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Having seen Kingsman nearly double digits in theatres (thank god it doesn’t cost me!), I’m now nit-picking to the extreme and taking notes. Things I’ve noticed or questioned in the last few viewings, in no particular order but designed to just let the world know I’m fucking pathetic. This should go without saying, but there’s probably some spoilers under here.

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ID #41126

Name: Filipa
Age: 17
Country: Portugal

I would like a pen pal bc I love to talk and learn different cultures.
I dance a lot, I really love to dance but besides that I don’t want to make it a profession. I love to eat, food is my passion. No…….. I’M NOT FAT. I have two cats, my precious Chico (usually I call him pipi xd) and Quiquinnha ( i don’t know why I called her that). I love to watch movies, I like almost all types of movies, I don’t like those too romantic, just a bit of it is enough… I’m not fan of pure horror, I can watch a bit but if they are too scary… I need to stop or I will keep tremelling all night. I’m not a series girl, I’m seeyng Game of Thrones bc my friends convenced me, btw I’m loving it. I love animes… Inuyasha, Zero no Tsukaima and something Machevellism that is from this year are my favorites… They put weird words don’t blame me for not know the complete name. I like almost all kind of music, I don’t like metal and some styles of amusic more popular in Portugal that you probably don’t know. I love nature, I don’t get out a lot but I love green spaces with pure air and that stuff. I love the beach, the sky, the moon…
I’m fluent at Portuguese, I learnt French in school but It was 2 years ago I just remember the basic stuff or less… Sorry teacher you did your best. At English I must say that I’m not very good, not at all, but I will try to write well. So if you liked me give me a try :)

Preferences: I would like instant messanger pls.I don’t care about the age or genre, just be open minded.