naturally curly hair

Hello my friends! I decided to put together a masterpost filled with links to information and how-to’s for us girls (and guys!) with curly hair. I didn’t see one currently out there, and I figured it would be a fantastic addition to my blog, and really helpful for anyone who is starting out on their own journey of loving and taking care of their natural hair. If there’s anything that I need to add, please let me know! 


The Science of Curly Hair
Texture Typing
Find Your Curl Type (Quiz)
Surfactants, Sulfates, and You
Which Sulfates are Safe?
All About Alcohols
The Curly Girl Method
The No Poo Method
Curly Girl Dictionary
Deva Cut Info
Ouidad Cut Info
Curly Salon Finder
Curly Hair Commandments 
Curly Cocktails: A Beginner’s Guide 
Frizz Forecast 
Second Day Hair Tips 
Big Chop Survival Guide 
Transitioning Tips


How to Plop Your Hair
How to Pineapple Your Hair
How to Do The Curly Girl Method
How to Rake and Shake
How to Use a Diffuser
How to Use a Bonnet Dryer 
How to Do Bantu Knots 
How to Get a Perfect Twist Out 
Quick Fixes for Second-Day Hair 
How to Get A Perfect Wash and Go


Clarifying Recipes
Coconut Deep Conditioning Recipe
Sweet Avocado Deep Conditioning Recipe
Honey Deep Conditioning Recipe
Hot Oil Treatment
Flax Seed Homemade Hair Gel Recipe
Leave-In Conditioner Recipe
Protein Pre-Poo Recipe


Easy Up-Do 
Quick Summer Hairstyles 
Hairstyles for Short/Medium Hair 
Cute Wedding Hairstyle 
French Braided Up-Do 
Messy Bun 
Back to School Hairstyles