nature in the midst of human chaos

The World is Suffering

November 13, 2015 is perhaps one of the unluckiest Friday the 13ths in history. Disaster after disaster has taken place- and humanity has found itself in the midst of chaos and mourning due not only to nature, but to the evil work of fellow man as well. If we could only learn to listen to each other, tragedies such as some of the ones that took place that dreadful day would be nonexistent. So please take a moment to do something in support of those most greatly affected by these horrible and senseless acts.
Pray for Paris. Pray for Beirut. Pray for Baghdad. Pray for Korea. Pray for Mexico. Pray for Japan. Pray for the millions of innocent Muslims who face Islamophobia during this dark time. Pray for the African-American students who currently fear for their lives and safety at Mizzou. And still pray for the families of the victims of the Sinai plane crash, who still don’t have a definite answer as to what happened.
And if you choose not to pray (or in addition to prayer), help those in need in other ways. Donate supplies and money to earthquake victims. Attend vigils. Hold a moment of silence. House a stranded French citizen. Send thoughts and wishes to fellow countrymen currently stranded in France. And if you can’t do that, then spread the word and someone will. By uniting for the common good, we can overcome. We can end the evil forces behind this. If you don’t think we can, just look at cities across the world right now: after the Eiffel Tower went dark, monuments all over the globe were bathed in blue, white, and red to honor the innocent people of Paris. By lighting up the world, we can take out the darkness.
If we work together, we can do this.