I installed these Havana Twists on my client (my bff lol) using the invisible roots method. I used Marley Braiding Hair, which is usually around $5 a pack. It took about 4-5 hours to complete. It was my first doing these and I was trying to figure it out, so it may actually take a shorter amount of time.

Because I used the Invisible Roots Method, my client said that so many people that she would come across out in public would think it was her actual hair and she got a lot of compliments :).

It Ain't All About Thrift Shops Baby

I understand that thrifting has become this new phenomenon, which is cool, because I encourage people to save money and shop smarter. However, thrifting is not the only way to save money on clothes and accessories.

Every store has a sales rack at some point in time. Sometimes I shop for my summer clothes in the winter and vice versa, because they’re usually on sale for anywhere up to 80% off!

But here’s where you have to be smart. Don’t buy pieces that will only be cool that one season. Try to buy things that are timeless, or will at least last a while without having your wardrobe looking outdated.

”..sometimes the king is a woman…”

Every now and then we have to step in our photo booth to show them how it’s done :p

Hair: Havana Twists—installed and styled by myself..Afro—styled by God

I actually stole that sequins top from my mom was hers back in the 80s. I just cut out the shoulder pads, and I wore it with black leggings and black boots.