house. A spirit that lives in my unnatural house may not have access to the food and ability to cleanse and care for itself as it otherwise would. So right away I usually ask a spirit that lives in my house if it would like a nice, small offering. A glass of fresh water is more than enough, sometimes a bit of incense is appreciated. Occasionally a spirit will ask for a specific enchanted formula in my room that will give them a good boost.

In general, continue casting your protective circle every time you talk to this spirit. ESPECIALLY if the space you are working in is not fully warded!! If you are working in a fully warded space and you know how to connect with the spirit inside the object, then I wouldn’t worry too much about protective circles unless you really just want to be extra safe :)

Up to this point, the object has been cleansed and we are inside a protective circle. We are assuming I have just made first contact with the spirit and it has given me signals to continue. So here I will offer it a small offering such as a glass of water.

If the spirit is quiet or is not saying much, or if it asks for more info, fill the spirit in. Simply tell the spirit you seek a protective ally, one that can guard you against malicious spirits and negative energies, and protect against the ill-intent of other humans. Say why you have chosen this spirit – did it come highly recommended? Have you had a personal experience with its protective abilities? And state what you will do to pay the spirit back. Try offering a cleansing twice a month and energy feedings once a week, or both whenever necessary.

Many protective spirits I know are warriors and are proud and boastful about their abilities. They often leap at the chance to protect someone and will gladly do it. Other spirits are more cautious or coy and will not agree right away, instead wanting to talk more and get to know you more. If a spirit is not agreeing to protect you, no need to beg or convince it; thank it, put it away, and try another spirit instead. You may find it is just necessary to actually get to know spirits in general more before they agree to work with you, so in that case it is fine to spend however much time you need getting to know the spirit.

Ultimately most spirits I know will have some questions so spend some time answering anything the spirit wants to know. They may want to know if you have any enemies they must defeat, what kind of ailments you have, what energies you are facing, what kind of cleansing they will receive, what kind of food they will receive, and so on. Hash out the details and take notes as needed so you do not forget any part of the agreement being made.

In general you are making a business deal (even if you guys become great friends and allies) and you need to work out some details:

Will the spirit help you only when it is specifically called? Do you need to be aware of danger before it will kick in? Or will the spirit stay vigilant and watch? Should you tell him when to be vigilant? Do you want him always aware? The more active the spirit is, the more feedings it will require. Everything is an exchange. Do you want to be aware of when you are being protected of negative energies, or not? Do you want the spirit to alert you if it senses something nearby? Will it protect an area it is in, or only a human who specifically holds it? Work out all these details. In general, asking the spirit to give you a sense of security when it is “working” is a great idea. It lets you know within a few moments if your spirit ally is able to help you that day.

If you are making a general protective amulet, skip this step. If you know you have specific enemies, whether they be human or spirit, ask the amulet spirit what it can specifically do to protect against your enemies. Depending on how easily you can work with spirits and make amulets such as this one, it may be worth your while to spend the time finding an ally who can help you the most against specific beings you face.

Sooner or later the spirit is either going to agree or disagree. I’ve never gotten a “let me think about it” from a nature spirit before. They pretty much seem to know what they’re going to do. If the spirit disagrees, thank it and return it to where it belongs. If it agrees, you now have secured the services of a protective spirit!

TESTING YOUR AMULET -tl;drshow me what you gotttt

Now a spirit has agreed to be a protector. But in my way of working you don’t just “finish up”. For anyone interested in above-beginner energy work, spirit work, spell work, and astral travel, you need to figure out how this magic is actually literally realistically going to work on your behalf.

Once I am in communion with the spirit and they have agreed to help me, I ask to see an example of how their protective powers work against a specific enemy. For example, you can ask, “how would your charms help me against another spirit seeking to harm me?” Then wait and see what input you get.

I will get visions of how thinks “work” according to my understanding of the astral. No matter what you should gain at least a slightly better understanding of how your enchantment is going to work, even if you only get a feeling such as “security” or an image of a wall.

In general I ask these three questions:

“Can you show me how you will protect me against malicious spirits?”
“Can you show me how you will protect me against energies or spells?”
“Can you show me how you will protect me against malicious humans?**”

**These amulets are for protection during spiritual encounters, not physical encounters. Do not rely on magic to keep you physically safe.

If I am satisfied that the spirit knows what it is doing (and if you used any of the recommended materials, it should), I thank it for its time. I give it a feeding, a nice offering as thanks for making this deal, and I either “hang up” or spend enjoyable time with this spirit.

MAINTAINING YOUR AMULET AND THE SPIRIT WITHINtl;dr uphold your end of the deal, feed the spirit, be nice to it.

Once your deal has been made, try talking to this spirit regularly. This is especially nice if you have no other companions or limited spirit experience. Remember to cast your circle every time if you are working outside of a fully warded space. Try wearing or touching the amulet as you work with it :)

DON’T forget to cleanse and feed the spirit as you have agreed. If you have to “take a break”, low spoon month, etc. – see if you can’t at least say hello to the spirit and explain the situation. Otherwise, I often find these types of protective spirits to be good-natured and not prone to anger (especially rocks).

Wear or hold your amulet whenever you need it. Activate it by whatever word or signal you agreed to if it does not always remain aware.

Use this amulet as protection while doing other spirit work, astral traveling, or simply when you need it daily. Talk to the spirit within the amulet regularly; it is not a mindless spell, it is a real being. Ask it about things that happen to you and seek greater insight. A spirit that follows you around regularly may have great insight in to your life.

A spirit may be empowered in certain ways. Keeping the vessel very thoroughly cleansed and energetically fed makes a huge difference.

To energetically feed a vessel, choose one of the following methods:

Incense Take some vivifying incense, something bright and enjoyable. If you are unsure of what to choose, ask the spirit within or choose a scent you think that individual would like. If you get an unclear response, go with basil and chamomile or any stick incense. Hold the vessel over the smoke and imagine the smoke is drawn within and turns in to a feast for the spirit to enjoy. Imagine the spirit of the vessel feasting on the smoke and enjoying it immensely. If you get feelings of “no” or “stop”, the spirit does not like the incense presented and you should of course stop immediately.

Flame Light a candle of any type. Hold the vessel over the candle flame and imagine the heat and light from the candle arise and go inside the vessel, warming it and giving the spirit pure energy from which it can heal and rest.  

Offerings Gather foods, beverages, consumables (such as tobacco), and/or alcohol. Place the offerings next to the vessel and encourage the spirit to come out and enjoy all the physical offerings placed before them.

Light Using your favorite energy work technique, create a ball of energizing and healing energies. Put this energy in to the vessel and encourage the spirit to use it and enjoy it according to their greatest needs and desires.

A spirit may also be empowered by giving it various magical waters, potions, and formulas. A spirit vessel adorned with War Water can give the spirit within special abilities, in my experience UPG alert I guess I’ve never heard anyone else talk about this. I find my spirits greatly enjoy the formula Glory Water, which they request regularly. They also like a custom blend of mine called Snake Water, which is actually just a very simple and highly cleansing formula.

Store your vessel somewhere it is comfortable. I hang mine on the wall usually, you may want to keep yours on your altar or in a nice, special space. If you ever lose the need for this vessel, tell the spirit within that you have lost your need for its services and break the contract.


Jupiter Signs

Jupiter in Aries: You have confidence, energy and a great enthusiasm in life. You often ignite, sometimes to the point of becoming maniac, and you have many interests, although you may not all maintain them in the long run. It’s easy for you to get carried away by your own problems, and you have to be careful with your tendency to self-centeredness and forget the details.

Jupiter in Taurus: You are devoted and kind; lovers of nature, material objects and of pleasures of the senses. You can easily get into the habit of not denying you anything. So you’re awesome in bed - but also tormented by being overweight. Fortunately, you balance your search for pleasure through your practical mind. Essentially, your judgment is sound.

Jupiter in Gemini: Nothing excites you more than an idea. You are an intelligent, multi-talented, curious and easily captivated, although you run the risk of losing interest in a subject by talking to death. All that concerns the writings is beneficial to you - from the diary to a job in a bookstore or the practice of journalism.

Jupiter in Cancer: You are sincere, benevolent, intuitive, protective and sympathetic, the absolute nurturing mother, even if you are a man. Understanding and indulgent, you love the pleasures of home, property, as well as parenthood.

Jupiter in Leo: You are magnanimous, compassionate, exuberant and theatrical, with enormous vitality and a deep need for social recognition, respect and power. Although you may sometimes be bossy or superficial, you are a sincere person who likes to include others, and you tend to be appreciated. This position is considered happy and often brings success.

Jupiter in Virgo: You are organized, practical and happy when your efforts produce concrete results. You possess a fine intellect, you are willing to work hard, and you tend to spend too many hours looking for perfection. However, this position creates an internal voltage.

Jupiter in Libra: You are kind, friendly, fair and popular. Gifted with a natural charm, you work well with other people and you feel naturally attracted to the arts. But you may be forced to fight against the classic defect of Libras who are having difficulty making important decisions.

Jupiter in Scorpio: You have gigantic passions, a magnetic intensity that other people feel, and a highly sexual nature. Although you may be booked, you have a sincere interest in what may be hiding behind appearances, and you are still observing and collecting information. You are ambitious and sometimes aggressive, with a lot of pride and a fierce will that can help you achieve your dreams.

Jupiter in Sagittarius: As Jupiter is the master of Sagittarius, this position is considered as happy. The Sagittarius draws the best from Jupiter. It makes you genial, optimistic, generous, tolerant and philosopher (you are not obsessed with little things). Gifted for teaching, you are attracted to overseas travel, higher education, and universal philosophies, religions and belief systems. But be aware that this position also accentuates your faith (or fanaticism) at the same time as your tendency to do morals.

Jupiter in Capricorn: With the planet of expansion in cautious Capricorn, you are ambitious, obedient, honest, serious, realistic, disciplined, and you work hard. When you set a goal, your chances of achieving it are excellent. But you will have to fight pessimism.

Jupiter in Aquarius: Open minded, altruistic and innovative, you have a great originality and you are interested in everything that is the latest. You are also naturally tolerant. But you do not react well to disappointment. If your high ideals do not come true, you can become selfish and authoritarian.

Jupiter in Pisces: You are friendly, indulgent and imaginative. Endowed with a powerful intuition, you capture everything that happens around you. Generous, you try to improve things by even going so far as to sacrifice yourself. But when you feel out of place, you can turn into a hermit. The spiritual quest interests you.


It’s called a stellium when you have several planets in a single house or sign. Whether three or four planets should be the minimum is debatable; personally, I believe three or more is a comfortable standard. Stellia, when present, are vital factors in the natal chart. They indicate a considerable cluster of energies that demands attention & development, and paints a vivid picture of the native’s patterns, motives, lessons to learn, and potential.

If you believe in karma, a stellium may suggest that the native has dues to pay, so to speak – the opposing house or sign could’ve been overdeveloped in their past life and now it is time to restore balance. If they have a “heavy” stellium (with many volatile energies involved), it may be considered a punishment. Even if you don’t believe in karma, however, there is still something karmic about the stellium, if only in the sense of personal growth. The more planets there are in a house or sign, the more that house’s theme or sign’s energy will either (a) come naturally to you, or (b) call for advancement. It is likely that sign stellia imply an abundance of that particular archetype’s energy in the native’s psyche, and the house stellia are what require healing, expansion, and awareness. There are many ways to interpret stellia; below, I’ve tried to break down my method of doing so as simply as possible.

The sun’s presence in a stellium indicates that the sign’s energy or the house’s theme is a fundamental & innate part of the native’s identity. It may also mean that the sign or house must be accepted or grown into.
The moon’s presence in a stellium indicates that the sign’s energy or the house’s theme lies at the native’s core, there are habits formed around it, and emotions are filtered through it. Pain or comfort may be attached to it.
Mercury’s presence in a stellium indicates that the sign’s energy or the house’s theme is a learning process that the native will likely share with others. Teaching their findings or forming a way of life around them is probable.
Venus’ presence in a stellium indicates that the sign’s energy or the house’s theme is softened and modified (by either the native or the person/group of people associated with the sign or house) to be more pleasant & “beautiful” in whatever sense. It may be ideally expressed through art or in relationships. It is very likely that there will be an amount of romanticization involved with it.
Mars’ presence in a stellium indicates that the sign’s energy or the house’s theme is a part of what drives & inspires the native. It may have a violent or otherwise volatile inclination, and will probably produce intensity or conflict.
Jupiter’s presence in a stellium indicates that the sign’s energy or the house’s theme produces a fruitful journey throughout the native’s life. It may or may not be very fun (depending on other planets involved), but it promises a positive result, as it is cultivating & expanding the qualities of that area of life (or self).
Saturn’s presence in a stellium indicates that the sign’s energy or the house’s theme has detrimental tendencies that will, at some point, be painfully abolished & replaced with a more mature and/or healthy method of approach. Much struggle and unhappiness will take place there, but you’ll learn from it.
Uranus’ presence in a stellium indicates that the sign’s energy or the house’s theme is dynamic and may have a strange or “urgent” feeling to it; the former is caused by unconventionality and the latter is caused by the inevitability of change taking place in that area of life or self. It may also be a crucial part of a bigger picture, a revolutionary bloom that’ll take place outside of the native.
Neptune’s presence in a stellium indicates that the sign’s energy or the house’s theme is a buried or neglected part of the native’s psyche that affects them on a subconscious & often uncontrollable or invisible level. This is usually detrimental, but sometimes it is similar to the moon’s presence in a stellium.
Pluto’s presence in a stellium indicates that the sign’s energy or the house’s theme is a chaotic & powerful force that causes immense pain, turmoil, conflict, disturbance, and, most importantly, profound transformation. The troubles will be destructive and recurrent, but with each cycle the native is further refined.

Aries stellium: the native’s sense of self is prominent & innate. They know how to assert & fight for themselves, sometimes to excess.
Taurus stellium: the native’s sense of security is prominent & innate. They know how to establish themselves in life, sometimes to excess.
Gemini stellium: the native’s ability to communicate is prominent & innate. They know how to share themselves, sometimes to excess.
Cancer stellium: the native’s ability to nurture is prominent & innate. They know how to protect themselves, sometimes to excess.
Leo stellium: the native’s sense of worth is prominent & innate. They know how to project themselves, sometimes to excess.
Virgo stellium: the native’s sense of imperfection is prominent & innate. They know how to improve themselves (or think they do), sometimes to excess.
Libra stellium: the native’s ability to create peace is prominent & innate. They know how to balance (or unbalance) themselves, sometimes to excess.
Scorpio stellium: the native’s ability to transform is prominent & innate. They know how to repair (or destroy) themselves, sometimes to excess.
Sagittarius stellium: the native’s sense of expansion is prominent & innate. They know how to develop themselves (their minds), sometimes to excess.
Capricorn stellium: the native’s sense of duty is prominent & innate. They know how to build themselves and their lives, sometimes to excess.
Aquarius stellium: the native’s ability to reinvent is prominent & innate. They know how to change themselves and others, sometimes to excess.
Pisces stellium: the native’s ability to imagine is prominent & innate. They know how to elevate themselves and others, sometimes to excess.
(The signs & their ruling planets may have similar affects on a stellium, depending on the overall nature of the chart.)

1st house stellium: the native easily establishes and expresses their identity. They know & understand themselves, or assume or claim personalities that may not be entirely accurate because they know who they aspire to be. Their life is majorly composed of self-expression or self-discovery. If this does not come naturally, the object is to discover, accept, and share themselves fully.
2nd house stellium: the native easily takes care of themselves; they know what they like & what they want, & they work toward achieving it. They desire pleasure, comfort, & stability, & their life is majorly composed of those pursuits. If this does not come naturally, the object is to learn how to become a part of the physical realm, and to enjoy & savor it, to stop taking it for granted.
3rd house stellium: the native easily incorporates their active consciousness into daily life through exchanges, be they verbal or literal. To learn & to understand are what they passively yearn for – they aren’t inclined to seek it because they are generally satisfied with what they intellectually receive on an everyday basis. If this does not come naturally, the object is to cultivate that receptivity to & appreciation for the great things that pass them by regularly.
4th house stellium: the native easily finds or creates a home for themselves when they need it. They feel secure within themselves, they are a safe space for themselves and for others, and they are capable of drawing inspiration & growing from their past in a healthy, mature way. If this does not come naturally, the object is to discover a sense of internal stability, to let go of issues of the past and grow from them, and to discover the true meaning of home.
5th house stellium: the native easily attains emotional & creative pleasure through their expressive endeavors. They can demonstrate who they are through art and relationships, and prosper in their satisfactory establishment of self. They feel free. If this does not come naturally, the object is to learn how to let go of fear and restrictions while respecting moderation, and to acquire a skillful method of releasing or satisfying their feelings, ideas, and desires.
6th house stellium: the native easily comprehends their own imperfections and is devoted to the pursuit of improving themselves. There is a strong theme of seeking a better life experience with them; they strive for optimal health and physical/mental functioning, so much so that they may disregard comfort & relaxation or may become very fearful individuals. The object, no matter whether these traits come naturally, is to discover what it truly means to be human and to balance acceptance with perseverance rather than allowing one to outweigh the other, in turn scattering & wasting the human condition.
7th house stellium: the native easily connects to other people & assimilates well to most social dynamics. They are usually quite empathetic individuals, but it comes from a place of interpersonal intellect rather than heart (unless other placements suggest that). Love is very important to them in any form, and they tend to define themselves by it. The object is generally to learn to differentiate themselves & their identities from other people’s, to establish themselves singularly, and to rearrange their innate priorities to put themselves first. Alternatively, they may need to learn how to be more receptive.
8th house stellium: the native easily comprehends dark, buried subjects. They are extremely intuitive (often psychic), investigative, and usually secretive. They seek to know and understand everything most people refuse to look at, as they are only fulfilled by deep, profound experiences & knowledge. If this does not come naturally, they likely have an aversion to controversy; the object is to learn to allow their penetrative, transformative nature to flourish.
9th house stellium: the native easily lends themselves to the process of intellectual expansion, and define themselves by the search of knowledge and experience. They tend to be grandiose & adventurous people with very big imaginations and a yearning for all things unknown & interesting to them. If this does not come naturally, the object is to detach from their roots, to cultivate a more open mind, and to discover a personal appeal to discovery.
10th house stellium: the native easily achieves what they set their mind to. They thrive in the spotlight and revel in recognition, as long as it is well-deserved. They strive to be exactly the person they want to be, and can thus confine themselves to an unattainable or caricatured ideal. Reward motivates them, and they’re remarkably hardworking. If this does not come naturally, the object is to develop & elevate a sense of duty to their own self-respect, to abolish their lazy habits, and to realize their true purpose in life.
11th house stellium: the native easily fabricates vivid dreams and aspirations. They are creative, innovative, logical thinkers with immense potential. They apply their ideas to a desire for worth; they may measure their value by their contributions to society. They are highly concerned with the greater good, and are usually capable of creating great benefit for humanity. If this does not come naturally, the object is to become more progressive & open-minded, to find their altruism, & to create the good they want to see.
12th house stellium: the native easily tunes into their meditative, subconscious state, but are rarely capable of bringing that rich spiritual realm into contact with reality. They tend to have a lot of unlocked potential. They may feel that they are instruments in a “divine plan” or that they have a special connection to whatever they perceive to be divine. They repress much of their personality and usually do not know exactly who they are or how they operate. They’re deeply introverted, and pain is a significant factor in their identity. If this does not come naturally, the object is to come to understand that there is something sacred about them, that they can discover their true selves if they dig deep enough, that their sacrifices are appreciated, and that they mustn’t suppress themselves any more than they naturally do.

Witchy Goals for the New Year

🌿 Complete a book of Shadows

🌿 Meditate more often

🌿 Write down everything you learn

🌿 Take mindless walks through the woods, focusing on your breathing and            the chirping of the birds

🌿 Plant a garden

🌿 Spend more time under the moon

🌿 Do a deep self and house cleansing

🌿 Collect objects that speak to you from nature and thrift shops

🌿 Practice Tarot more consistently

🌿  Drink a cup of tea daily

🌿 Take one night from your week to light candles, drink a cup of tea, and relax

🌿 Make a witchy mood board

🌿 Start a dream journal

🌿 Add more magick in your cooking

🌿 Make spell jars to scatter through out your home

🌿 Sew dream sachets into pillows

🌿 Plan day-to-day witchy things to do each week

🌿 Start a gratitude page in your grimoire

🌿 Make your own candles

🌿 Grow and dry your own herbs

🌿 Learn to identify the constellations 

🌿 Scatter your home with live plants to attract more good energy

🌿 Become pen pals with a witch from a different country

🌿 Hang sun catchers and bells near windows

🌿 Cleanse yourself with ritual baths once a month

🌿 Keep track of the moon phases and sacred days

🌿 Learn Latin

🌿 Every morning spritz your bed with a lavender and chamomile infusion

🌿 Create a space that is exclusively for practicing magick

🌿 Practice botanical and fauna sketches

🌿 Organize and rewrite pages in your completed grimoire

🌿 Create garlands made from natural objects (ie wheat, pinecones, etc) 

To all the witches out there: Add to this list and start new years off with the right mind set. 

May the moon light your path!

==Moonlight Academy==

Seashell Magick

Long before fancy new-age tools became readily available through specialty shops, our magic-using ancestors turned to nature for their power objects. Natural objects are imbued with spiritual energies that we can harness for our own use in spells and charms. Seashells in particular have a long history of magical uses, as they were associated with the powers of various sea gods and goddesses of different cultures.


  • Being born of the ocean, shells are strongly associated with the element of water. They are also associated with the moon, which drives ocean tides. Both the element of water and the moon have strong feminine energies that are receptive in nature, so shells are primarily used in magic to draw things you desire into your life.


  • Shells taken from the ocean need little ritual preparation for magical uses; however, if your shells were bought from a store or have been stashed in a box for a while, they may benefit from cleansing and recharging. To do this, place your shells in a bowl of water mixed with sea salt. Set them aside to soak for a day or overnight. Recharge them by setting the bowl in the sun or under the light of the full moon for several hours.


  • One of the main symbols for Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, is the seashell. Invoke the power of Aphrodite for love spells using shells by wearing seashell jewelry or hair ornaments to attract a mate. Use a hinged seashell with the two parts still attached as a powerful love talisman to keep two lovers together. Write the initials of the lovers on the inside of the shell, one on each side, then seal it shut with glue.


  • Many cultures used shells as a form of currency. Cowrie shells were used in Africa and North America, and Native Americans used wampum—beads made from clam shells—as money. Because of this, shells are suitable for money spells. Fill a small green or gold pouch with seashells, a silver coin and mint, which is a money-drawing herb. Hang the bag where you do business, and rub it when you desire prosperity. Place a small seashell in your wallet or purse to continually keep money coming to it.


  • Protection is a shell’s primary purpose in nature, as it is made to keep small, defenseless sea creatures safe from harm. Because of this, shells have strong protective energies. Many cultures in coastal areas use shells in folk magic to protect the home by placing strings of shells over windows and doors. Necklaces of strung shells can be worn by children to keep them close to home and safe from harm. Placing a small, round shell on the collars of your pets will keep them safe should they wander from home.

Particular shells also have their own individual meanings:

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BPD Symptoms and Features

**please note: the following post was originally posted by kellyann-graceful-warrior and has been reposted here by me and bolded and italicized to reflect which symptoms i feel apply to myself**

BPD is a chronic mental disorder of emotional dysregulation+hypersensitivity due to factors such as:

-A result of an overactive autonomic nervous system (fight or flight- functions associated to panic, anxiety, anger reactions, etc)
-An under-active parasympathetic nervous system (The system that is responsible to regulate the autonomic nervous system)
-Less active and smaller in volume abnormalities in the limbic system which has functions linked to: emotional reactions, memory, decision making, motivation, behavior, learning and developmental ability, thought pattern, instincts, psychotic symptoms, seizures, and senses/the way the body perceives external stimuli.
-Reduced volume in frontal lobe which has functions linked to: decision making, communication responses, ability to comprehend consequences, emotional-based memories and triggers, and relations to people, events and situations.
-Abnormal blood flow to parts of the brain that control emotions, resulting in one to be more reactive
-Emotional reactions firing off 20% longer
-A ton of other factors

Here are the 9 main symptoms noted in the criteria and research.

1. Extreme reactions to real or perceived/feared abandonment, rejection, or criticism

2. Splitting and idealization/devaluation

3. Identity disturbance- impoverished self image/self esteem and sense of self, dysphoria, despising ones self, and extreme instability and no direction towards the future, aspirations, goals, [career] plans, values, etc

4. Impulsive behavior- a sense of urgency to relieve intensity of emotions from stimuli, often self damaging (spending sprees, binge eating, steal, substance abuse, etc).

5. Reoccurring suicidal behavior/ideations (gestures, extensive thoughts, planning, role playing) and self-harm

6. Intense rapid cycling of affective instability due to hypersensitivity+dysregulation reactions

7. Depressive symptoms- chronic feelings of emptiness, frequent feelings of being miserable, shame, self-inferiority, and extreme difficulty recovering from such feelings

8. Intense anger and/or aggression reactions- frequent anger easily triggered from incidents

9. Paranoia/panic and dissociation reactions (often in response to stresses/anxieties)
[People with BPD may often experience reactions/episodes of psychosis- paranoia, hallucinations, delusions, body dysmorphic figures, etc, as well]

Then there are hundreds of other symptoms and features to this very complex, and unfortunately, highly stigmatized and misunderstood disorder. Here are a few indicated in research.
(Note- One with the disorder may display some or most of these, but nothing is guaranteed as each person with the disorder is an individual, so don’t use these as assumptions. Some may not have the same symptoms as others, and no person with it is portrayed the same way.
They are rather a guideline to mental health workers because they are often seen and developed from the disorder and symptoms).

(ALSO NOTE- Others without it can obviously ‘display/relate’ to some of this from time to time once you take a look, but the reasoning, cause, severity, and pattern is different and this is a chronic disorder.Please note it’s completely different than that and that this post is just for awareness/education purposes since not many know about it- how to deal, what to expect, etc.
Percentages show that 8/10 of these individuals attempt suicide, while 1/10 complete it. Stigma and assumptions don’t help, but awareness does.

10. Anxiety, nervousness

11. Headaches/migraines are common

12. Seizures

13. Higher nociception (pain tolerance)- Studies show alterations in pain processing in over 50% of those with BPD. The result of this comes from different systematic responses and antinociception and may be a result of long-term self harm behavior in some cases).

14. Distorted/irregular eating patterns- reduced food intake, impoverished diet, etc

15. Obsessive compulsive features- intrusive thoughts in the thought pattern/processes, repetitive behavior as a result of self harm, paranoia, distress, etc, and repetitive speech, to name a few

16. Self discipline/work orientation as a result of OCD features

17. Attachment

18. Extreme reckless-daring behavior

19. Baiting

20. Unstable relationships

21. “Always” and “Never” statements/reactions (splitting)

22. Sleep deprivation or irregular sleeping patterns

23. Voice changing

24. “Acting out”

25. Extreme curiosity and interest  

26. Dependency

27. Sarcasm

28. Promiscuity

29. Mimicking/mirroring

30. Flashbacks


32. Difficulty processing information

33. Difficulty focusing and concentrating and poor attention span

34. Consistent/radical change of appearance

35. Certain feelings of fear, negativity, or rejection of authority/people of “high importance” in their mind.

36. Alluring/seductive behavior

37. Extreme need for acceptance

38. A need to prove themselves over and over as identity may be graded on a scale of what was done that very day

39. Extreme apathy, boredom, dullness, and indifference

40. ‘Flat affect”- lack of emotional reactivity and inability to express/show emotions due to depression, absence of emotional response

41. Creative thinking

42. Studies show some are able to read others easily from such hypersensitivity; however, often mistaking neutrality as anger probably as a result of symptoms

43. Isolation

44. Defensive

45. Magical thinking (assumed correlation, interconnection, etc)

46. Fantasizing

47. Panic attacks

48. Anxiety Attacks

49. Hypersensitivity to caffeine, alcohol, some sugars and foods. Often described as being “allergic” to such things as it causes reactions from hypersensitivity and symptoms.

50. Memory lapses- a result of dissociation, intense reactions, etc

51. Extreme perfectionism

52. Avoidance

53. Euphoric reactions

54. Detachment

Avoidance of eye contact

56. Difficulty transitioning with life aspects such as changes to plans and arrangements

57. Difficulty with awareness

58. Sensitivity to senses- light, sounds, temperatures, etc- from hypersensitivity  

59. Resistance

60. Difficulty with decision making, poor decisions, and/or indecisiveness, insecurity

61. Difficulty completing tasks

62.Rapid” or excessive speech

63. Restlessness, difficulty relaxing, feelings of “being on edge.”

64. Extreme sense of security, comfort, and connection with animals/nature and inanimate objects such as transitional objects

65. Undermining a goal, success, or relationship

66. Often occurs with PMDD (Premenstrual dysphoric disorder) or worse reactions to menstrual cycles because of the hypersensitive and systematic changes

67. Extreme difficulty and lack of object consistency (inability to recall that people or objects are ‘still there,’ consistent, and reliable when they are not currently being physically seen/there and difficulty maintaining these feelings

68. Flight of ideas, racing thoughts, rapid thought patterns

69. Brief remission of symptoms in response to certain events (positive reactions)

70. Disrupted or delayed life aspects- education, relationships, jobs, etc

No particular order. If you may need a source, example, description/explanation for more understanding for any of these, feel free to ask :)

Witchcraft: Some Basic Terms to Know


GROUNDING— To ground is an exercise that is used to clear and release excess energy, as well as to renew the energies within oneself and clear out the old. Traditionally done by envisioning roots stretching out from oneself into the ground, like a tree, and connecting through them to the earth. However, it can be done with simple visualization, and does not need to include nature, as long as the cycling of energy is completed. Various techniques will be mentioned later.

CENTERING— Usually done after grounding. To center oneself is to organize and become aware of the energies within you, and overall be magically aware. 

CLEANSE— To remove negative or unwanted energies, spirits, and imprints from an object or a space. There are a number of simple rituals and actions that are done to cleanse. This is often done to rid an object of past memories or uses, to make it spiritually new.

CHARGE— To infuse an object with personal or external power/energies/intent. There are vast many methods that can be used to charge an object, water, or crystal.

VISUALIZE— Similar to imagining, the intended conjuring of images in one’s mind that are accompanied by energy, and used to help conduct one’s intent.

 INTENT— Your goal, or purpose behind casting a spell. The emotions and power within you that power the spell and bring about the effect of the spell.  


CHARM— Any object that is worn or used that is meant to have magical effects on the holder/user.

AMULET— Usually a natural object, worn to ward off illness, evil, and possession. Often crystal-based, for protection.

TALISMAN— Typically gives power to the wearer, often a crafted object that has gone through a consecration ceremony.


SABBAT—Witch festivals/holidays, based off the changing of the seasons and equinoxes. Wiccan influenced, celebration is not mandatory.

ESBAT— Full moon celebrations.