nature lust

Nature knows no “struggle for existence,” but only a caring for life. Many insects die after the act of procreation, thus demonstrating the slight emphasis that nature places upon mere preservation. Nature only ensures that similar forms will continue to unfold amid the surging waves of life. What prompts one animal to hunt another to the death is simply the need to appease the predator’s hunger; greed, ambition, and the lust for power have no place here.
—  Ludwig Klages, Man and Earth in The Biocentric Worldview

I’ve been absent for quite a bit. It’s because I’ve been putting my time and energy into helping out at home. Unfortunately, I’ve been feeling like it’s mopping up water with the faucet open and it’s not moving forward. I wondered why that is. I consulted my cards really quickly and it explained that a lot of the feelings I’ve been experiencing is due to my own insecurity, something that’s been getting better but still needs working on! The faucet isn’t real. It’s me that imagines it and it rubs off on my abilities and good faith.

I love when the cards give me such a blunt answer. Now I can work on this issue and the reading was a great start to more positive steps and success. 🌿

Happy Wednesday, everyone!

A New Livelihood (Werewolf! Jimin x Werewolf! Reader) Chapter 2

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I would like to thank everyone for the love you all showed for the first part of this story. It motivated me to work through my writer’s block and get the second chapter of this story posted. Without further adue:

Pairing: Reader x Jimin

Genre: Fluff, Angst (Smut definitely in next chapter)

Rating: PG - PG13 (for this chapter)

Characters: Aera (Reader), BTS, and Jung (Reader’s brother)

Word Count:6,061

Summary:  Aera (or really Y/N) belongs to a pack of more traditional werewolf values led by her brother, Jung (or really Y/B/N). The very brother that murdered their parents in cold blood solely for the purpose of ascending to the position of Alpha. With her tyrant brother in control, Aera (or Y/N) is forced into a mating ritual with a rival pack in order to cement their alliance with her own pack. Things take a turn for confusing when this forced ceremony turns out to be far from forced. Aera (Y/N) must learn to adapt to an entirely different lifestyle, one that stands in drastic contrast from her own, while simultaneously navigating the confusing and passionate nature that is the mating bond.

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