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always-a-hurricane2: question, what happens if a Ne-dom becomes cynical? How does that manifest in such an innovative personality type?

rose-merida: I think they would cease to think reality can ever seem slightly similar to what they imagined. I think they’d be disappointed and frustrated reality isn’t as good as their expectations for it and maybe think it’s not worth it to try to improve it.

Rose is correct (especially in the “why do anything? nothing will help!” department) but it goes beyond that into a corruption of Extroverted Intuition (Ne), often influenced by lousy inferior Introverted Sensing (Si).

Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones after the Shae incident is a prime example of a cynical Ne-dom during a “life sucks” period – his natural free-thinking, idealistic, and intuitively optimistic nature corrupts into the belief that if the past was crap, the future will inevitably be crappy too. He does nothing but whine, drink, philosophize endlessly on a question that preoccupies his mind (”where do whores go?”) and shoot down every positive idea everyone throws at him, because he’s so disconnected from his Ne in any kind of positive way, he fails to see idealistic possibilities in favor of depressive ones.

It’s only when a positive-thinking ENFJ convinces him Dany and her dragons can be a great possibility for the future that Tyrion ceases wallowing in his despair, anticipating that everything will go wrong that can go wrong, and finds his way back to his original ability to think positively toward the future.

I personally have gone through extremely cynical periods, less based in my own negative experiences (aside from the old mantra of: you’re an epic failure with your relationships, why even bother trying to establish new ones? You’ll just fail again by making all the same stupid mistakes!) and more due to my extensive knowledge of history. If you are disheartened, because you’ve been studying the cesspool that is humanity, it’s super hard to be optimistic about the future for human-kind and human nature when you can look back at the endless awful things people have done to one another, and continue to do to one another today; my preferred belief is that humanity is moving forward, becoming less barbaric as generations pass, shedding outdated hateful ideas and striving as a general society toward a higher state of being (as evidenced by the fact that SLOWLY, humans have started caring about animals, thinking about what’s good for the planet, believing rape victims shouldn’t be blamed, finding gender equality, ceasing persecution of others who are different, ending slavery, etc, etc) – so whenever I become a cynic with no hope for humanity and say things like, “If God exists, why doesn’t he just eradicate us all, since we don’t deserve to live?” my friends generally know something is wrong and… well, panic.

Even if I believe what I’m saying and know it’s cynicism or depression talking, it feels as if I’m totally disconnected from my true self – in the midst of it, it doesn’t feel real to me and if it goes on too long, I can wake up a day or two later feeling awful about my statements because I pride myself on being an optimistic person, and falling into severe pessimism feels like a betrayal of self.

The natural “highs” of Ne can become EXTREME lows. Think of a reversal in the idealistic, unrealistic optimism of Ne and take it as far as you can in the opposite direction – that same function used to melodramatic lengths to stress importance, success, ambition, and big ideas, can turn around and create the most devastating worst-case scenario imaginable. Depressed, cynical, or pessimistic Ne-dom don’t just say the end is near, they bring it with DOOM and FIRE. I’m not just gonna fail, it’s going to be on an epic scale!

- ENFP Mod

shinobu is quite literally a “Dress to Kill” type of person, in that going out to murder people is her night on the town and she wants to look Good and Hot because it makes her feel like a natural woman free as hell


I rode my bike to the forest last week and I got lost for a while! It was amazing :’) also this is last week’s spread! (I’m actually spending most of the time doing nothing but watching movies haha)