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Kimi ni mune kyun! (KYUN!!)

This has to be the most cliched, overdone thing I thought up ever and I apologize greatly for it orz Judge me as you so wish. But hey, it’s cute, right? And that’s what matters? XD;; orz

(Also I wasn’t able to fit them in, but I imagine Dekapan and Dayon would be in it too. Hooray for the couple of old men with an ambiguously romantic/sexual relationship :P)

Routine Part Three (Lin x Reader)

“I’m not sure if you guys are ready for this. Heck, I don’t know if I’m ready for it and I wrote it. 

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(Part One)(Part Two)(Part Four)


Summary: Reader and Lin are stuck, so they opt for a new place to write. Once in the new place, they tell each other stories in hopes of inspiration striking. 

Prompts used:

77) You talk way too much.

78) You don’t talk enough.

120) Tell me a story.

Warnings: military family, mentions of bullying, mentions of death, mentions of miscarriages, swearing

Words: 2229

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Originally posted by lin4lin-ham4ham

“Nothing is making ANY SENSE!!” Lin screams as he slides further into your bean bag chair allowing it to swallow him whole.  “Also, just so you know, this chair is damn comfortable. I’m definitely stealing it when this thing is over.”

“Don’t you dare!” You chuckle and throw a pillow at his head, hitting him straight in the temple. “That is my favorite chair.”

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What Strange Things Make The Gang Laugh
  • Tsubaki: bad lip readings
  • Black⭐star: fart jokes
  • Maka: the "act natural" cliche
  • Soul: over reacting jokes
  • Liz: abruptly stopped screaming
  • Patti: memes. All memes
  • Kid: people failing on video
Florida in July

breathing hot cotton
triple-digit temps
cattails like corn dogs
mossy tendrils hang limp
raucous cicadas
always heard
rarely seen
indifferent grass
dozy breeze
butterflies as big as barn swallows
vultures sit waiting in the wings…

life is one big
box of melted chocolates

Azuki Lynn

#1 Bad Day (Josh)

Request from anon:

Hey I saw you’re a new blog and I wanted to see your writing <3 Could you do a Josh one where the reader is having a bad day and nothing’s really going right and he spends the whole day making her happy? It’d be helpful right about now lmao


Absolutely, thanks for the sweet prompt! Sorry I didn’t see this earlier, I would’ve gotten it up sooner. Hope you like it!

Warnings: none :)


You didn’t know how your day could get any worse. You guess you could’ve started to expect it when you overslept by half an hour and weren’t able to fix your hair this morning. Or when your car wouldn’t start for a solid 20 minutes. Or when you got stuck in traffic. Or when you spilled coffee all over your white blouse. But the cherry on top of your already less than perfect day came when your boss asked you to step into his office for a chat less than 5 minutes after you arrived.

“I told you before, you can’t keep missing deadlines if you want to be in charge of this project,” your boss scolds, clearly upset with your recent work.

“I know, and I tried my hardest, but so much of it was out of my control,” you plead.

You had been slaving over this project for months, and none of the people you were supposed to be working with were pulling anywhere near their weight. it stressed you out beyond belief, but you cared about it too much to give up on it. Your boss was fed up, and frankly, so were you, but there wasn’t really anything you could do about it.

“I’m taking you off this,” he says with a sigh.

“Wait, I promise I can make it work if you just give me a little more time,” you say, and you can feel the knot in your stomach growing tighter. This was everything you had worked so hard on for so long. It was your ticket to bigger, better things, and it was unraveling before your very eyes.

“Y/N, no, you clearly can’t handle it right now. Maybe I’ll reconsider in a few months,” he states with finality.

You don’t want to reply out of fear that you might actually start crying.

“You know what, why don’t you take the rest of the day off and relax. You’re no good to us here if you can’t control your stress. We’ll start you on a new project tomorrow,” your boss continues and it feels like he’s only twisting the knife.

You simply nod your head, and try frantically to collect your work and your dignity from your boss’s desk.

You hear the door to his office shut behind you as you walk out, hanging your head as you hurry back to your desk to collect your things and go home.

The walk to your car seems longer than usual, due to the growing blister burning itself into your foot from your heels. And to make matters worse, halfway through the parking lot the gray sky opens up in a torrential downpour.

You almost have to stop yourself from laughing at the cliche nature of the situation, but as your makeup begins to run and the frigid water soaks through your clothing, it starts to seem less funny.

You finally make it to the safe haven of your car and drive home as quickly as possible.

You finally pull into the driveway of the small home you shared with your boyfriend, Josh. It was one of the rare stretches of time when he was actually home, and you couldn’t be more grateful. You’re not sure you would get through this day without him.

You walk defeatedly up to the front door and into the warm house. The smell of coffee lingers in the air from this morning, although it’s only 9:30, it’s plausible that your boyfriend has brewed several more cups since you left.

You can hear his footsteps coming down stairs as you walk over to set your keys and purse on a side table and slip your shoes off.

“Babe? I didn’t expect you home so soon. Everything alright?” he asks, but as he approaches you, he can plainly see that everything is not alright.

You shake your head “no” slightly but you don’t get a word out before he pulls you tightly into his chest and you let a few tears slip out onto his shoulder and try, to no avail, to suppress the sobs starting to bubble from your throat.

“Shh, whatever happened, it’s gonna be ok,” he tries to console you as he runs his fingers up and down your spine soothingly.

You would be content to just stay like this forever, in his arms, where nothing was bad and everything was warm, but he eventually loosens his grip.

“We should get you out of these wet clothes,” he says softly and you nod.

He takes your hand and you walk down the hall to your bedroom. He sits you on the bed and goes over to your dresser, rummaging around for a minute before coming back to you with a pair of sweatpants and one of his sweaters. You take them and he turns and leaves the room so you can change.

You blush slightly and a tiny smile finds its way to your lips. He’s seen you naked endless times, but still gives you privacy to change.

You slip into the dry clothes, tying your hair into a bun on top of your head. You pick up the wet clothes and make your way down the hall to the laundry room, but Josh intercepts you, grabbing the clothes from you.

“I got it,” he says with a smile. You let him take them, not having the energy to argue. You turn to go wash your face in the bathroom, but Josh stops you and leans down to capture your lips is a tender kiss. It doesn’t last long, but it warms your body even more than shedding those wet clothes did.

“I love you, you know that, right?” he says, his forehead resting on yours. You nod.

“I love you, too,” you say. He smiles, and turns to go put your clothes in the dryer.

You walk down to the bathroom and splash some hot water on your face, rinsing the rest of your makeup down the drain. You take a few deep breathes as you dry your face and walk back out to find Josh.

He’s in the kitchen, his back to you as he fixes something on the counter. You sit down at one of the bar stools on the island, laying your head down on the cold granite. A few minutes later, he sets something in front of you. You lift your head to find a mug of steaming tea, just the way you like it. You wrap your hands around the hot mug, feeling the warmth spread through you as you take a sip.

“Thank you,” you say, your eyes growing heavier by the second.

“Of course, love,” he pauses. “Do you want to talk about it?”

You really didn’t. But, he deserved to know, so you nod slightly as you feel the lump grow in your throat again.

“You know that project I was working on?” you say softly.

“Yeah, you’ve been working yourself to the bone trying to get it done,” he nods.

“Yeah, well my boss took me off it, then told me to go home because I couldn’t handle my stress and I just worked so hard and I’m so tired,” you can’t hold his gaze as you loose your composure and a tear slips down your face as the day’s events come crashing down on you like a wave.

“What a tool. I’m so sorry, babe,” he walks around the island and pulls you into a hug again.

You welcome it, but shrug it off after a minute, not wanting to cry anymore.

“It’s alright,” you assure him, trying to swipe the tears away.

He doesn’t say anything, but you can see by the look in his eyes that he knows you’re lying.

“Can we nap?” you ask.

He chuckles softly, probably because it wasn’t even 10 a.m. yet and you already wanted to take a nap.

“Of course we can,” he says.

As you start to stand up, he scoops you up into his arms and starts off to your bedroom before you can get another word in.

“Josh, you don’t have to carry me,” you say through a small laugh.

“No, you have been through enough today. Let me take care of you,” he says with that brighter-than-the-sun smile.

He lays you down on your bed and you both climb under the sheets. He pulls you close and wraps his arm around your waist and you nuzzle into his chest, drifting off the sleep.

You wake up to an empty bed and the smell of Pine Sol and lavender, the clock reading nearly 3:30. You certainly hadn’t meant to sleep for that long, but boy did you need it. You stretch your arms above your head and look around your room to see that it’s been tidied up. Your eyebrows furrow and you climb out of bed to find your pink-haired guy.

You poke your head in the bathroom to see that it’s also been cleaned thoroughly. As you walk toward the kitchen, the whole house smells fresh and clean. You finally find Josh in the kitchen, seeing that he’s also gone out and bought flowers that now sit in a vase on the counter. He turns around from where he was wiping down the counter.

“Josh, you didn’t have to do all this,” you say with a smile.

“I know, I just wanted to do something nice for you. I know I don’t do nearly as much cleaning as you do,” he trails off.

“Still, thank you,” you walk over and kiss him. You both smile as you pull away.

“I also got us reservations at that Italian place downtown that you like, but we don’t have to go if you’d rather stay in,” he says.

“No, I’d love that. Thank you,” you say and his smile widens.

You excitedly turn away and rush down the hall to shower. Once you’ve done that, you go into your room and pick out a low cut deep red dress you know Josh loves, pair it with a pair of velvet black pumps and go back into the bathroom to do your hair and makeup.

You dry your hair and put it in soft curls. Your makeup is pretty standard, with a bold red lip to match your dress. You grab a black clutch, put in some fake diamond earrings and go out to the living room to find Josh.

He’s sitting on the couch on his phone, dressed in a white button down with a black tie and black slacks. He looks up from his phone when he hears your heels and smiles when he sees you, standing.

“You are incredibly beautiful,” he says as he walks over to you, taking your hands, “now, and always.”

He leans down and kisses you sweetly, but you stop him before he can do anything else, not wanting to ruin your lipstick.

He holds one of your hands as you walk out of his car, the rain having stopped hours ago, keeping your fingers laced with his as he drives downtown.

You have a lovely dinner together and Josh tells more stories from tour and talks about all the new ideas Tyler has been coming up with for their next album. You could never get sick of watching the way his eyes light up when he talks about his music and his fans. It’s enough to make you smile, no matter how bad your day was.

You sip wine and talk about everything and nothing for hours on end, and you wish you could live in this night for ever, but eventually the waiter tells you the restaurant will be closing. Josh pays the tab, with protest from you, and you exit the restaurant with Josh’s arm around you, walking down the city streets in a pleasant wine haze, avoiding the puddles from the days’ rain.

As you walk back to your car, a busker plays the trumpet on the sidewalk. You both stop to listen for a moment, and you slip a five into his open case. Josh grabs your hands and starts dancing with you to the smooth jazz tunes. He spins you around, making you laugh and smile like you thought you might never be able to do after the day you had. He pulls you close and sways you back and forth as you get lost in his brown eyes, and it feels like no matter what else goes wrong in your work life, you would always have him.

He stops dancing after a minute and pulls a box out of his back pocket. Your heart skips a beat.

“I was gonna wait until our anniversary to give this to you, but it seemed like you might need it today,” he says softly as he slowly opens the box, turning it for you to see.

In the box sits a gorgeous diamond necklace. Not too gaudy or huge, but simple and clean, just how you liked. You breathe a slight sigh of relief. You wanted to marry Josh someday, that, you knew, but you didn’t think either of you were ready for that step yet.

“Josh…” you say, “it’s amazing. You didn’t have to, though. It’s too much.”

“Nothing is too much when it comes to you,” he says.

He nudges your shoulder slightly so you’ll turn around. You oblige, and he cautiously puts the necklace on you, taking a minute to clasp it, but once he does, you turn back around.

“Looks even better on you than I imagined,” he grins.

You kiss him slowly, deeply, with your hand on the back of his neck and his around your waist. His lips still taste a little like wine, and you can’t get enough of it.

“Thank you for everything today. I’m sorry I was such a pain, you probably had things to do,” you say softly, once you pull away.

“Darling, I was happy to do all of it. And I would do it even if you hadn’t had a crap day. Nothing I had to do could’ve been more important than you. You are always my priority,” he assures you.

“You’re too good for me,” you say with a smile, and he just shakes his head and smiles.

“Someday, I’ll finally convince you that nothing is too good for you,” he says, kissing you again.

After another minute, you break apart and walk hand in hand back to the car. Once you arrive home, you both change into more comfortable clothes, and you drift off, comforted by the thought that no matter how dark the day, he would be there to bring a smile back to your face.


Ahhh! So here it is! My first imagine! I’d love some feedback on it, and if you’d like or reblog, I’d be eternally grateful. Thanks for reading! Feel free to send in a request if you have one!


a series of unlikely crossovers

Anonymous asked:

Are there any writing, plot or character tropes or clichés that you personally love or hate?

First–because it can never be said too often–I want to clarify the difference between tropes and cliches. Tropes are common themes or elements seen in fiction, and a cliche is a trope that is used so often in the exact same way, it becomes hackneyed and therefore undesirable. In other words: tropes are good, cliches are not.

That said, there aren’t really any cliches that I love. By nature, cliches should be things you don’t like because you’re tired of seeing them. Cliches I don’t like:

1) Unemotional characters who are unemotional for the sake of being unemotional–or worse, because the writer thinks it’s sexy, intriguing, mysterious, dude in distress, etc.

2) Characters who fall in love instantly. Which is not to say I have a problem with people beginning to fall in love instantly. I just don’t like it when two people interact for a few minutes two or three times, and then express how much they love each other.

3) Characters who are completely unlikable, yet adored by everyone around them despite constantly mistreating them.

4) The Chosen One whose “chosen one” status is completely random and unexplained. Random and explained as such–fine. Random without explanation–yuck.

5) Unnecessary love triangles or romantic sub-plots.

There aren’t any tropes that I don’t like–not that I can think of anyway, so here are tropes that I do like:

1) LOVE TRIANGLES! Yes, that may be confusing given #5 above, but, allow me to explain: I adore well developed, believable love triangles. Now, bear in mind that there are a lot of different kinds of love triangles. Character A in love with characters B and C is just one kind. You can also have Character A loves B, and B loves A, but C also loves B (or A), etc. (You can read more in my post Guide to Love Triangles.) If one leg of a love triangle is implausible or completely unnecessary, then it falls into cliche territory for me. However, complex relationships are awesome and fun to explore, so if if a love triangle makes sense, I’m usually a fan.

2) The Chosen One… yeah, yeah. It’s just the completely random/unexplained ones I’m not a fan of. If there’s a good and plausible story as to why this person is so special (like Harry Potter, for example), I’m all good! A lot of people find “chosen one” stories to be annoying, but they forget: the only reason we’re hearing this person’s story is because they are the chosen one. If Harry Potter was just a regular wizard who went to Hogwarts, and nothing special or unusual happened while he was there, we wouldn’t care about his story. We wouldn’t want to read it.

3) Romance in YA. Sorry, again, but I do love a bit of romance in the YA novels I read. Which is not to say I want it in every YA novel I read, but I think a lot of YA plots allow for it. Like it or not, young adulthood is a time when many people are experiencing different facets of love for the very first time. Whether that’s a major crush, falling in love, falling in lust, first relationships, etc., it’s pretty common during that time. That said, there are a lot YA plots where romance really doesn’t make sense, and it’s no fun when they’re forced.

Thanks for that fun question! :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list first or your question will not be answered. :) 

Honestly as much as I love the idea of Asha ““Yara”” Greyjoy being bisexual, it’s left a bitter taste in my mouth. 

It’s clear from their treatment of Loras that when D&D write a queer character they think of themselves as being masters of progressive writing only to them reduce said character to a handful of stereotypes and cliches. 

So naturally I’m wary of queer Yara. 

Because, and I’m willing to put money on this, they made Yara queer because she defies gender stereotypes in quite the “Strong Female Character™” way. She’s not like other girls, she’s a lad. She’s a captain and drinks beer and gets it on with dubious consent at best with female strippers, because she is a Strong Female Character™. Combine with that that godawful “tough love” speech she made to Theon and how she’s said some pretty sexist things herself in the show (using the term “woman” as an insult), it shows that D&D don’t really care about Yara, how being queer relates to her character in a world as homophobic and misogynistic as Game of Thrones is set in. She’s a token. 

And there really was no need for it. I can’t believe that D&D through their terrible writing has brought me to the point where I’m arguing against a character being bisexual. 

If GRRM had wanted to make Asha queer and for Qarl the Maid to be an actual maid then fine, not a problem. But I know that D&D are really not doing it for any other reason then “look, she’s gay and can fight we are being progressive”.

anonymous asked:

I would love to read any SunLight headcanons you have.

Really?! Thank you! That’s one of my favourite ships!



SunLight Things I LOVE:

Uh … wait. There’s two SunLight ships, technically … I’MMA DO BOTH.

(Sci-Twi) SunLight Things I LOVE:

  • Sunset and Twilight holding hands when they talk about anything serious or emotionally charged or JUST FOR ANY REASON AT ALL
  • Both of them feeling so lucky and basically not believing anyone would love them because of who they are and what they’ve done– but being proven wrong
  • In fact: Sunset pulling off big romantic gestures (on Rarity and Fluttershy’s advice probably) to prove to Twilight she’s worth it
  • All of their friends giving them advice and rooting for them because they’re adorable high school sweethearts and HELL YEAH THEY’D SUPPORT THEM
  • Sunset slowly helping Twilight out of her shell
  • Twilight finding out Sunset’s a huge nerd, too (the leather jacket isn’t fooling anyone) and teaching her all kinds of cultural and scientific advancements the human world has to offer
  • Sunset then teaching Twilight about the magical advancements in Equestria and how magic is supposed to work
  • Sunset living in a bad neighbourhood because it was cheap and near to the school and Twilight being really scared for her even though Sunset’s friends with all these really intimidating people
  • Sunset finding it really adorable that Twilight would worry over her
  • Sunset having a motorcycle (her baby) and Twilight riding on the back of it despite being terrified every single time
    • Sidenote: that motorcycle means a lot to her for reasons Twilight doesn’t quite understand, so she doesn’t ask her to get rid of it … just reads off statistics about motorcycle accidents because that thing’s a screaming metal death-trap 
  • Sunset and Twilight both being night owls and occasionally agreeing to not wake up before noon at least
  • The two of them having late night conversations about how scary it is to know they could’ve destroyed everything they love 
  • Being the only two people in the universe to know what it’s like to literally be a demon, and have that dark magic inside of you
  • Helping each other with nightmares and bad memories
  • Twilight really liking the leather jacket & Sunset trying to be a chivalrous patoot by giving it to her in the cold 
  • Sunset being flirty and flustering Twilight beyond belief
  • Sunset feeling like she has a future again (with her girlfriend and her new family/friends), and can figure out the magic this world has to offer with Twilight by her side
  • Twilight encouraging Sunset to finally go home and make amends with Princess Celestia after Sunset admits how many regrets she has there
  • Sunset going home to make amends with Princess Celestia and afterwards getting teased by Celestia about her girlfriend because of course Celestia would 
  • Whenever Twilight is sick with a stomach bug, Sunset always tring to help even though she’s a sympathetic vomiter (will puke at the sight/sound of someone else puking) … she’s trying her best
  • Sunset teaching Twilight how to slow dance even though she’s pretty hopeless at dancing
  • Twilight respecting Sunset’s vegetarianism and actually trying really hard to support her by going vegetarian herself, but failing miserably; Sunset then telling her it’s really sweet, but she understands that she was raised that way and it’s normal here, so she can eat whatever she wants … as long as she brushes her teeth before kissing her after eating meat (… she knows cows)
  • Sunset punching a guy out once because she couldn’t handle her blind RAGE at this D-bag harassing Twilight all night
  • Twilight scolding Sunset when she’s sober again because that man was on the television
  • To be entirely fair to Sunset she’s rarely seen TVs …
  • Sunset paying for a new TV
  • Twilight being fascinated that Sunset grew up in an actual palace and Sunset telling her stories from growing up whenever she feels homesick 
  • Sunset meeting Twilight’s parents, being the first date to do so (because she’s the first one period), and botching the first impression because she drove up on motorcycle with a leather jacket and Shining Armour ain’t having none of that 
  • Sunset helping Twilight through panic attacks and/or Twilight helping Sunset with her IMMMMMMMENSE amounts of guilt 

(Princess Twilight) SunLight Things I LOVE:

  • Twilight being the Princess of Friendship, but feeling hopeless at romance
  • Twilight in fact being hopeless at romance because she’s the one of the smartest ponies out there, but she can be obscenely oblivious in some social situations (i.e. Moondancer and her Canterlot friends, when SOMEONE (sunset) has had a crush on her for years and is dropping as many hints as she possibly can but Twilight just doesn’t clue in)
  • Sunset spending a long time (year and a half) agonizing over whether she should even try 
    • Sidenote: she realizes the cliched nature of it, which makes it more aggravating than anything else, but it’s sort of different when the friendship she doesn’t want to risk losing is actually magic and actually saved her life
  • Sunset and Twilight sending nerdy notes back and forth in the journal, and telling each other they need sleep because it’s 4 A.M.
  • Sunset calling Twilight “Sparky”
  • The two of them bonding over being Princess Celestia’s student, sharing memories about how much fun it was but also how much pressure that put on them
  • Being total geeks over magic and debating for hours about theories
  • Twilight helping Sunset publish her findings on magic in the alternate dimension, giving Sunset a way to enter back into the academic community in Equestria
  • Twilight really liking Sunset’s leather jacket, like wow
  • Joking about their long distance relationship being a long space-time relationship
  • Sunset sending flowers through the portal so they wind up in Twilight’s library
  • Twilight trying to do something similar but her box of cupcakes (Pinkie made them, Twilight cannot bake) ends up on the lawn of Canterlot High, and it’s very sweet, but being public property someone finds them before Sunset does and Twilight has to bring her another box in-person
  • Sunset having a room in the castle  … and rarely using it wink wonk
  • Twilight showing her why she loves Ponyville, and Sunset growing to really appreciate it (especially seeing how the old her never would’ve given a backwater town like that a second thought)
  • Sunset sharing her IMMMMENSE guilt with Twilight
  • Twilight quietly revealing she still has nightmares and flashbacks to when her house blew up around her … how much panic she went through not remembering where Spike was …
  • Sunset and Spike hanging out like brother and sister-in-law, specifically going to R-rated and scary movies Twilight would never let him see
  • Sunset getting in trouble for taking Spike to see R-rated and scary movies (to her credit, she’d help him if he ever had nightmares)
  • Sunset finding Twilight’s enthusiasm for learning to be the most endearing thing in the multiverse
  • Twilight telling Sunset about how inadequate she feels as a Princess, and Sunset drilling it into her head that she doesn’t have to live up to Celestia
  • The two of them going on dates and the residents of Ponyville keeping the press busy should they ever try to bother the Princess and her “lover” (there is no end to the embarrassment Twilight feels when Rarity points out the tabloids are calling Sunset her Mysterious New Lover!)
  • Sunset occasionally, just occasionally, being little spoon
  • Starlight Glimmer joking that she’s kinda nervous, seeing how Twilight’s last student became her girlfriend
  • Sunset barely being able to cope with being an alicorn (seems like either at the end of Friendship Games or the My Past is Not Today music video, she may or may not have ascended …) and Twilight being able to share with someone who awkward it feels to have new limbs and have the whole country flipping out over her
    • Sunset being 1000% terrified that she’ll get power-hungry again being in the spotlight and asking Twilight to promise her that she’ll stop her if she starts taking advantage of it (she has reason to be scared, actually; she legitimately enjoys it, almost craves it once she has it; Twilight vows to give her so much attention she won’t need it from anypony else)

TL;DR: Pretty Much Everything