so yesterday I attempted to model a bit.. initially I was annoyed and upset cause I hated all of the pictures. After taking time to be confident within myself and understand that I am an amateur and so was my photographer (my lil brother lmao), I was actually able to see the potential in some of the pics. So I’m posting these in a sensitive but open minded place. Don’t be too hard on me 🙄😩 IG & SC | yecadecali


i’m looking back at pictures of me from 2010 and i’m kicking myself because i’ve fucked up my curl pattern due to years of heat and dye/bleach abuse and i want my curls back ???? if anyone has any tips on how i can regain my natural curls please hmu bc i miss em wicked bad 

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People on ig praising Afros but then see them in person and give a side eye. Like come on 😒