naturalist kei


I’ve been experimenting with my style a bit. I ran out of more loose fitting clothes to work with and I need to dye some things to better match my wardrobe, so this is what I put together for today. I was going for a more Dark Mori/Naturalist Kei/Strega look. 

Outfit Rundown
Hair: Some faux flowers and berries I had left over from a flower crown wedding commission and a feather I had. I have more reddish hair, but it’s a dark brownish red. All natural. 
Cloak: Hand made by a friend. I gave her a vague description of what I wanted and payed her for it. Her name is Budgie Gallion and she does amazing work if anyone wants to commission her. 
Necklace: Hand made by me. Camel teeth, wooden beads, and a random pendant I had. I also have a small Olkette that’s difficult to see. That was created by a man I met at the Big Bear Renaissance festival and holds a wonderful smelling oil called Morgan LaFey. 
Dress: Cheap buy from Marshall’s
Shorts: Modified vintage. They were awkward length pants when I purchased them, so I turned them into bloomeresque shorts. 
Tights: Target
Socks: Mismatched. Charlotte Russe and Sock Dreams
Shoes: Well loved Doc Marten’s
Bag: Hand made elk skin bag from Dave’s Leather Company. 

This is my first OOTD here on tumblr! I hope everyone likes my fashion. :)


Believe it or not, this is Naturalist Kei.

Being a Naturalist has as much to do with curiosity about what has traditionally been perceived as our Natural World, as with the realization that anything knowable, anything in our universe is of Nature — is Nature!

“Whatever nature allows for is natural,” said Bucky Fuller. Therefore, the Naturalist also seeks to expand upon what is. To explore, extend, introspect, question, re-think, re-imagine, re-build, re-arrange, invent, and so on.

The above are, in order: Stelarc, Hyungkoo Lee, and Orlan.

Upper limb prostheses, 1959

Made for a 17 year-old boy in 1959, this upper limb set consists of hinged metal upper arms and forearms with fully automatic rotating and locking elbows. This allows a range of movements. These are attached to blocked leather shoulder caps joined back and front by straps and buckles. The left hand has rigid fingers. The right hand has three wooden articulated fingers and a rigid index finger. This indicates the boy was right-handed. Arm movement is controlled by cables crossing the back of the body and fixed to the waist belt. A forward thrust of the appropriate shoulder locks the elbows. An upward thrust flexes the arm.