nature is miracles

Welcome December;

As the last month of the year begins, we pray to the Lord that all it brings helps us grow in faith, and to stand firm as we end another chapter, another year, with His favor and grace. Amen.


Visions of Heaven, Pneumo-Cosmic Manuscript

Author Unknown, circa 1700

This mysterious manuscript is stored in the vaults of Glasgow University Library. It contains 52 watercolor paintings modeled on cross-sections of tree trunks. The only text in the manuscript reads (in Latin): 

Work of Natural Magic, in which the Miracles of Pneumo-cosmic Nature are Painted with a Brush. Fully engraved by an Ape of Nature, following Nature’s universal Catholic Prototype, and dedicated to the eternal memory of the king.”


I was so happy till I went out into the garden and saw this little fighter fighting for her life.. She’s been in my gardens all summer .. I have seen her wings get destroyed and she still flies.. But today I found her having trouble flying.. So I picked her up in my hands and held her giving her some good healing vibes she sat in my hands for about ten min.. Then all of a sudden she got strength and she flew away.. Like nothing happened.. Wow truly amazing