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A few months back Beyoncé sang I’m a grown woman, I can do whatever I wantand on Friday, December 13th at 12AM, she did just that.

If there’s one thing that I admire about Beyoncé, it’s her will to continuously succeed; no matter the circumstances. Think about it, she gave birth to a baby girl, is currently on a world tour, recorded an entire album  AND shot 17 videos, all released with ZERO promotion. If that doesn’t scream ‘BOSS’ then, I don’t know what else does.

I was never one to call myself a feminist or really resonate with those that did but, the remix to “Bow Down, I Been On” which is now “Flawless” had FEMINIST running all through my veins. Not only was I hype about the fact that my beloved Igbo sister Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Every Woman Should Be A Feminist was being featured on the track but, paired with Beyoncé’s lyrics and actions gave feminism a whole new meaning. Adichie’s definition of a feminist reads:


A man or a woman who says “Yes, there’s a problem with gender as it is today and we must fix it, we must do better.“

I will forever thank my father for not raising me under the circumstances of me being domesticated enough to only be fit for marriage. Instead, he instilled in me the values of education, proper work ethic and [thanks to my mother] how to be a strong, fearless woman. Because of that, I wasn’t the type of girl that felt the need to induce drama with other females or shy away from sexism provoked by males.

All of her tracks included comments on her newfound happiness in marriage and motherhood and embracing sexuality in her career. Beyoncé pretty much told all of her critics abeg, free me jor (read: please, leave me alone) She showed up and showed out on every single track, not missing a single beat and setting up #NewRules for not only women of color but for every single woman around the world. She showed that feminism isn’t about labels, nor is it academic. ”Flawless” taught us that feminists do not all share the same viewpoints as one another, that some are still hardcore, old school feminists while others are out to rebrand it by staying a wife, raising a child and holding on to careers.

If there’s one thing I learned from the release of this album it’s to get up and be great every single day, that’s the least I can do.

Ladies, tell em’… ‘I woke up like this, I woke up like this’…Flawless.

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Last night while revising my cousins first official freshman essay, I had a strong urge to research Flo Jo. While, track and field had absolutely nothing to do with her essay, my childhood randomly flashed before my eyes. Why am I not a track star? Out of all of my family members, I was (and still am) the rebellious one. My goals were straight off the unbeaten path and unfortunately sometimes those dreams got a little stifled. Since I could remember, I wanted to compete in the Olympic Games. I just KNEW I was going to be on the track dusting chicks in the 400, I even had the Beijing 2008 Olympic promos plastered all over my room, dropped into every conversation and ingrained in everyones brains that I was going to run…until fear got the best of me and I decided that I wasn’t about that life. 

I’m going to sound super cliché  and maybe like a bunch of my previous posts but, we can’t sit here and let fear get the best of us because honestly, what the hell is fear? Like, seriously? Why do we allow ourselves to be afraid of the unknown when it comes to accomplishing our dreams but yet, we’re never afraid to hop in the car and clock that 9AM-5PM, 8AM-4:30PM, or 11PM- 8AM everyday? What if you get in an accident? The building collapses on you? T-Rex makes a guest appearance in the break room and eats you alive? What happens then? […never thought about that, did you?]


…back to Flo Jo. She understood the tools needed to accomplish her goal: MOTIVATION for change, BEHAVIOR monitoring, and WILLPOWER. Willpower being the most critical step in achieving that outcome.

In order to get things going, we have to write ourselves motivation statements. The same statements you’d write in a cover letter for that dream job or that essay for the MBA admission to your dream school, write it for you life. After your motivation is complete, make an extra effort to change your behavior. You can’t have faith in your motivation if your attitude doesn’t match. Last but not least, step your willpower game up! You’ve written that statement, made an effort to change your behavior, now all that is left is to commit to it and never stop until it’s completed. 

This post may or may not sound like a giant brain dump […because that’s exactly what it is] but, I’m tired of y'all and by y'all I mean me. I’m somewhat fearless and can do a million and one things but, this whole being afraid to do the one thing that is the most important to me makes absolutely no sense, at all. 

There can never be another you so, make the most out of what you have now, strike while the iron is hot + let’s get to it! 

Let me go get my life real quick. 



Got a story to tell you, been through some things but I’m healed - Donald Lawrence [Praise Your Way Out]

I like to think of myself as an unconventional do'er. I go completly different routes to get the simplest tasks done but when when I complete them people are always left saying “wow, why didn’t I think to do it that way”. I’m considered to be the life coach for the majority of my friends, unlike Sway I got all the answers, I got the education…at least when it comes to other peoples lives. I’m so quick to pull out a heart wrenching quote that would leave you wondering why I haven’t written a book yet. I was just proclaiming myself as a boss and nobody could stop me. 

Before 2013 ended, I told myself that I couldn’t continue living my life the way I had been for the last two years. As motivated as I showed myself to be, I’d retreat to my room every night and cry myself to sleep. I was unsure of my future and I honestly never thought that I’d be able to amount to the things I had planned for myself. It was bad. Attempting to be super positive in public while, on the inside negative thoughts are eating you away is the worst feeling ever.

The last two months of 2013, I’d retreat to my room and cry myself to sleep but, not because of sadness, something inside of me was shifting. I increased my faith and started to “trust the process”. I didn’t allow negative thoughts to take over my mind and all things that happened to me, I took as spilled milk.

In November, I bought myself a 2014 planner and circled January 11th and wrote the words “MOVING DAY”. On Christmas Day, I used the magazines my sister purchased for me and created a vision board. I put phrases like “BLAH is not in your itinerary”, “Act FAST”, and “Countdown To Departure” up and let the universe do it’s magic. 

January 1st came and I had no idea what was going on. The positivity that I used to end 2013 was magically erased with the New Year. Every morning, I’d wake up at 6AM to pray with my family then retreat to my room to give myself another 2 hours of “alone time”. Looking up at the vision board that I had created and continuously telling myself that my current situation is not where I will remain. On January 6th, while running errands,my truck slipped on a patch of ice and had me doing a double 360 in the middle of a residential neighborhood. During that time I screamed then eventually threw my hands up and said “Lord, my life is in your hands, whatever happens to me is up to you.” My truck ended up facing the opposite direction, stopping itself by slamming into a curb, blowing out my rear passenger tire. There was no way that I was going to spend another winter in Ohio.

Two days later, my mom and I had a talk. It wasn’t regular “girl talk”, she wanted to talk about my life. She too saw me remaining complacent and not succeeding because of the things that I allowed myself to get discouraged by. I won’t go deep into our conversation but, just know that after she left my room, I found myself on Southwest Airlines looking for the cheapest ONE WAY ticket out and then texting my college roommate telling her to make some room for me. January 10th, my ticket was purchased and I was on my way to California the following week. 

Fastforward to today January 22, 2014, my brother is celebrating a birthday and I’m four days in to my new life in California. Although it’s cold up here in the Bay Area, I could not be more happier. Opportunities are presenting themselves faster than they had been since I graduated almost two years ago, the positivity that I would show on the outside, is the same on the inside and I feel FREE. I don’t want to live a life where I didn’t take a risk. I’m not sure of what my life will look like in the next 5 years but, I do know that when that time comes I won’t be asking myself “what if?

All of my posts like "Take the First Step”, videos on having more wedgie moments and everything else…those just weren’t for you. They were used as my own personal motivators. 

…with all that being said, I’m a Bay Area girl now! West Coast people, let’s be friends in real life!

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Walking by FAITH and not by sight.