nature destroyed

The lions and their paladins in season 2:
  • Keith: *is mildly uncomfortable*
  • Black: I'm with Shiro now, get over it
  • Zarkon: I will send a fully armed battalion to remind you of my love
  • Black: ... Anyway, Shiro, wanna see my cool wings?
  • Lance: What do I do?!
  • Blue: Do you think being a Primarina will help?
  • Hunk: Uh oh
  • Yellow: Time to bring out the Muscle™
  • Pidge: idk I just think tech is better than nature
  • Green: *destroys Galra tech by making roots burst out of it* Really? Are you sure?

Okay, so I feel like people forget that Aku is a tree.

So his daughter is also a tree, right?

So that sakura tree Jack is standing under in the last shot is Ashi.

There’s such beautiful symbolism in it, too. Aku destroyed mother nature, turned the world into a twisted and cruel place- but Ashi, in death, has become part of nature. She is exactly what Aku hated, a final defiance of the destiny her parents tried to force on her.

Meet the “hipster banana.” Also known as the “quaker delight,” the “hillbilly mango,” or it’s actual name—the pawpaw. 

September is pawpaw season in a large swath of the U.S., but you won’t find the pawpaw in most grocery stores, even though they’re native to North America. American Indians harvested them, and it’s been said George Washington liked to eat chilled pawpaw for dessert. But much of the pawpaw’s natural habitat was destroyed by development, and they’re not that easy to cultivate. They need slightly acidic, well-drained soil, and harvesting them is labor-intensive.

The locavore food movement has embraced the fruit. Now there are restaurants whipping up pawpaw pie and pawpaw gelato, and local breweries are starting to make pawpaw beer. 

This Once-Obscure Fruit Is On Its Way To Becoming PawPaw-Pawpular

Photograph: Tyrone Turner/WAMU


I played with Silas’s strength modifiers a little more after he got a strength surge lmao. My favorite pastime is intentionally getting Sienna injured for Vow of Friendship to activate, whoops.

My hero <3