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2PM Hogwarts Houses

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Jun.K – Gryffindor – Minjun makes bold statements with his music as he tries to leave his mark in the industry. He prefers to cut a path rather than follow others. Though a gentleman to all, he’s especially courteous toward women. While normally pretty genial his demeanor can turn sour if he feels slighted or disrespected, though it doesn’t take much to smooth his ruffled feathers.    

Nichkhun – Gryffindor – He’s athletic, outgoing, and usually up for any challenge. In fact he loves them. While Taec is the shield of the group, Khun is the sword. Often he will be the first to step out and test the waters of a situation. He is always very polite and considerate of those around him, though he does have a temper and can be impetuous at times.

Taecyeon – Slytherin – Certainly intelligent enough for Ravenclaw, it’s his savvy nature that lands him in Slytherin. Taec is eternally mindful of how situations impact himself or the group, for better or worse. He’ll take the necessary time to weigh the possible outcomes before acting. Though he wouldn’t resort to underhanded measures, he knows it takes more than luck and a strong heart to get ahead.

Wooyoung – Hufflepuff – Though smart and wily, he’s not as inherently competitive as a Slytherin or Gryffindor. He seems content with the level of success they’ve achieved and simply wants to enjoy it as a group. Wooyoung’s deep loyalty speaks of the familial bonds he’s created in his heart. He often takes into consideration the other members’ preferences whenever possible and tries to keep the peace.   

Junho – Slytherin – While most people in the entertainment industry are ambitious, Junho is especially so. He has a strong drive to be successful not only as 2PM but to be noticed for his individual talents as well. One only has to watch him on variety shows to see how cunning he can be when put into competition with others. He thinks outside the box and is not above playful sabotage to come out on top.

Chansung – Ravenclaw – While Taec uses his brains as a means to propel his life forward, Chansung is geared more toward intellectual pursuits for the sake of understanding the world around him and becoming a better man. And while those thoughts continually swirl in his head he’s learned not to articulate them because people don’t always understand his curious leaps in logic, which he finds frustrating. 

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marco for the character meme!!

Thank you friend! Always happy to oblige with a Marco meme.

Meme:   Pick a character I’ve written and I will explain the top ~three to five ideas/concepts/etc I keep in mind while writing that character that I believe are essential to accurately depicting them.

1. This kid has nerves of steel. Marco faints easily (canon), he gets taken aback, and honestly I don’t know if he’s such a bad ass so much as determined. But that part when they’re lowered down into Titan Hell in the armory I can’t handle it. He’s got his hands on that shotgun and he’s not afraid,  he’s focused. He also doesn’t cave once to anxiety. He may feel fear, but he always rally!rebukes his fellow cadets into action, watches to totally take in the dynamic of what’s going on as he questions, and sees the potential in others.

2. He died way too soon. Yeah fuck you I’ll fight you in the pit about Marco’s significance in this plot. I always write about Jean’s nostalgia for Marco’s truth and ideals because I think he’s still relevant and a symbol of what could have been or is/was lost in many, many ways.

3. He has a big family. I know, it’s a fanon thing to some extent, but I have super specific head canons about who his family are, what they believe, where they are, and what he’s all about. Ugh I’m getting emotional.

4. He will call your ass out. Yes Jean, this is me vague posting at you. :D But seriously, I love the fact that Marco reprimands Jean several times. Tbf, a lot of his head canon has been inspired by @tiggeryumyumm‘s fic The Rise and Fall of a Daily Victory which is one of my favorites of ALL TIME IN SNK EVER, but the part where Jean says some Shit Marco doesn’t like and he’s just like BYE GIRL and Jean… I will never forget this line as long as I live… being tugged along like a toy on a string. ;_;

5. He will be you friend if you’re not a fuckass. In every AU, in every fic, Marco is a fuckin cinnamon bun regardless of what’s thrown at him. He’s good-natured but not naive, savvy but not cynical, clear headed and sincere and damn although I don’t want my cinnamon bun seein’ the horrors of the SNK world I think he’d handle them just fine. 

Cause he’s Marco, bitch.

Imagine chiyo and nozaki ending up growing apart, going to different colleges abd whatnot
Chiyo ends up becoming an editor for a manga magazine, working as a painter on the side
And for her first client, she gets assigned to Yumeno. She thinks its just a coincidence at first, bc shes only given thr first name, and she assumed that nozaki stopped making manga
And so she goes to meet yumeno
and so now she is nozakis editor and due to her natural charisma and business savvy (as well as knowing exactly what girls think) his new manga become really really popular. So much that it gets an anime adaptation. For which seo is singing the opening. It also gets a video game. That mikorin is developing. Furthermore it gets a live action adaptation. That hori is directing and kashima is starring in. Wakamatsu just kinda does whatever idk??
And so everybody is working together again and while looking at the concept of a new manga that nozaki has been thinking about, she realizes that its basically about all of them when they were in high school. She starts reminiscing and gets kinda depressed that she never told nozaki how she felt. She still retains those feelings but because they had grown apart she never told him. She starts crying and nozaki is like crap sakura whats wrong did I do something crap oh no
And out of the blue because it was on her mind she just blurts out that shes in love with him
And hes like “WHAT REALLY”
or something idk??? Just…. fun stuff

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Do you have any headcanons about Tucker's parents? There's a serious lack of anything about them in the phandom

(wow, there’s even less info on them than I remembered. Their wiki page is literally: “Angela and Maurice Foley are Tucker’s parents. They do not appear very often.“ (gee, thanks) so yeah, I’ve never really thought about it before, but once I started, the ideas kept coming, so…)

  • Tucker’s parents are really supportive of Tucker in everything he does and likes. They are a model family and have the best parent-child relationship out of anyone in the Trio.

  • Angela sneaks shredded vegetables into tacos, chili, and hamburger patties. Tucker has no clue, but is a little bit healthier than he suspects he is. And he has no idea that the reason not even the Nasty Burger’s mighty meaty melts are as good as the ones his mom makes are because they are missing the “special ingredient”

  • There is always music playing at the Foley’s house (anything from records, to cassettes, to cds, to ipods- they have players from every era), but none of them are able to carry a note to save their lives. It doesn’t stop them from singing really horrible three part harmonies as they do the dishes.

  • Maurice isn’t a naturally tech-savvy person, but he gets Tucker to show him how the basics work every time he gets a new device or his work wants him to use new software.

  • The Foleys are one of the few families in Amity Park that honestly like the Fentons. They used to go out to dinner together as families when all of the kids were younger, but as everyone got busier when they grew up, that sort of stopped, even though they’re still on really good terms and have no problem with their sons sleeping over with zero warning.

  • Angela takes great pride in how neat and trim their yard looks. She’s got a bit of a green thumb and enjoys working outside on the weekends. Tucker spent the early days of the show using the lane beside the fence for target practice when he was first getting used to his Fenton tech and Angela was horrified to find mysterious burn marks and gouges hidden behind her hedges.

  • Maurice is a nerd and Angela is good at sewing. Together, they prepared Tucker for his life as the ultimate cosplayer. They also encouraged him to imagine his own fanfictions growing up, before any of them even knew that fanfiction was a thing.

  • Tucker’s dad is a sentimental packrat and keeps everything. He likes spending the weekends around everyone’s birthday watching old home movies and going through picture albums. Birthdays are also a Big Deal for them.

  • They trust Tucker a little more than they should, given his penchant for getting into mischief, but they also know he’s a good kid and hangs out with a good crowd. They don’t question his dropping grades unless Lancer contacts them because it’s gotten serious. And they believe that teenage boys deserve their space and the ability to spend nights out having fun, so long as the chores and homework are done.

  • Tucker continually asks his dad for advice about girls. But his parents were high school sweethearts who’d kind of always known that they were right for each other, so he’s not sure what to tell his son who can’t seem to land a single date.

  • Angela aggressively ships Tucker with whoever he’s got a crush on at the moment. He appreciates the support (and cookies when things don’t work out, so, like, every other week) but not so much the overt hints as he walks out the door to school every morning on the week before a school dance.

  • Angela’s a surrogate mother figure to both Sam and Danny. Whenever Danny comes over, she makes his favorite meals and sends Tucker with extra food to school when it looks like Danny’s stressed and underweight. They have a guest room permanently set up for Danny and welcome him with open arms and no judgement whenever he stops by for a bit.

  • Sam talks to Angela about gardening whenever she stops by the house, and really likes having a nice relationship with a woman that she wished her own mom could be more like.

  • There are lots of cousins on both sides (Tucker’s pretty much the only only child in the entire Foley clan), but they live scattered across the country so they don’t have a chance to see them regularly.

The Foleys, man.

The Signs Solving Crimes: Strengths and Weaknesses

Aries: Able to work through a case fearlessly, with just the right levels of enthusiasm / Tendency to get bored of case halfway through, becoming slack and inattentive.

Taurus: Patient, able to gather and work through evidence methodically and logically, and are incredibly reliable / Headstrong nature means they may try to make evidence suit their conclusion rather than the other way around.

Gemini: Tech-savvy nature and love of gadgets means they are good at hacking and are also able to communicate well between different police departments / They might like gathering information and hacking more than actually solving crime and bringing people to justice.

Cancer: Excellent at reminding members of the team of the emotional side of each case, and will tend well to the families of both criminals and victims / May get too emotionally and personally involved with the people they meet in the case.

Leo: Incredibly gifted in using their charms and quick-wit to get information out of people and witnesses / May let ambitions of glory or power within or above their department cloud their judgements.

Virgo: Logical and realistic, with one of the most rational minds out there. No stone will be left unturned by this sign / Tendency to get lost in statistics and data, and may be overly critical of other people’s methods.

Libra: Exceptional negotiation skills and diplomatic mind-set, good in interviews and able to bridge the distance in a healthy way between the police and either perpetrators, or victims, or both / Indecision means they may often rely on their colleagues to make tough decisions and move forward in the case.

Scorpio: Hawk-eyed body-language readers that can determine the motives, thoughts, honesty and emotions of any criminal, with a love of the psychological aspect of their work / They may internalise the misery and horror around them, eventually believing themselves to be monstrous and damaged.

Sagittarius: Loves working with people, loves justice, loves truth, and is able to see the good in all people. Generally has all the correct motives for becoming a detective / Tendency towards being flighty and constantly moving means they may miss out on a lot of details.

Capricorn: Dedicated to their profession, they are honest and resourceful. Practicality-minded they are always able to organise everything known about the case and explain things clearly / Melancholy, cynical, and jaded, they may be biased about cases, presume to be always correct, and bring the mood of the investigation down.

Aquarius: Ever the maverick, these people are always able to add new ways of thinking to investigative methodology, and are able to conceive of every possible story behind a crime that has been committed / Aloof, they may find it claustrophobic to investigate with a team, and try too often to solve crimes on their own.

Pisces: The intuitive detective who is always able to detect when something ‘isn’t right’ and will therefore not be settled that a case is solved unless their intuition tells them so. Also possessed of a level of compassion and empathy that are admirable / Pisces may be too willing to see the good in everyone they meet, and possibly duped out of valuable information by perpetrators.

Pokemon Regions
  • Kanto: One of the more urbanised regions, modern and technological-focused.
  • Johto: Kanto's more cultural-centric twin, relaxed and laid back.
  • Hoenn: The adventurous and nature-savvy region, known for its warmth and space research.
  • Sinnoh: The northern region with a colder climate. A large mythical lore and home to one of the toughest Leagues...ever.
  • Unova: One of the largest and most diverse region faraway. Bustling but very sophisticated.
  • Kalos: Another faraway region known as one of the world's cultural, fashion and food capitals.
  • Alola: Paradise

Here he is, the master of scumbags himself! 

29 is a rather short and fast-talking android who travels from one of the mega-cities along with 12 and 33 to take the oil from 56. He’s charismatic and slick, with the knowledge and savvy nature of a lawyer, but the slimey and underhanded personality of a used-car salesman. Under his “professional” veneer he has quite the temper.

He can be quite sadistic and deadly if you make him angry, so don’t talk about his height…

True Life: I'm addicted to astrology

This is what I think about every sign when I’m happy:

Aries Way to take charge. You go!

Taurus Everything you own is so luxurious and tasteful. 

Gemini You’re very funny and quick witted. Have you considered a career in acting?

Cancer Omg, it’s really touching that you care so much about everyone’s well-being <3

Leo FINALLY some damn honesty. More people should be like you. 

Virgo Every detail is ON POINT. #perfect

Libra You’ve said hello to 48 people at this bar. Why are you so popular and charming?!

Scorpio You’re sexy and a little dark…I’m into it. 

Sagittarius You are all about solutions–not problems. The positivity is magnetic!

Capricorn You’re right, we should ALWAYS strive for the best. That’s an attitude for success.   

Aquarius How are you naturally so tech savvy? #notfair

Pisces Let’s philosophize about the world/mankind/society/everything again sometime. Asap!

This is how I feel about every sign when I’m pissed off:

Aries You’re being way too pushy and persistent. Chill.

Taurus All you do is sleep and eat.

Gemini You’re making me very anxious. Cut the drama.

Cancer I think you might be psychotic. 

Leo Stop talking about yourself.

Virgo Holy sh*t, loosen up and live a little. 

Libra You have a girlfriend, so stop groping me. 

Scorpio You’re sneakily being manipulative again.

Sagittarius Grow up. 

Capricorn The ultimate Debbie Downer.

Aquarius is there anything else to you? I can’t tell. #detached

Pisces You’re secretly angry about something that happened 5 years ago and it’s making everything difficult. 

i was thinking about it the other day; why do people care that being “outdoorsy” is becoming the “hip” thing to do? if something gets people outdoors more, makes them care about the environment more, and helps people be healthy, then who gives a shit if they’re doing it only because “it’s the cool thing on tumblr”? maybe they’ll take a camping trip and fall in love with the wonder of nature and move out of the city and start a farm. maybe they’ll use their new love for the outdoors to start a bill that eventually turns into a law that helps better protect the outdoors. just because you have “loved being outside since you were a kid and spent all your free time in the wild”, doesn’t make you any more “nature savvy” or “cooler” than the people who didn’t. complaining about other people taking an interest in nature makes you an asshole and makes you part of the problem. let’s encourage each other to follow their passions. new, and old.

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????? Are they all signed separately to Capitol records???? What's this about a meeting with Capitol in November??? My dash is a mess and I dont know what's happening!!! I know Liam is signed to Capitol and now there's hella rumors about Niall being signed with Capitol also but I thought Harry signed to Sony? And I've heard nothing about Louis? helP ME

This is how the media juggernaut works. Hell, really the ONLY one who has anything at all confirmed is Liam with Capitol. Sure, the writing is on the wall for Niall now, and we know damn well Harry’s out with his movie, but absolutely nothing has been confirmed for anyone from OT4 /except/ for Liam. If you want my predictions, though, here we go:

The ones who want solo deals sign solo deals with UMG affiliates. I said last year sometime in quite a lengthy post that my opinion was their best label choice under the UMG umbrella would be Capitol because of the vision and implementation Barnett has for the label, as well as the people he’s brought on and the direction he’s taken the label since becoming CEO. (He basically revived a dying label). Also, big ups to Sheena for helping me understand why UMG was their best choice if/when a bidding war happened. (And Clare for basically dragging me to Sheena, sitting me down, and explaining.)

So also, I’ve waffled back and forth, but there was really always a gut feeling that it’d be Liam and Niall in with the solo deals. Liam was always a lock to me, he’s the most widely appealing in a mass pop market, has looks like JT, and can sing the shit out of anything you put in front of him. His talents across a varied level of platforms is appealing to any label. Niall has the largest and most devoted fan following overall, (it’s hard for me to remember sometimes since of course I focus on H and L, but it’s true, he does), and I’m sure market tests would show that, in which case he’s got a good case for a solo deal if he wants one. 

I maintain that Harry has never and probably will never want a solo recording deal. If he does and I’m wrong, cool, but I don’t think I am. A solo deal is sensitive territory for him and I think musically his preferences still lie with the band, I think acting is his way of branching out and trying new things. As for Louis, I’ve never seen solo ambitions for him, either. I think he takes a lot of pride (as well he should) in his natural leadership and business savvy/smarts. You can build a hugely lucrative career off of that, especially if the old-timers in A&R and management think you’ve got a natural inclination toward it and are willing to mentor you, which is exactly what’s happened with Louis.

My prediction for the band is that they’re setting up their own label distributed by/imprint of UMG and their own management company, steered by Jeff Azoff, in order to self-produce and self-manage. I think both Full Stop and O’Hana are foils for this.