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6 Simple Ways to Make Your First Sugar Date the Best He’s Ever Had

Any POT might have been on dozens of dates with young, attractive women before he meets you. So you want to take full advantage of you first sugar date with a POT to make yourself stand heads and shoulders above the competition.

Here are 6 simple ways guaranteed to make it the best sugar date he’s ever had:

1. Channel a Mood

Ever notice how you could have a relentlessly long day at work, be absolutely pooped and then hear a favorite, upbeat song on the radio and instantly be in the mood to go paint the town red?

Or how ’bout when you’re rushing through your day, from one appointment to the next and you catch a whiff of a delectable scent that instantly takes you back to a sweet, not-yet-forgotten memory?

All of us have experienced this ability to instantly transform our mood. The smallest things can do it – a song, a scent, and even lingering on a memory.

We love taking advantage of this awesome ability we all have right before a sugar date. It doesn’t take long – you can do it just a few minutes before you meet the POT.

Here’s how: Before entering the meeting place, find a quiet place and choose a favorite memory – select one that’s fun, funny, outrageous, something that still makes you laugh and fills you with confidence. Now hold that memory ’til you are feeling the fun, lighthearted mood of that memory…and then walk in and introduce yourself to the POT.

Moods communicate – sometimes better than words – and you’ll be guaranteeing that his very first impression of you is one of absolute delight.

2. Arrange an Unusual Dinner or Event

Fun circumstances create fun memories. And fun memories tend to linger in a SD’s mind. So how do you create these fun memories?

The easiest way is to set unusual circumstances. Unusual things take us out of our comfort zones. They cause us to – if only just for a moment – see the world through slightly different eyes. They differentiate themselves from the minutiae of everyday life and as such, are easily remembered and not-so-easily forgotten. And they also have the effect of making us feel closer to the person we’re sharing the moment with.

All of these reasons are why we’ll always choose a slightly unusual setting for first sugar dates. It’s almost a guarantee that you’ll make yourself stand out among the other sugar dates he’s had and have a uniquely memorable time together. Not to mention – every time he thinks of that unusual experience, he’ll remember who he had it with.

So what sort of unusual circumstances should you aim for?

It doesn’t have to be extravagant – there’s no need for trapeze artists searing banana flambe with their toes. Just a simple twist on the usual. Here are some suggestions:

  • There are so, so many upscale restaurants. He’s been to them all. Why not suggest a cuisine he’s probably never tried? Like…maybe something you guys can eat with your hands? Ethiopian food is superb, can be eaten with your hands, and provides plenty of things to talk about.
  • Somewhere with belly dancers is always fun. The presence of curvacious women swinging their hips through tables heaped with food lends an atmosphere of sensuality that’s not easily forgotten.
  • Human sushi platter, anyone? Sushi restaurants serving their sushi atop naked women are far and few – and guaranteed to be a very memorable experience. Oh, and the natural sweat of the human body is meant to lend the sushi a unique flavor. You’ll never know if it’s true ’til you try it

3. Be Genuinely Curious

Isn’t it a lovely feeling when you know that someone is genuinely interested in knowing more about you as a person? SDs love this, too.

For the duration of the date, make him feel like the center of your attention.

You can do this simply by asking questions. Lots of questions. But…they have to be open-ended, thought-provoking questions.

Avoid typical, small-talk, dead-end questions like: “What do you do for work?” or “Where do you work?”

And go for open-ended, thought-provoking questions like: “Why’d you decide to start your own business?” or “Was becoming a lawyer your childhood dream? Oh, what was your childhood dream?” or “So…what do you want to be when you grow up?

And listen to his answer with curious, attentive eyes.

Approach the question-asking from the mindset that you’re genuinely interested in getting to know the core of the person sitting across from you – that his resume, his on-paper qualifications don’t matter squat – and you’re super curious to find out what makes him tick, what excites him, what his various idiosyncrasies are, etc.

This sort of attention is addicting. He’ll soak it up. And more often than not – he’ll be back wanting more.

4. Stay Mysterious

Some SBs may disagree with us on this, but we don’t advise giving much of yourself away, especially on the first date.

So while you should lavish attention and genuine interest on your POT and learn as much about him as you can, also do your part to selectively reveal only bits and pieces of yourself.

You can do this by staying on the conversational offense.

When he asks you questions, answer honestly but keep it simple and lighthearted and then toss a similar question right back at him.

Him: What’s your major?

You: Accounting. What can I say, I love money. What about you – what’d you major in? Did you end up working in something related?

And then follow up with related questions…”If you could do college again, what would you choose?” “What’d you enjoy the most about university?” And so on…

The point of this is not to be closed off – do answer questions and be honest and open. But be selective in what you reveal. Any fascinating and unusual things about you? Talk about those. As for the rest of your life, make him curious to find out more.

5. The Art of the Playful Tease

It’s your first meeting. You barely know each other. So how do you establish rapport in these first few moments of contact?

There are a lot of ways to build rapport, like through asking questions, attentive listening, and finding shared interests. And there’s always mimicking the other person’s body language and doing what you can to put them at ease.

But the simplest, funnest way to instantly build rapport and connection is by through the art of the playful tease.

Teasing, of the silly, playful variety (not the mean, snarky kind) is one of the most useful tools a sugar baby can have in her arsenal. It invites the SD to joke, have fun, and open up with you. The act of playfulness establishes rapport and connection like nothing else can. And this playful, unpredictable nature he sees in you keeps him on his toes and so interested that he hardly notices that he’s becoming attached on an emotional level with you.

Playfulness does all that. It’s a wonder that it’s not talked about as much as it should be.

To get you started, here’s an example of gentle teasing:

Him: You mentioned in your profile that you’re an aspiring actress?

You: Yes, but don’t worry – I won’t drop you once I make it big.

Him: Umm…thanks.

You: I’d wait a few weeks.

At the same time, remember that playful teasing is an art and not a science. Make sure you know how to toe the fine line between fun teasing and snarky meanness before you use this on a POT.

And always – always – smile.

6. The Law of Reciprocity

There’s this little law that we absolutely love making use of in any and all social situations. It’s called the Law of Reciprocity and it works charmingly on SDs.

To use it on a first date, spend a little time getting to know your POT’s interests. You’ve probably already emailed back and forth and chatted over the phone. Go over what was talked about to suss out something interesting about this guy.

And…get him a little gift for the first date.

It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant or expensive – the most we’ve ever spent was less than $20. We don’t do it for every first sugar date – just with the most promising ones. Some of the stuff we’ve gifted:

  • A POT said one of his most awesome memories was jungle trekking atop an elephant in Thailand. He was incredibly pleased when I showed up for our first date with a little wooden elephant I’d found in a local ethnic shop. Told him I thought of him when I saw it. We’re still friends to this day.
  • For a POT who claimed to share my affinity for all things sweet: a set of 3 adorable cupcakes. We shared them after dinner.

Even if these things seem to be small investments, they have amazing returns.


‘Cause you just can’t help but like someone who has done something nice for you. Even if you never asked for that nice thing. That’s just how the Law of Reciprocity works.

Use it in your favor.

Do you ever just wish you could run somewhere far away, on some mountain top or in nature somewhere, with absolutely no one else or nothing else. So where it’s just you and God and you can forget about everything else for awhile.

If I see another 'you me her' post tagged with lesbians I'm going to scream.

They’re fucking Bi!
Stop fucking ignoring the Bi community because you want more representation.
You know the only other Bi females OUT in the media that I can think of?
Sarah Lance and HarleyQuinn!

I get it, you’re starved of representation and looking for it everywhere.

And I know Jack is coming off as an ass but I honestly see it as realistic of someone who’s insecure and just found poly, you know why, because I’m at that point where I’ve now dated multiple people who are new to poly and they struggle with it, I’ve been poly for years now and I struggle with it.

Jealousy and coming out and finding a balance and working out communication is scary sometimes, especially when it’s new, especially when society tells you to deal with it differently to how’s actually healthy.

And I get pissed when you act like he’s just being an asshole, because yes he needs to grow the fuck up, but life change is scary and they’re working on it and that’s fucking important.

Do you realise how badly we needed this polyamorous model? Not of a happy and perfect polyam fam… but of a struggling, new to it, bunch of consenting adults.

That’s important and it’s helpful and you’ve got to stop pretending they’re not bi and he’s not insecure and new to this and that they’re all not insecure and new to this. Because I was nervous as hell and I knew I wanted poly with all my heart.

Just stop freaking ignoring this shit because it’s not perfect.
Especially if you’re not bi or poly and looking at this from a purely straight/gay monogamous standpoint.

I’m naturally polyamorous, it completes me in a way nothing else does and I wouldn’t give it up for the world. And me and some of my partners/potential parents/ex’s were insecure people and acted like twats at times because we didn’t know how to handle that and it’s a learning process, something I learned off older polyamorous people in the community, some of which have been polyamorous advocates since the early 90’s and have grandkids, others who are in their late 40’s, 30’s, early 20’s, 50's… they taught me how to see my jealousy and envy was based off my own insecurities and how to communicate and find solutions.

These three don’t even HAVE that, they’re seeing someone tho and that’s important.

I know this is a massive tangent about fandom discourse and reality, but still, I had two points:

1. Stop calling Emma and Izzy Lesbians, they’re Bi, it’s like if I called you a phase, it’s an insult and I will continue to be insulted by it because I’m sick of my identity being ignored.

2. Stop being pissy at the fact they’re being displayed as not perfect and as insecure and jealous and that they haven’t learned everything that it takes polycules years to learn anyway.


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                                                  What are you?

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I hope Y'all ready for the new kidge theory because oh boy I’m ready to show you guys my thoughts! This one is so interesting to think of and makes me wonder many times, many doubts and fears…
Anyway, let’s take a closer look at “Greening the Cube episode”

This particular episode is focused on Pidge’s element; nature and technology.
We are introduced to Olakrion and people who live there are called Olkari.
Olkaris are similar to Pidge, of course except the fact they love their natural environment, full of trees and flowers and many sorts of things you can find in the woods. Their technology was forced to evolve in a symbiosis with nature, they grow and they never stopped learning and progressing. Instead of just dealing with nature, Olkari used their surroundings to accomplish something more. Would be weird, if we Picture Pidge as Olkari for a one second? Not at all But, we will get back to this later.
So let’s stop right here, and talk about Keith’s performance in this episode.
He was very concerned about the possibility of him being a galra, that sometimes he looked like he was lost in thoughts, but that’s just the part of the deal.

So I just took an opportunity to make this because they’re staring at each other, first Pidge and then Keith.

And Keith, still being worried about his possible connection to Galra, noticed Pidge being a goofball against the air. I found it hilarious, “Yes, I’m not paying attention to anything” *Pidge fly away!* “Okay, I’m paying attention to one thing”.
So after that, Keith seems to be very focused on the task and being the one who took Pidge from her rambling mode “Pidge, what does it say?”
He knew, she was going to ramble for too long and she wasn’t mad or sad, she just gets to the point. He brings her back to focus.
Maybe, it’s just me, but Keith was so curious, and asked so many questions in this part, like, it’s interesting to think of.
First, he asks about the cubes, I’d never seen Keith being this fascinated ever.

The second thing is, how he sees the Olkari. He described them as “Literal tech Wizards” which leads us to think about a parallel between their power and power of the Galra druids. Both use the energy of life in some form and are able to manipulate it.Olakirs believe that every living creature is made from the same cosmic dust. But what if, this dust they’re talking about is a reference to the Quintessence, the same Galra are sucking from the whole planets?
I see here a parallel between Pidge and Haggar as both are able to work with these energies and both are scientists.

Of course, something else that is interesting is the fact how Keith is the only one who speaks about Pidge’s element. He compliments it, he likes nature, because it’s quiet. Why anybody else said nothing? Like, this was a conversation just between these two and no one was willing to interrupt their chit-chat.
Later he, Pidge and the rest of the crew are amazed by technology Olkari created, he is willing to get one tree robot, but, only Pidge was able to connect with the nature enough to pilot one of these things.
Slowly, getting to the point.
Meanwhile, Voltron Team was informed about Olkari’s problems with the Galra, and how Lubos is a hostage, they decided to help them.
So, listen.

First, we see how the team is looking very confused at the King Lubos watching a romantic - drama movie. Look at the team. Everybody except Keith is kind of “What the hell is this”, while Keith is more like “Hmm, this is interesting, I’m invested in this movie”
And then there is this scene:

At first, you see two aliens who seem to be arguing and maybe something more
Look what they’re wearing and what this scene reminds you of.
Their colors are mainly green, black and red. 

And then they’re going to kiss. What’s interesting, the green crock man is roaring at her.
Now King Lubos is screaming very interesting lines:


What if this is a reference? A symbol? What if there is more to this scene that we all were thinking there is? I told you, to try imagine Pidge as Olkarian right?
Let’s take a few steps back and remind ourselves, what happened between Keith and Pidge in the first season.
Keith was furious when Pidge wanted to leave Voltron.
He took it more personal, and from what we heard about his mother, we can assume, he felt betrayed by Pidge, leaving the team, leaving him for her brother and father. What if, he yelled at her as a defense? To do not let her reject him first? And don’t forget about the fact, Keith actually remembers that and we all saw it in the flashbacks from his blog. That was the only one time, he took that situation personally and yelled directly at one person.
You can say:”Okay, Jay, so what’s the point?”
The point is, DW always tend to show prophecies in this show and never put something just for the sake of showing it and not doing anything with it later. Prophecies in this show and never put something just for the sake of showing it and not doing anything with it later.
There are always hints, you could catch if you pay more than enough attention.

See, if we just answered what could “Betrayal” mean, there is still “She loves you” to explain. See, in this picture, we can already catch some petals in the background of the movie, it might represent a “blossoming romance”
Or… Blossoming relationship. Remember how Bex described the potential Pidge and Keith’s interactions? As “adoring each other secretly” and how she would like to see it turning into a blossoming EMOTIONAL relationship, friendship at first.
Notice, how crocks facial expression is similar to most Keith’s reactions.
My point is. These characters are simmiliar to Keith and Pidge.

Notice, Keith used to have a similar piece of clothing, he is actually the one who used to wear that kind of thing. 

And now look at his screenshot of Pidge in season 4.
She has a similiar hood as the Olkarian Lady from the movie.
In summary, I have a theory - we are missing something between their interactions. AND WE ARE BEING TROLLED ALL THIS TIME, ALL THE SMALL HINTS, ALL THE SIMILARITIES, ARE SLOWLY MAKING BIGGER PIECE AND MAYBE… It’s just the matter of time before we will see a big Keith/Pidge interaction plot in the show.
But hey, that’s just a theory.
Go ahead and feel free to add your own thoughts!

Fkffkgdb Jim sexting is just too much because you know he’s such a romantic. at first he’d be straight up Song of Solomon'ing it all vivid comparative imagery and nature metaphors. And spock is like “that’s beautiful jim,” but nothing else and jim would be like tae fuck i worked hard on those Kahlil gibran references?? U KNOW WHAT and just sends straight up the raunchiest fuckendkdmdhh porno sext and five mins later Spock is busting in the room like I LEFT SOME PERSON AT THE CON I DO NOT KNOW WHO PLEASE PROCEED WITH THE ACTIONS OUTLINED IN YOUR TEXT

Something Different

Request: Taehyung fluff where you guys are both in college and Taehyung sits behind you in class but never says anything, but one day he sees u dozing off in class and he decides to buy coffee after class

A/n: So I was planning a one shot, but you guys asked for a mini-series instead, and I’m such a hoe for Taehyung anyways. most of the request is in this chapter, but I have plans you guys… stick around -Kaitlin

Genre: Fluff
Members: Taehyung x Reader
Word Count: 1219

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You’re normal, and you like living your normal, quiet life. But when you meet someone new and exciting, your tastes begin to change…

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Morning kisses with chapped lips and tired eyes and soft smiles as the smell of coffee permeates the air. Shoulder kisses as one of them brushes past the other in a hurry & has no time to stop. Good luck kisses before missions, where they always hold on that little bit tighter to one another and pretend they’re not half as afraid as they actually are. Angry kisses that aren’t Angry, but scared and frustrated and tired and desperate for their lover’s touch. Soft kisses in the living room, watching the rain fall against the window as they wrap themselves around one another and pretend nothing else exists. Casual kisses that come so naturally at that point it would just be weird not to. Thank-God-you’re-alive kisses; hot and desperate and shaky and rough and laced with the lingering terror of ‘what if’. Happy kisses. Kisses that sting and kisses that bite. Kisses on the eyelids, soft and barely there and nothing short of worshipful.


BTS When They See You Crying (Not bc of them)


Regardless of the why you are crying, Seokjin would be really incredible at being by your side and cheering you up.  He’d be be by your side as you cried and would rub your back or hug you depending on how you felt.  When your tears slowed he would ask you what was wrong, keeping in mind not to push you to tell him.  He would listen to you for as long as you wanted.  The input he would give you would only be at your own emotions benefit and would never make you feel worse by telling you that your emotions were idiotic.  From there, he would at your leg and ask you to follow him into the kitchen.  He would then proceed to make you and meal you wanted and would happily eat it with you while watching a feel good movie.  Overall, he would be the perfect gentleman (and boyfriend).

“Jagi?”  He spoke when you’re crying was replaced with sniffles.  “Do you want to talk about what’s wrong?”  You shook your head no and he nodded before smiling.  “Well then, I’ll have to cheer you up another way.  What do you want to eat?  Black bean noodles?  Tofu curry?”  The smile wouldn’t leave his face as he worked his hardest to cook you a meal full of love.  “Let’s watch a movie now, okay?”


In reality, Yoongi would be cautious when he saw you crying.  In no way did he want to upset you anymore and he also knew that this would most likely leave him with a better understanding of who you are.  He would not want to make any mistakes and that would make him seem a little distant.  However, if you asked him why he was so awkward and said that you needed a hug, he would give you one and e hit with the reality that he isn’t supposed to not upset, but make you feel better.  He’d be the best at listening to your problems, but also knowing you might want to not talk or be alone.  Overall,  Yoongi would be very understanding of your choices while upset, but cautious and nervous on how she should act while you did so.

His hand lightly patted your down turned head.  Currently, you were crying into your hands and Yoongi was sitting by your side.  In no way did he knew how to act.  His body was awkward and even though you couldn’t see him, you could tell.  “Yoongi-ah,” you looked up at him.  “Why won’t you hug be, jeez!”  His eyes widened and he immediately moved closer to you.  He hugged you and laughed.  He responded, “Even in the middle of all these tears, you still find a way to nag me.”  The response would have you lightly hitting his shoulder, bug he wouldn’t care because he knew he took away your sad thoughts.


There are two ways that Hoseok could respond.  Most likely and most often, he would do everything he could to make you feel better.  He would ask you over and over if you need anything and would speak more than you.  His words would be in order to calm you as he pulled you into a hug and pet your hair.  You would most likely be in this position for a half hour.  The other way Hoseok would ask is crying with you.  This would only happen if you were in pain, whether it be heartbreak or a broken arm.  Hearing to scream and cry would be too much for him and he would burst into tears while hugging you.  In that scenario, not words would be spoken until both of you were done crying.

“Aigoo!  Aigoo!  Why are you crying?  Ah, come here,” Hoseok said as he pulled you into his arms.  “Do you need anything?  Water?  Food?  A blanket?”  You shook your head.  “Ah, then I guess you just need kisses!”  Hoseok laughed and began kissing everywhere, but your lips.  When he had finished kissing our face, he would begin speaking again.  “Do you want to talk about it?  Or do you want to be distracted?”  During all of your talking, his arms would always be wrapped around you and he would be willing to do anything to make you feel better.


Namjoon would be incredibly worried and would rush to your side.  However, when he sat down next to you, he wouldn’t know what to do.  Essentially, you were a bomb and he was the diffuser.  Anything he did could trigger you and make you cry even more, but he still needed to do something, anything.  His ultimate goal would to comfort you and get you to talk about your problems because it was the best thing to do for him.  Every now and then, as you talked about what plagued your thoughts, he would ask you a question that could potentially help your problem, but he would never insist solutions, knowing full well that simply talking about your problem is best for now until you calm down.  Overall, he would be next to you as long as you needed him.

His hand settled on your back, but he stayed quiet.  Eventually, you naturally started talking about what happened and Namjoon listened.  Nothing else crossed his mind as he listened to your voice talk.  He carefully processed every word you said and made sure to contemplate every response you had.  Eventually, he would hug you and suggest something to help get your mind off of the problem.  It was something he knew you would enjoy and find only joy in.  He would be close to you and would only leave your side if you wanted.


Jimin would be rather worried, but confused as to how to react.  He didn’t know what would be the best thing to do, but the idea of leaving you alone killed him.  Seeing you cry killed him.  Eventually, Jimin wouldn’t be able to take it any longer and would rus to your side and hug you.  He wouldn’t insist you do anything, but would make sure you knew that he was there for you.  Overall, his mentality would be to put your first and do anything you wanted him to.  Whether that be listen to you talk or go out to buy you chocolates he didn’t care.

“Jagi?” Jimin said when he walked into your room to see you in tears.  You looked up and offered him a pitiful smile.  There was only silence while Jimin contemplated what to do.  Finally, he moved to your side and hugged you.  “You don’t have to talk.  Do whatever you want,” He spoke, his voice quiet and dripping with care.  His body provided warmth and would give you a comforting awareness that someone was there for you.  After your tears died down, he spoke up again, “I will do anything for you, Jagi, just say the word.  Anything to make you feel better.”  Instantly, you would be incredibly aware of how much care Jimin had for you.


Taehyung would try so hard to make you laugh.  He knew very well that going up to you and pulling a comedy show would be insensitive, but he also knew that he wanted to see your gorgeous smile.  The result of that combination would be him listening and comforting you , but ultimately cracking a joke at the perfect time to make you laugh.  He would then spend the night with you, listening to you talk about everything that was wrong and making jokes to cheer you up.  The night would include snacks and cute cuddles and you eventually realizing that you forgot all of your problems.

When Taehyung came upon you crying, he immediately rushed over to your side.  He proceeded to cuddle you in an attempt to show you he cared.  His mind raced with ideas of what to do and the thought of getting snacks came across his mind, but he also didn’t want to leave your side.  When you began to talk about what happened, Taehyung made sure to listen to you and hold on tighter to you when you seemed to get choked up.  When you finished, Taehyung smiled and spoke “Just a sec, Jagi.”  He then got up and eventually waddled back to you with snacks in his arms.  “Sweets for my sweet.”  He sat down next you and you pulled up a bag of chips.  “Tae, these are salt and vinegar chips, they’re not sweet.”


Jungkook would be stunned by your tears and would be so worried that he could somehow make it worse.  This tiny child would be wide eyed when he saw you crying and would end up standing still, looking at you.  Eventually, Jungkook would move because the sight of you crying was too much.  He would move to sit next to you and hug you.  His hand would be petting your head and his warm body would calm you.  Jungkook would end up staying quiet, not because he thought it was the best, but because he didn’t know what to say.

Jungkook was a little more than stunned when he left his room to see you crying on the couch.  Your head was in your hands, but he could still see your red face.  He didn’t know how much time passed, but he knew that he had to actually move and calm you in some way.  Your face was so sad and melancholy that his instinct was to hug you.  So, that’s what he did.  He hugged you tightly, trying to calm you in any way he could.  In his mind, all he wanted was your happiness.  He didn’t know what to do, but he did know that he would remember this moment for if it ever happened again.  Although Jungkook never wanted to see you crying ever again.

Hwang Minhyun Soulmate au!

Minhyun is up!

• So you have a tattoo and your soulmate will have the exact same one,

• Stretching across your back you have the black outlines of a desert fox leaping downward towards your hips,

• The lines curling with intricate details and patterns, the tail billowing up onto your shoulder and curling a little down your arm almost looks to be imitating fire,

• It’s all filled in and shaded with creamy oranges and browns,

• You have to say it is beautiful,

• It’s a shame you can only see it with mirrors,

• But boy did your parents scream in surprise when they picked you up when you where 5 and that had appeared,

• You didn’t know it was your soulmate key but you could feel it was already important to you,

• People were always asking to see it or something but you kind of didn’t want to show them,

• It’s special to you, yanno, and it’s yours and your soulmate only,

• But you’re nice so you show them anyway,

• Plus someone might know your soulmate and could introduce you two, you never know,

• What always gets you is you could walk past your soulmate every day and just not know,

• It could be curling across the back and you just Can’t!! See!! It!!

• Why do shirts exist, wouldn’t everything be easier without them?

• You’ve tried to draw your little fox forever, since you where 7, but it always seems to be missing something,

• It never seemed to hold the spirit you associate with it on your skin,

• If your soulmate is anywhere near as beautiful as people say your marking is, you’re lucky,

• You’re part of a dance troupe that enters a lot of competitions and does a load of back up dancing and things,

• There’s a competition and you’re stretching in your waiting room,

• Nervous as hell,

• It’s a group dance competition but there isn’t any sort of criteria for the dances,

• So a dance with B-boying could go against ballet,

• You and 5 others are doing a modern slow emotional number and damn,

• You hope you can make someone cry,

• Not with how awful it is god no, but with the emotion in the dance and how damn beautiful it is,

• Otherwise this’ll get awkward,

• You don’t specialise in anything in particular,

• Hip hop, ballet, modern, tap, you can do it all,

• Jack of all trades, master of none,

• (But better than a master of one, right?),

• You and your best friend are doing some mean partner stretches that can me compared to some complex next level partner yoga positions,

• You’re all wearing those tight shorts with a see through skirts and almost like a sports bra to showcase your marking in navy blue,

• Why can’t it be acceptable to dance in tracksuit bottoms and a hoodie in these competitions?

• Your small group make their way to the side of stage,

• The flowy skirts all seem to make it look like you’re drifting,

• You must admit it’s pretty,

• You get to watch the performance before you and it really doesn’t help,

• In any way at all,

• For so many reasons,

• You are ready to run away, and not just because of the dance,

• Which is extremely extra by the way,

• It looks like hip hop, 11 boys moving incredibly quickly and in sync to the beat and-

• Holy shit was that some taekwondo?

• It’s okay you got this, your aerial cartwheel looks as elegant as they can get,

• The thing that grabs your attention and makes you forget everything is one boy,

• Smooth looking brown hair bounces with the beat and his careful features meld into each other in a way sculptures could never capture,

• His skin is unbelievably clear and he dances like every move was made especially for him, with a confidence you only hope you dance with,

• Your breath is caught in your throat but his outfit doesn’t help,

• He’s wearing a open back shirt and you can see the swirling patterns with orange hues that paint his back and move with his muscles,

• He dances with all the stealth and agility of a desert fox and it all makes sense,

• “Y/N, are you okay, do you want to sit down?” your best friend has also spotted him , a huge smile spread across her face,

• You can feel the happiness In your chest but the panic is in your head,

• What if he doesn’t want you?

• What if your dance isn’t good enough?

• Okay that’s over exaggeration of course you dance is good enough- it’ll blow his mind,

• Your not going to let your soulmate get in the way of your performance though,

• No one gets in the way of you and your passion,

• Except spiders, 

• (Australia pls tell me how to survive spiders, asking for a friend),

• Your head becomes slightly dizzy when the boys walk past you off stage,

• But then they smile at your group and a few wish you good luck, and your head clears,

• The 6 of you float onto the stage and you can hear the whispers,

• It could be about the last boys, about your performance or what they’re having for dinner,

• But your mind makes you think it’s about you,

• Many people often whisper About your marking when they see it,

• And they might have put the pieces together and sussed out you’re competing against your soulmate,


• That sounds so weird,

• The lights brighten on your group, caught in the still image that’ll start your performance when the music comes on,

• You watch the boys file into their seat in the crowd, like all performers do after they’ve finished their dance,

• You’re calm, you can flow like the wind and move like a stream,

• You can be as fierce as fire or as gentle as a feather,

• You can do this,

• You get through your performance better than you ever had in practice, 

• Even you can feel the emotions radiating off of the others,

• You pour in all of your feelings right at that moment into your movements,

• The dance shows the love between 2 people who had both lost their soulmates, and were mending each other in their own ways,

• Love between 2 people who aren’t soulmates is always a risky subject but what is art without a meaning?

• In the end one of the people dies from heart break and leaves the other person (A.K.A. you) alone to survive in a world where everyone else is coupled off completely alone,

• You can feel his eyes on you as you jolt into your final position, quietly heaving, not just the dance making you breathless,

• You don’t know how you know it’s his eyes, but you do,

• God, your already soft for the man before you’ve even made eye contact,

• But you have watched each other dance, which is a whole different level of intimacy,

• Your group bows and glides off stage, arms slung around each other in exhilaration,

• The 6 of you jog towards the seating for dancers but you spot him stood at the side eyes fixed on you as if you’re something unobtainable,

• You stop dead in your tracks a couple of steps away from him, just beaming at him, 

• He cracks the most beautiful smile that has ever touched your eyes, one that breaks through his delicate features to show an completely innocent look,

• “That was the most beautiful thing I think I’ve ever seen,”

• Before you know it your legs have closed the gaps and you’ve thrown your arms around him because nothing else feels more natural,

• The rest of the crowd pretends they’re not watching,

• Because not many things is more beautiful than watching two soulmates meet, right?

• You break away and spin him around

• (Much to his surprise),

• You run your fingers along the swirling lines of a desert fox and choke a laugh,

• It is as stunning as everyone says, the lines connect and twist in a way that seems effortless and easy, although you can see it isn’t,

• He shivers when you trail over the patterns on his spine and you blush, stepping away,

• But then he takes the opportunity and does the same, his touch on your back tingling with warmth,

• You win the competition and you have no doubt who you owe the win to,

• Your dance group because they taught you how to dance and encouraged you for years,

• Okay maybe Minhyun as well for the emotion,

• You all have a after party to celebrate and Minhyun and his group is definitely forced to come invited,

• You totally don’t spend the night dancing with your soulmate

• Cus damn he knows how to move, look at that body roll and-

• Stop, you only met today,

• Dancing seems to link the two of you in a way no one else can understand,

• The next competition you enter it’s another slow song,

• As a duo,

• Cue your friend squealing at your cute choreography,

• Your two groups always have dance battles or do collaborations,

• Which are dangerous damn, two of the strongest groups together?

• All the other groups fear the day,

• But more importantly you always make sure to enter the same competitions to show them how it’s done,

• The next competition you entered you did a hip hop dance,

• Minhyun was not prepared ™

• Low key had to take a breather outside,

• But he met you out there too because you also had to take a breather-  his dance was too extra for your poor heart,

• Whenever you dance together you stretch together and Minhyun takes over from your best friend,

• (They conveniently had to stretch with someone else),

• So you high key become that cheesy couple you see at the gym that seems intimidating and scarily synchronized,

• You guys become infamous for your performances,

• The judges are shook, the crowd is shook, your competitors are shook, the scouts are shook, your neighbor is shook,

• Many scouts approach you two,

• You aren’t going to hold back in competitions just because he’s your soulmate though,

• And damn boi, neither does he,

• You don’t really plan to go on dates but you just find yourselves in the cinema or eating lunch at the park together or going to dance shows,

• Forever doing freestyle dances with no planning Together and you just seem to know what the other will do and flow perfectly,

• Low key have the power to make others cry if you want to,

• But the familiarity with each other from the beginning is no joke,

• He knows you love back hugs and you know he love it when you nuzzle into his neck,

• Fit into each others arms like you’re one made for one another,

• Which I mean, you are , you’re soulmates 

Tbh this one was really fun to write. I don’t know a hell of a lot about dancing but it’s incredibly cool so I hope this is good, thanks for reading~

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We know we are alive and know we will die. We also know we will suffer during our lives before suffering - slowly or quickly - as we draw near death. This is the knowledge we “enjoy” as the most intelligent organisms to gush from the womb of nature. And being so, we feel shortchanged if there is nothing else for us than to survive, reproduce, and die. We want there to be more to it than that, or to think that there is. This is the tragedy: Consciousness has forced us into the paradoxical position of striving to be unself-conscious of what we are - hunks of spoiling flesh on disintegrating bones. Nonhuman occupants of this planet are unaware of death. But we are susceptible to startling and dreadful thoughts, and we need some fabulous illusions to take our minds off them. For us, then, life is a confidence trick we must run on ourselves, hoping we do not catch on to any monkey business that would leave us stripped of our defense mechanisms and standing stark naked before the silent, staring void.
—  Thomas Ligotti, The Conspiracy Against The Human Race, P. 29

I’ve been asked several times what I think about The Lion Guard. I have to admit that I got curious and, despite my old-ass age and despite it being a cartoon airing on Disney Junior, I watched the whole season. My opinions are a bit conflicting, so it’s better if I explain myself in terms of pros and cons.

Pros: first of all, I loved the design. All of it. Characters and sceneries. Ah, the good old 1990s 2D animation! Of course, the quality doesn’t reach that of the original movie, but nonetheless the background paintings and character design were great – we know, after all, that when it comes to character design Disney is the best. The voice acting was great, too! Then, what a lovely bunch of bad guys! I liked how Janja wears his spiky mane backwards like a true gangster, I liked how Cheezi bears an amazing resemblance to Ed, I liked the jackal couple, the cunning committee of vultures… And, not surprisingly, the villains songs are the best. And then, Jasiri! I think she’s the best character in the show so far. Her design is beautiful, her tough and mocking attitude balanced by her good heart make her downright adorable, and the message she carries (Sisi Ni Sawa) is one of the most important things to preach to children. Also, I thought that making up the Guard with different animals was not a bad idea in this sense. Another thing I appreciated was the accuracy as far as the animals’ behavior is concerned (the aardwolves being shy and nocturnal termite-eaters, the honey badger being a little pest and his immunity to snake venom, the zebras being the predators’ favorite dish, the cheetah’s strong sense of independence, etc.), and the fairly more significant presence of other species than what was shown in The Lion King movies and in the Timon & Pumbaa TV show: I found all this potentially edifying for kids, and I hope the producers and writers will continue on this line. Last but not least, I loved the usage of that awesome language that is Swahili: maybe the catchphrases were a bit too much repetitive, but surely the choice of names was damn clever.

Cons: “After all, hyenas are scavengers…” Again. We know it’s not always true; actually, accredited research has shown that this behavior is most of the time attributable to lions. Speaking of hyenas and their enduring bad image in the human mind, it’s shocking how this cartoon criminalizes this species. Okay, it’s a cartoon and bad guys are needed and who better than hyenas, jackals, and vultures if the protagonist is a lion? I get that. But the blind, senseless racism against these species, no. That, I don’t like. Despite the sporadic positive messages like Jasiri’s, the selective racism – or classism is predominant and it is also expressed in the settings: the sunny, luxuriant Pridelands versus the barren, dark, creepy Outlands; the beauty and wealth are reserved to ‘good’ animals, while the ‘bad’ ones (the POOR, the STARVING) are exiled in the ghetto without any clear reason. The song from the pilot, “Tonight We Strike!”, is about a fair rebellion of the outcasts against the privileged Pridelanders, yet it is represented as a vicious, despicable act, without specifying the fact that who is excluded from the sharing creates chaos as a natural reaction. In the same way, that ridiculous Kupatana thing was nothing else than a pathetic, fake pietism towards the outcasts. This leads me to the question of the Circle of Life, which is rightly depicted as the natural balance for survival and preservation of life; but the Guard also has a fanatical attitude towards it, as if it were a goddamn Reich! Like, “You, filthy hyena, you’re ugly and evil, no I don’t care that you have to eat and survive as well, you don’t respect the Circle of Life so you’re out!”, and “You, beautiful zebra, you’re every carnivore’s yummiest dream, I can save you from the hyenas and you can live in the Pridelands, and no don’t worry about me getting hungry and chewing up your stripy ass, it’s the Circle of Life!” To quote Fuli, see what I mean? I know, I’m almost 30, I have an education that has given me the skills to read between the lines, and all this may sound like a bunch of philosophical details kids will never catch. Maybe. But some of these ideas should be rethought, because kids do acknowledge the message, at least subconsciously! Never underestimate the kids’ powers of reception, guys. They notice everything. Their little minds are huge containers and their memory is fresh and amazing. We don’t want wrong stuff to get to them, do we?

That would be all. This is not the first time Disney subtly expresses such ideologies, after all. Anyway, as a cartoon freak and artist, I’ll gladly watch the next season. I think I’ll watch cartoons as long as I’m alive.

An ask made me realize this still doesn’t seem to be conveniently available anywhere, so Warren Ellis on Superman and Lois Lane circa 1998 (with some pictures thrown in by me):


Brief, Disconnected Notes On An American Mythology—Warren Ellis

I’m not a superhero fan. I had to learn the subgenre when I began writing for the States. I’ve had to learn to read them. Now, I can appreciate some of them. Not many, it has to be said…but some.

The one I always wanted to like was Superman.

Superman is a uniquely American icon, and the first true myth of the electronic age. One special facet to it is that it began as a myth told to children by children. Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster were youths when they created Superman, a far cry from today’s handful of twentysomethings and carloads of middle-aged men who give today’s children their superheroes.

(Perhaps this is why, to me, a strong adult story told with Superman would seem curiously inappropriate – and, conversely, the 20th Century social nightmare given inky form that is The Batman seems to me strangely inappropriate as figure of children’s tales.)

Superman, then, is the agent of modern fable – the most compelling fable the 20th Century gave us. Soap opera is unworthy of him, and, as has been proved many times, is not big enough to contain him and the central concepts of his story. At the heart of myth and legend is Romance. That is not the same as the weak, whiny demands of soap opera that begin with “characterization” and crap on with demands for ever more levels of “conflict”, “jeopardy”, “ensemble writing”, “tight continuity” and all the rest of that bollocks. These things are unimportant. Many of them just completely get in the way of the job at hand.

SUPERMAN requires only the sweep and invention and vision that myth demands, and the artistry and directness and clean hands that Romance requires.

SUPERMAN is about someone trying their best to save the world, one day at a time; and it’s about that person’s love for that one whose intellect and emotion and sheer bloody humanity completes him. It’s about Superman, and it’s about Lois and Clark. And that’s all there is. That’s the spine. That must be protected to the death, not lost in a cannonade succession of continuing stories.

That’s what, in the continuing rush to top the last plotline, I see getting lost.

I understand, accept and even to an extent agree with what’s going on; The SUPERMAN creators are trying to keep the books vital, keep them moving, keep those sales spikes coming. But they seem to me to be getting away from the sheer wonder of the Superman myth.

(The single title that does seem to be hewing to the line I’ve just scratched in the sand is Mark Millar’s charming and energetic SUPERMAN ADVENTURES.)

What SUPERMAN must avoid is genericism. It must live up to its billing. The comics must crackle with invention and mythic power.  They must always resolutely be of Now, be utterly modern – if not utterly of Tomorrow. They must thrill and frighten and inspire and give us furiously to think.

Crucially, they must not simply offer us a parade of costumes and odd single name/titles. There must be stories where something important is at stake. Something worth saving, be it the life of a human, the soul of a city, the fate of a world, or the future of a child.

Mike Carlin always characterizes the ongoing thrust of the Superman titles as the “Never-Ending Battle”. Those battles must have stakes beyond those of smacking about this month’s new costume with an odd name.

(Superman tackles natural disaster and human crime. It’s his belief that nothing else falls within his purview. War and the politics of famine, he feels, are part of human government, and so not his place. He will not interfere in the growth of the human race, as much as it sometimes breaks his heart.

He merely, obliviously, shows the human race, by example, how to be great.)


Critical Role/Overwatch crossover AU

I… might have written about 3k words of origin stories for them below the cut HAHa;; :D;;


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bittyholtz pining

“Why are you being so rude to Jack?” Bitty asked, cornering Holster in the kitchen of Jack’s apartment. They were there for the Falconers’ home opener and the “quiet gathering” Jack had planned for after had turned into a semi-kegster, sans kegs. Half the Falcs had shown up, including Mashkov, who was currently chatting with an incredibly star-struck Ransom.

Holster frowned. “Why are you avoiding him?” He shot back, only feeling slightly guilty as Bitty’s face crumpled for a split-second before returning to an annoyed purse.

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Wow.. i'm just so amazed by Dean thinking mom IS dead and Sam trying to get her back!!! It really shows how much Dean -the family loving guy- is totally broken by his loss and how much he wants a revenge (from what Jensen said, that he wants to shoot the nephilim)! It's like early spn seasons but totally reversed! Now it's Dean who lost his love -I proudly say it's Cas- and just eyes on revenge whereas Sam is finding their "missing" mom. I'm so excited!!! I just reminded of your posts abt S13!

My posts about the total subversion of the pilot in s13? Yeah :D I’m so excited…

I mean this is all PR and it’s not safe to say it’s true, but the concepts that 

1. Sam is logical and level headed while Dean is emotionally compromised

2. Dean is so angry he wants to shoot Jack in the face

3. Jack is a blank slate and its all about nature / nurture 

4. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS being sung over the s12 recap and ending with a long shot of Dean shouting NOOOOO as the only word said outloud in the whole 5 minutes and collapsing over Cas’ dead body while NOTHING ELSE MATTERS plays, as we now know leading directly into season 13…

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