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SO someone in the nature forums brought up what each breed of dragon might call it’s young. And I went a little overboard? TAXONOMY IS MY PASSION I GUESS...

All credit to nature user soshiki for the idea!

YOUNG: Chick
MALE: Cockerel
COLLECTIVE NOUN: Pit (a pit of coatls)

YOUNG: Nymph
MALE: King
COLLECTIVE NOUN: Colony or Swarm (A colony/swarm of Fae)

MALE: Bull
COLLECTIVE NOUN: Convoy (A convoy of guardians)

YOUNG: Prince/Princess
FEMALE: Regina
COLLECTIVE NOUN: Court (A court of Imperials)

MALE: Sire
COLLECTIVE NOUN: Mob (A mob of mirrors)

COLLECTIVE NOUN: Family (A family of nocturnes)

MALE: Stag
COLLECTIVE NOUN: String (A string of pearlcatchers)

MALE: Bull
COLLECTIVE NOUN: Battery (A battery of ridgebacks)

YOUNG: Chick
MALE: Drake
COLLECTIVE NOUN: Troop (a troop of skydancers)

YOUNG: Snapling
MALE: Bull
COLLECTIVE NOUN: Thunder (A thunder of snappers)

YOUNG: Spindle
FEMALE: She-Spool
MALE: Spool
COLLECTIVE NOUN: Knot (A knot of spirals)

COLLECTIVE NOUN: Herd (A herd of tundras)

YOUNG: Fledgeling
MALE: Bull
COLLECTIVE NOUN: Pack (A pack of wildclaws)

I did a dragon in a coffee cup

I’m taking part to a thing again. I’m obviously not busy enough for my own good. Any excuse to draw dragons.

Yey Tumblr for spreading it all over the place. Makes me want to post a larger image, but that wouldn’t be fair towards the place I originally posted in. It’s right size at my blog view thing…(Nature forums in Flight Rising. Topic:[DOM DISC] Art for Fodder: Ice Battle ).

Basically it’s going to be series of modifiable dragons that go as adoptables on the flight rising community, and they’ll come available later to all flights. (Without my watermark :) )

I’m also planning to make an egg that has some dragon in it, but it involves some animating in my plans so it’s in the working mode, I’d have to figure out how to change colours easily on an animation and that is an unwritten chapter in my photoshop how to…but if I figure it out it’s going to be awesome.

After the egg trial I’ll have more coffee cups to work on.

arealhoopyfrood-blog  asked:

So, honest question. Is watching natural hair tutorials to marvel at the skills and learn the correct vocabulary, and particular challenges. etc. the same kind of invasion that you posted about with the natural hair forums and white women? I'm asking honestly, as a person who wants to respect spaces made by/for communities that are not mine to influence... I really am a big fan of your videos, hair tutorials or otherwise. I just happen to be a short-haired white woman.

Hey! First off, thanks for your message and more importantly thank you for trying to be respectful of the natural hair community. No, I don’t believe your watching natural hair content is an invasion of the space. I think educational content can and should be consumed by any and everyone who wants to learn and enjoy it. Personally, I don’t really take issue with Curly Nikki featuring Sarah, because the site is now owned by Naturally Curly (which caters to all curly hair textures) and she’s featured white women in the past. I think Nikki is looking to expand her audience and this is how she’s chosen to do so. Truthfully, I’ve never really frequented Curly Nikki mainly because locs are very rarely featured there. And when it comes to locs being embraced by the natural hair community that’s a whooole nother’ topic.

My issue is mainly with Sarah’s tweets and following non-apology blog post. She has repeatedly attempted to erase the origins of the natural hair movement by saying “it’s not about race”, which is completely untrue. Homegirl even pulled out the urban dictionary to support her bogus claim. While technically yes, any hair texture that has not been chemically altered is “natural”, the natural hair movement was created by and for black women and women of color with Afro-textured hair. She’s also repeatedly claimed that black women are being “exclusive” which suggests that creating a movement that celebrates black beauty is somehow unfair to white women. This is incredibly demeaning on top of being willfully ignorant. In reality, the natural hair movement was created to celebrate Afro-textured hair in direct response to being excluded by mainstream media and the beauty industry. The way Afro-textured hair is treated and depicted is what’s unfair, not the creation of a space to celebrate it. That’d be like me storming into a gay club and proclaiming “It’s not fair that this club is a ‘gay club’! Clubs should be for everyone and as a straight woman I’m being left out! I totally get what it’s like to be gay cause my parents didn’t accept my high school boyfriend!” Silly right?

While Sarah’s journey to accept her curly hair has no doubt been important to her, it is in no way comparable to what it is like for women with Afro-textured hair. We live in a white supremacist society that regularly tells us that our natural hair is ugly, distracting, dirty and unprofessional among other things. I have yet to see Caucasian* white hair textures banned in corporate and school dress codes the way locs, cornrows and afros have been throughout history and to this very day. Lest we forget Tiana Parker, the US Military, Rhonda Lee, and Hampton University in addition to countless other stories.

I think it’s important that everyone work towards self acceptance and loving who they are, but it’s ridiculous to say that the natural hair movement has nothing to do with race because it absolutely does. Sarah’s comments on Twitter and on her blog are completely dismissive. Her struggles are not the same or comparable in any way to the discrimination that women and men with Afro-textured hair face. Her continued dismissal of the real issue is upsetting, but somewhat predictable. In the end, she’s gotten what she wanted. Increased traffic to her blog and YouTube channel, so this is a win for her and based on the 500+ comments and mounting page views, ultimately a win for Curly Nikki as well. I won’t be surprised when/if she gets a book deal outta this mess. 

As far as I’m concerned, if you wanna appreciate the beauty and versatility of Afro-textured hair, I’m cool with it. Well, as long as you don’t touch my hair without permission ;) Thanks again.

*EDITED TO ADD: My apologies for using “Caucasian” to describe white hair textures. It’s been brought to my attention that this is dismissive of people of color from the Caucasus region. My mistake, thanks for the correction! 

I’m so frustrated and angry right now. About Treagus, a nature flight player on Flight Rising, who borrowed two level 25 dragons from me over a month ago. I lend out dragons to people for free as one of the lenders in a Nature forum thread, so newer players can level up their own teams. Treagus has been online regularly during that time and ignoring pings and PMs from everybody. I just visited their user page (again…I can’t help it, I’m so frustrated), and they deleted my post asking for my dragons back and also a post from a different player asking after an art commission not done. Which means they read my post saying how much I cared for those dragons and was stressed out by them not being returned, and hit delete.

I just don’t understand their game plan. Do they figure if enough time passes I’ll forget about my dragons?

people are posting stories about their first dealings with fandoms and online communities and while this story i have wasn’t necessarily my first run-in with fandoms and forums i can easily say it was the most memorable

here’s what happened to a small forum about ouran high school host club

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