naturals do it better




Band of Ampelomeryx. Didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped but better than that POS drawing that Wikipedia is using for their Ampelomeryx stub, which I drew and uploaded there 10 years ago.

Terra Derma 🌍

Made in honor of Earth Day 。◕‿◕。

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Margaret Houlihan, in the Pilot episode, Watercolour pencil.

Thank you to @trapper-john for being there as long distance moral support while I asked and discovered the answers to questions such as “How do you use these things?”

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what i learned from losing weight

skinnier does NOT equal happiness.
confidence equals happiness.
be proud of your body, please. be healthy and live your life. be that bad ass bitch you are and tell the world how great you are while also telling strangers walking by how great they are too! be a cheerleader to everyone. everyone is so cruel to each other. realize that you are worth so much, and you look hot every god damn day. go outside with a full face of makeup on and your favorite outfit, or go outside natural faced and comfy clothes. no matter what you choose to do, you are always killing it. i support all your choices! you think modest is hottest???? okay!!! you go!!!! you are killing it girly!!!! you think less is best??? ok girl!!!!! you go!!!! if you got it flaunt it!!! even if it is not society’s standard of “got it”- if you want to, you rock it!!!
what i learned from losing weight was no matter what number you are on the scale will never compare to your confidence. please stay mentally healthy and love yourself and life will be a breeze! ily.

          I haven’t done this in a while, and I really hate doing this, but I think I’m going to be dropping threads that aren’t: 1) pre-plotted, and/ or 2) vital events to a verse.  This decision comes down to a few main points, primarily that 1) it gives me fewer threads to worry about during this activity reduction period and keeps me from feeling overwhelmed when I do take breaks and dink around on here ; and 2) when that isn’t as much the case anymore, the threads will likely be stale as it is ( and I’ll accept fresher and newer threads then ).  If you do happen to have a thread you’d like to keep, though, please don’t hesitate to come contact me.
                          My activity reduction notice can be found here, and I’m slow still on disco.


Fun fact; I hate my natural drawing style. So much so, that I’m constantly trying to force myself to change it because mine is naturally messy and childish.
Like me compared to my sketch of what I was wearing? I hate it. Just a fun fact 👍✨