“Chicken of the woods” (Laetiporus sulphureus)

Chattahoochee national Forest
September 21st 2015

There are generally two types of Chicken Of The Woods. One that has yellow pores and one that has white pores. We generally find the white pore variety close to the ground where the old trunk or roots of a decaying tree still remain. The yellow poor variety is usually found growing on the trunk of a dead or dying tree. Personally we prefer the white variety because it seems to be a little thicker which makes it slightly better when cooked. We have posted photos of both white and yellow variety. But regardless of what variety you find it is a tasty edible! The texture is really like chicken meat. If one were to slice the mushroom thick, sauté them in a pan with butter and chicken stock, one would easily believe that they are eating chicken. It’s great in a roast or a stirfry too.
It’s exciting when finding this mushroom because it pops out of the forest with its bright orange and yellow color. It’s beautiful and is supple to the touch. Here in the Southeast, we wait until the temperatures change, the leaves begin to turn, and have had about a week of rain. We keep an eye out when hiking or when driving the gravel roads in the mountains we keep our eyes peeled and take it slow.
We consider the Chicken Of The Woods mushroom in the top five safe mushrooms for beginners to forage. Always consult an expert before consuming wild mushrooms. Below is a link to further reading on this mushroom.

Chicken Of The Woods Wikipedia link:

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okay how about this…..what about the GOOD outfits from 2016, huh? there were A LOT of those! like of course there are two sides on the whole “rebellious bleachella phase” but there were high points too it like this courageous look

now as a person who normally isnt a fan of any sort of animal print (it’s tacky and i really wish people would stop trying to make it a thing) she hella pulled this off and the red lipstick capped it off with the poppin’ hair. you gotta admit, she did that.

she also worked the bleachella well with other looks like this one that was nice and simple. always love her open back shiiizzzzzzz

but with bleachella she also pulled off one of my fave looks and personas and that’s Boyfriend Taylor….yes bitch she came out to play and it was beautiful

she really killed it with the ripped jeans and it’s simple as hell but how can you not love when she rocks things that are actual like attainable looks? like these ripped jeans too

and even this Boyfriend Taylor look. like im not even sure if it’s from 2016 but it deserves recognition because….well……bruh


and everybody has a soft spot for taylor in workout clothes or taylor in a beanie so dont try to act like this didnt happen either

THEY’RE ALL SO CASUAL AND EASY BUT SHE MAKES THEM LOOK AMAZING! let’s not forget about her simple denim overalls either!

like y’all she truly honestly looked like a normal human being in that white long sleeve. but there were other times when Cut Throat Taylor came out to play and you couldnt deny she looked hot af. anybody remember Meredith from the Parent Trap?

and how she did all white just as easily as she did all black in heels higher than Wiz Khalifa

gaaaaaawd the all black during this week was such a fucking time like remember the unveiling of the choker phase??????……set me on fire.

she even killed the all black when she had that stacked up girls night out… know the one…..the transparent top one

like okay fuck it up i guess. she had some great night life looks too like let’s not forget when everyone suddenly remembered she had karlie in her life and taylor was stomping around nyc lookin like a slut for The Tall and The Fall.

but you cant get stuck on poppin’ bright looks like this though and expect them to be what she sticks with because then she snaps your neck with shit like innocent sweet baby

and even more innocent sweet baby

and of course she like easily dives into her natural instinct aka La Prep with her gentle housewife looks like when she was on tour and no, not the tour youre thinking about

you gotta admit that yellow dress with the blue shoes was one for the books fam. she strutted through the streets of rome just as easily as she strutted onto the Vanity Fair red carpet with The Look….and im truly disappointed it’s been forgotten so easily

and remember the flash tat stunt she pulled at Drake’s function?


and because this girl works out just as much as she works my nerves, please enjoy my fave simple gym looks because she demolished those too


and i had to save these for last because they were my fave date looks from a time we shall not speak of (mostly because i would like to hang onto the bit of sanity i have left)

cant forget when she didnt have on so much clothing too

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Another request probably made before Christmas! I’m getting there slowly! I hope you enjoy the scenario - it helped to watch Chanyeol and Baekhyun when they visited Seoeon and Seojun! THANK YOU FOR READING!

Jade xo

When Chanyeol was in the studio, he was in his element. He would turn his phone off, put on his headphones and get in the zone. He wasn’t as good as Jongdae, who usually finished after a couple of takes, but he would always try his best and get there in the end. Whenever it was his turn to record, he was completely focused.

Which is why he turned his phone on after a recording session to 22 missed calls and twice as many texts, telling him that you were in labour and his twins were on the way.

“Oh shit!” Chanyeol muttered under his breath as his jaw fell open. His phone almost slipped out of his grip, but he held onto it tighter once reality set in. “I need to get to the hospital,” he told himself, quickly gathering his wits and grabbing his coat and bag.

Kyungsoo picked up his bag behind him and pushed his glasses up his nose. “What is it Chanyeol?” he asked, peering up at the tall boy’s face.

Still looking extremely dumbfounded, Chanyeol turned to look down at him, although he wasn’t really looking at Kyungsoo – he wasn’t really looking at anything. Not while his mind was worrying about you. “The twins are coming,” he said, putting his arms through his coat and checking his phone, trying to call you.

“The twins are coming?” Sehun asked from the other side of Chanyeol, staring at him with shock written all over his face. “Like coming as in being squeezed out as we speak!?”

When Chanyeol didn’t answer, too busy trying to get you to pick up your phone, Baekhyun grabbed his coat and started pushing Chanyeol towards the door. “EVERYONE TO THE CARS!” he ordered, steering Chanyeol as they all rushed out of studio’s waiting room for the cars parked out front. “OUR OFFICIALLY YOUNGEST FANS ARE ABOUT TO BE BORN!”


At the hospital, the sound of EXO’s footsteps could be heard well before they were spotted. Chanyeol was frantically running around the hospital trying to find the maternity ward. And the rest of the boys were speeding after him, all them bouncing with excitement. With the help of a nurse who Minseok and Jongdae both tried to flirt with, they eventually found the maternity ward, your friends running up to Chanyeol as soon as they spotted him.

“Is she ok? Where is she? What about the twins? I tried calling but-,” Chanyeol was cut off, seeing a surgeon in full-scrubs walk into the room your friends were outside. “What is happening?”

Your best friend from work put her hand on Chanyeol’s shoulder and pulled his attention to her for a split second. “One of the twins wasn’t facing the right way so they can’t go through with the natural birth. They’re prepping her for a C-section now. You need to scrub up. They won’t let anyone but immediate family into the operating room, just you.”

Chanyeol was frozen on the spot, seized up in panic. Something was wrong with the twins. That was all he could focus on. His babies were in trouble before they were even born.

“Go Chanyeol!” Junmyeon urged him, giving him a little push. It seemed to be what he needed, the first step towards the door. “She needs you.”

“I’ll take you to get your scrubs on,” your friend added, leading the way down the hallway to a locker room.

Never in Chanyeol’s life had he gotten changed so fast. In almost as instance he was changed into a pair of blue scrubs and being led by one of the nurses into the sterilising room. Once he was sterilised, he was allowed into the operating room, where you were lying down on a table in the middle of the room with doctors surrounding you.

Instantly Chanyeol was by your side, his gloved hand pulling his mask down so he could brush his lips against yours. “Hey baby, why’d you start without me?” he joked softly, his fingers picking the strands of hair off your sweaty forehead.

“You’re late,” you murmured, putting the oxygen nozzle into your mouth and taking a deep breath in. Your hand reached up and ran through his hair, tugging him closer.

“I’m sorry,” he replied, wincing as he moved closer. He took your hand out of his hair and gripped it securely, intertwining his fingers with yours. “But in my defence, the twins are a month early.”

Taking the oxygen out of your mouth, you frowned up at Chanyeol and squeezed his hand tight. “There isn’t a clock in my womb Chanyeol. What’s your excuse?” you said breathlessly.

“You’re right, you’re right,” Chanyeol muttered, helping you put the oxygen nozzle back into your mouth. With a couple of breaths, the tension in your face eased, as did the grip on his hand. “I think they are ready to start,” he added, noting all the staff moving closer to you, putting a thin curtain across your body so your bump disappeared.

Even behind the surgical mask, the surgeon’s smile was visible. “Are you ready to meet the twins?”

Chanyeol looked down at your tired and sweaty face and saw his excitement mirrored in your face. “We can’t really say no, can we?” he replied to the surgeon, earning him a tight squeeze from you. “Will she be in a lot of pain?” he added on a serious note, noticing how hard you were using the oxygen.

“We’ve given her an epidural which will probably be coming into effect now,” the surgeon replied, still smiling behind his mask. He turned his attention to you and softened his eyes. “You’ll feel pressure but it’s unlikely you’ll feel pain. I need you to let me know if you do.”

“Thank you doctor,” Chanyeol said with a bow, leaning down to press his forehead to yours. While the surgeon finished the last minute preparations, Chanyeol took the last moments he would truly be alone with you and savoured them.

You took the oxygen out of your mouth and looked up at him with teary eyes. “This is it,” you murmured, your voice dry and hoarse. “We’re going to be parents soon. To twins too.” A couple of tears leaked out of the corners of your eyes but you were quick to brush them away.

Chanyeol felt a lump get lodged in his throat. “I love you so much baby,” he managed to say, although his voice was thick with emotion. He had always wanted a family and it was because of you that he was about to become a father. More than anything else, he felt proud that he was going to do it with you. “You’re going to be an amazing mother. I know you are.”

“You’ll be the best dad too,” you told him softly, smiling at him. “Even if you are sometimes a little bit late.”

Letting out a little laugh, Chanyeol brushed your hair back and played with the little baby hairs that had curled up around your temples. “You’re never going to let me forget it, are you?” he asked, already knowing the answer.

“We’re ready,” the surgeon announced to the pair of you, not letting you finish your retort.

Chanyeol was focused on you throughout the entire procedure, telling you how brave you were and reassuring you. His eyes never left yours, as he let you squeeze his hand a little bit too hard. They only left when the surgeon announced the birth of your first child.

You couldn’t see anything, but judging by the way Chanyeol’s face lit up in pure amazement and wonder, you knew it must have been pretty spectacular. “It’s a boy,” the surgeon announced, as the operating room was filled the cries of a baby … your baby. “With a fully functioning pair of lungs too.”

“They’re singers’ lungs,” you said tiredly, squeezing Chanyeol’s hand. “Just like his father.”

Chanyeol pulled his eyes away to share a wide grin with you before he turned back to his son, watching him as they carried him over to the side to be weighed and cleaned up. “It’s amazing baby,” he murmured, a little tear falling down Chanyeol’s cheek. “That’s our son! We made him!”

“Yes Chanyeol, I remember the ‘how’ pretty well,” you joked quietly, gaining his attention. He leaned down and pulled his mask down to steal a little kiss from your lips. “Can I see him?” you asked pleadingly, wanting to see your son with your own eyes. He was still crying in the corner and the sound was killing you slowly.

“The nurses are just checking him,” Chanyeol explained, just as the surgeon announced the near arrival of your second child. Instantly Chanyeol looked up, peering over the curtain to watch as they pulled the second baby out. “Another boy!” he exclaimed, his gaze flickering between you and the baby. “It’s another little boy.”

Echoing around the room, the screams of your two little boys were loud and proud, ringing in your ears. You urgently tapped on Chanyeol’s hand, trying to get his attention. “Can I see them? I want to see my sons!” Lying helplessly on an operating table, not being about to see your babies, only hear their screams … it was torture. After carrying them inside you for eight months, all you wanted to do was hold them in your arms or at least see them with your eyes.

“Don’t cry honey,” Chanyeol said softly, bending down to wipe the tears away as they trickled down into your hair. “You’re been amazing,” he told you with his smile peeking up over the mask. “Just stay still while they put you back together. I’ll bring the boys over.”

“Thank you,” you murmured in a rough voice thick with emotion.

Chanyeol disappeared from your line of sight, leaving you to stare up at the bright lights and the tiles on the ceiling of the operating room. But while your eyes told you nothing, your ears were extra alert, trying to listen to everything that was going on. The babies were still crying, but it was softening slowly. “They are big boys honey. No wonder you were so big!” Chanyeol exclaimed brightly, making you wish you could just sit up and see them yourself.

Then he came back into your field of vision with a baby in his arms, your son wrapped up a soft white blanket and hidden between the folds of it. “My baby boy,” you whispered, reaching out with your tired arm. All you wanted was to have your sons in your arms.

Sitting down on a nearby stool, Chanyeol lowered the baby to your level so you could peer between the blankets and lay your eyes on your son for the first time. “He’s so beautiful,” you whispered, finding his little face and stroking it softly with the gentlest touch. “Was he number one or number two?” you asked, looking up at Chanyeol.

“Number one,” he replied, looking over his shoulder at a nurse who was coming over with another bundle of blankets. “Here comes number two now,” he added, lifting your son and placing him gently on your chest so you could look down on him while Chanyeol took your second son from the nurse.

The pair of you couldn’t keep your eyes off them. In your head, you kept worrying that you hadn’t looked at one of them for as long as the other, and then you would swap until you started worrying you had neglected the other and then you’d go back. “We’re going to have our hands full with these two,” you said wistfully, as you ran your finger over your first-born plump bottom lip.

“I’m sure Junmyeon-hyung has got lots of tips. He handled all of us for so many years,” Chanyeol joked, the mask pulled down under his chin so you could see the smile on his face as he looked down at him son. “They are all outside waiting, plus your friends.”

You laughed softly to yourself and leaned your head closer to Chanyeol. “I guess we won’t be short of babysitters,” you murmured, closing your eyes and smiling up at him. His lips brushed against yours, making your eyes fly open in reaction, kissing him back.

“Thank you for bringing our babies into the world,” he whispered softly, reaffirming his statement with another kiss.

Taking one hand off your son, you reached up and cradled Chanyeol’s cheek. There was something different about him, like he was more mature now he was a father. It made your heart swell with pride at the sight of him holding your child. He looked so handsome too. “Thank you for getting here in time.”

Chanyeol rolled his eyes and looked down at your son with wide eyes. “She’s never going to let me forget this, son!” he said with mock-frustration. “You two will be turning 18 and your mother will still be talking about how I almost missed your birth.”

“Maybe one day he’ll learn and be on time,” you retorted, your gaze back on the son lying on your chest, watching him soundly sleep like a little angel. Sighing softly, you cuddled your little bundle of joy while Chanyeol held the other – a perfect little family.

It was going to be hard, but it was the start of a new journey. And you knew even if he was late, Chanyeol would always be by your side.



The children are getting better at making “lean-to” shelters. We picked a south facing slope, on a flat spot, on a hill that overlooks the forest and river below. On this project we help the children construct this “lean-to” a little differently. Instead of covering the shelter with leaves, we compressed the leaves in between all of the leaning sticks… Stuffing the leaves in by the handfuls, like insulation between studs in conventional home construction. In the end it’s an emergency shelter that will keep you warm and dry. It’s made in about half an hour with materials found on the ground all around you. If you’ve never tried to make a “Lean-to” shelter, we recommend it. It’s simple, fun, and almost therapeutic.