If you get sore muscles after a hard workout, try eating two grams (about two teaspoons) of raw ginger. Ginger has antioxidants called gingerols, which can have inflammation-reducing properties similar to those of ibuprofen. Raw ginger is also a natural cure to nausea and motion sickness.

When suffering from the stomach flu, use the BRAT diet.

The BRAT diet contains foods that will soak up that extra stomach acid that is causing you pain. B-ananas, R-ice, A-pplesauce, and T-oast are a great way to get rid of your stomach flu.

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im very hairy and when i either shave, use lotion or wax the hair is gone but the whole area is dark and has dark hair and spots. please help

These are caused by ingrown hairs, I believe. Try the apricot scrub by St. Yves and leave it on for 10 minutes and see if you notice a difference. Also, make sure you keep your skin exfoliated. Use an exfoliating scrub once a week. I hope this helps!

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I have rough dark spots on my ankles and I'm very self conscious about them. How can I make the skin go back to the color of the rest of my foot? :/

Hm, I’m not exactly sure what you mean by rough dark spots so I don’t think I know how to help you. Sorry. Can you describe it a little more, maybe?