nature hates me pt 4

Some people almost stepped on the tiny bat outside our office and it kept crawling out to the walkway so my colleague put it in a paper tube. I was afraid it would suffocate there so I asked my other colleague to buy some handkerchiefs and I put in a tea box so I could free it later after I finished all my god damn jobs being a senior is hard. It hung upside down on one of the handkerchiefs and slept. 

I worked late today, just me and mah bestest frand Justine so I freed it about 10.30pm so the little bat can embrace the night. Do u kno that bats are empowered by the darkness because mother of fuck when I put it outside it woke up and screeched and pulled the handkerchiefs out, when it spread its wings I was so fucking done with nature and ran away.

We named the bat Daryl. Goodbye Daryl, the agency loves you.

It’s almost 4am wow I’m rly fucking hungry