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are you fucking kidding me Shiloh that’s like 78 facts I have to come up with

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💖🥚Ostara Tips!🥚💖

Spring is finally upon us! Remember, even if you’re a busy witch, you can do simple things to celebrate today:

• Talk to your plants. Put a favorite little crystal or tumbling stone next to their roots! 🌷
• Take deep breaths while you’re outside. Even if it’s just while walking to your car for work - Visualize the fresh air as the new energy of Spring while you inhale, exhaling the built-up energy from season’s past. 🌬
• Charge your morning tea or coffee with a crystal, letting your beverage absorb its radiance and drinking up its energy. 🍵
• During your meals throughout the day (and try to eat lots of vegetables and fruits), be grateful for your food, that which you have access to from the Earth and its power to grow. If you have time, write a quick love letter to Nature. 🌍
• Celebrate through color! Wear pastel pinks, blues, greens, and creamy whites. ✨

🍃🌟nature witch aesthetic🌟🍃

• so many flowers in their hair, you’d think they’d grown them themselves!
• has impressive collection of flowy clothing and hemp jewelry
• will always look you in the eye while conversing
• best date for them is a trip to the succulent garden
• even if not dancing physically, their spirit is always swaying


{the colors from autumn}
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🌿✨ fairy witch aesthetic ✨🌿

• Would rather be living in a garden
• LOVES the feel of soft grass on bare feet
• Has way too many quartz crystals
• Favors tiny treats above large meals
• Speaks very softly and not too often, but has a lot to say


}Nothing is true……{
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{Realistic Winter Playgrounds}
{Assassins Creed}
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