I found some.

Monotropa uniflora, often known as “Ghost Flower” or “Indian Pipe”, a flowering plant which behaves like a mushroom. It lives only in shadowy forest under-stories, taking it’s nutrients parasitically from the mycelium of mushrooms which are in turn feeding off of trees; it therefore requires a very specific set of circumstances to grow, and is often associated with Beech trees.

Because of it’s parasitic nature, it has no need to photosynthesize, and lacks any chlorophyll at all, giving it this ghostly, colorless look.

1. Lapras
2. Weedle
3. Magmar
4. Psyduck
5. Magikarp
6. Oddish
7. Sandshrew
8. Squirtle
9. Paras
10. Charmander
11. Onix
12. Togepi
13. Machop
14. Jynx
15. Seel
16. Doduo
17. Poliwag
18. Electrobuzz
19. Vulpix
20. Jigglypuff
21. Hitmonlee
22. Bulbasaur

Think of all the different omelets you could make!

Part of a recently Kickstarted anatomy artbook- PokéNatomy
Shipping late Spring 2017, available while supplies last.

Some things I’ve been wanting to capture for a while. Mostly the cicada that my sister Crystal sent me a while back for my birthday. I had been asking for nothing more than a discarded shell. She went out to garden or clean the porch one day and found this guy completely in tact. I was beside myself when I opened up that tiny jewelry box to find him. The tiny Bast figure she found at Faire for me, too. Then there is that beautiful deck from The Wild Unknown that I’ve been drooling over for many years that I picked up in California. Andrew saw me swooning over it snuck it all the way through Barnes and Noble without me seeing and got it. My selenite stack, my tigers eye, the Horse hair my mother clipped from our old Mares mane for me and the Rose Quartz pendulum she bought me on her last trip to Colorado. I love everything about this picture.

Picture is mine. Please credit back to Pagans-Dream if used elsewhere.