Things You May Not Know About Dr. Sebi

1) He was found not guilty in the Supreme Court case where he was accused of “fake healing”. He brought in many of his patients & documents that proved they had the various diseases (HIV/AIDS, diabetes, cancer, blindness, lupus, sickle cell, herpes etc.) and was eventually cured. 

2) He was a member of the Nation of Islam: in fact it was the Honorable Elijah Muhammad who first told him to quit eating all meat including lamb and to stop drinking milk. 

3) He is known for helping Lisa “Lefteye” Lopes, she spoke of how his herbs and meditation and a raw diet can work miracles. He also, was a big help to Michael Jackson - cleaned all of his cells and treated him for his pharmaceutical drug and sleeping troubles.

4) His products are not permitted to be shipped in Africa.

5) He received no support from Black “leaders” and entertainers in America such as Jesse Jackson, Oprah, Al Sharpton etc. He stated, “they are not interested in any healing of Black people. That is not an explosive statement, that is a reality. There isn’t a Black leader in America that is interested in helping the Black race.”

6) He planned to travel throughout Africa and cure Africans of HIV/AIDS, but was banned from traveling to several countries in Africa. In particular, Nelson Mandela was pressured by the S.A government to ban Dr. Sebi. He was also, banned from Zimbabwe. He stated, “the African people are totally unaware that what they are eating is undermining their entire struggle and existence.” He was also, banned from the Dominican Republic after curing several people of blindness and diabetes. 


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