Good morning all! ✨Today, following our oatmeal clue, our @naturalboxcom team would like to present to you the breakfast by @hazelnutbliss ✨ It was an oatmeal cooked in almond milk and chestnut purée, topped with raspberries, baby kiwis and fresh figs.💖 #Naturalbox likes it a lot! 😋 Follow @hazelnutbliss for more healthy food inspiration.

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Squats are like the little black dress of your workout—they’re the perfect staple and they make your body look pretty amazing. 🌟 @womenshealthmag But just like your wardrobe, your fitness routine could use some variety. During my morning power walk I did 4 x 20 reps a Basic Body-Weight #SQUAT. There are 6 other squat variations I know and I think I will show you them some other day. 💞 #NATURALBOX #naturalboxcom #shesquats #fitgirls #naturalboxWorkout (at 🍃Naturalbox workout 🍃)


Nu går vi alla eko! 💚👏 #naturalboxchallenge “Go Healthy, Organic & Happy!” #naturalbox #ecoliving #eko (på/i

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