The life of a Fanfic author

As displayed by Leslie Knope:

The thought process behind a new chapter often happens during day-to-day life, when you’re no where near your iPad or computer to jot your ideas down:

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You finally find a scrap of paper and write the ideas down IN CODE so nobody knows that you secretly write fanfiction in your free time:

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You finally have the chapter set in your head, and get excited to be home and ready to type it all out:

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You get writers block about two hours in. You stare at your clock. You probably should be going to bed right about now. But you owe it to the followers of your fic to keep going. So you look back on all the reviews of your fic so far to fuel your passion once again:

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Another two hours go by. Your next chapter absolutely isn’t ready yet. You realise the sun’s gone down and you should probably close your blinds. But you’ve finally got on a roll:

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So what if it’s now 4am and you’ve almost finished typing it? Your fic-followers will be so pleased when they get notified of your update!:

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There! Finally all typed! You’ve only got two hours until you need to be up and out of the house to start your day but there’s no way you’re not uploading it to before you go to sleep:

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You forget how long that takes…:

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Like, it takes AGES to run through the fonts and styles of the letters. And time keeps ticking away:

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You finally finish uploading the flipping thing, and crash into bed hoping beyond all hope that someone out there will read it and review/comment on it quickly:

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When you wake up an hour later to get ready for your day you decide to re-read the chapter, just to make sure it makes sense. Then on the re-read you spot a spelling or grammatical error…

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But despite all that someone has left a review/comment and it fills you with hope and fire and drive to upload the next chapter asap:

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And so you start the cycle all over again:

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(This is essentially a long shout-out to my followers! Thanks for sticking by me)

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Padmé, Princess of Themyscira, Daughter of Hippolyta Naberrie, trains and studies with Captain Artemis Panaka and her Amazonian handmaidens. [insp]

I can’t wait for the moment  that Clark tries to tease Bruce about Selina and says something about them being nauseatingly in love or something like that (in good humor)…And Bruce full on BatGlares™ at Clark and is like, “I’ve spent the last X years dealing with you and Lois mooning over each other. You’ll survive.”