But I also know for a fact that the knots and kinks that make us who we are and divide us into personalities, separating us into this’s and that’s that merely get used to describe the vast condition of human existence can be smoothed out…
And that is the state for which I am striving… I want to move freely among people and not create waves unnecessarily but rather be harmoniously unified with those around me, the earth, and this universe I dwell in… ❣

IG:. @voodoufairy

“Dismiss whatever insults your soul, and your very flesh shall be a great poem and have the richest fluency not only in its words but in the silent lines of its lips and face and between the lashes of your eyes and in every motion and joint of your body…” ~Walt Whitman Ig:. @voodoufairy


BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL PHOTOSHOOT - Bringing together the beauty strengh and diversity of the black Women

Photographer: @herblvckrose

Creative Director : Dakota Seales @backwordspoetry

Coordinator : @Kerin.jpg

Stylist: @6lackadaima

MUA: @rosa.lee and Aruna Chugh

Jewelry Designers: @FreeMonarch @87eclecticsAccessories

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*N E W* Melanin On Fleek T Shirt!! Taking pre orders now! Email

As promised to ALL my melanin rich people, a little surprise I’ve been working on. The first piece of the Online store:

“Taking ownership of our lifestyle, vernacular, and culture”

It is time we realize our potential, apply it, and exude our power positively. We promote original and collaboration pieces that exemplify black excellence using the tools the media uses in its efforts to degrade said excellence. Using social media, we ask our customers to help our initiative to give back to the community. Via the efforts of our #GiveBlack Project, every 20th shirt purchased we will donate a shirt to the homeless. Men, women, and children lost in our system will get a shirt courtesy of its people. We ask our customers to photograph a selfie of them wearing their product with the hashtag #GiveBlack and the 20th customer will get 20% off their next purchase.

Email now! Shirts go on sale Friday April 3rd

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#MelaninOnFleek #EverettXBlake #BlackOut #MelaninMonday #BlackisBeautiful #GiveBlack #StayPositive


Beautiful mixed media patchwork skirt handmade from crochet, velvet and cotton. All the pieces are hand dyed in earthy brown tones.


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Manaka Skater Skirt .:. Handmade with love threads and pure joy ^_^

I named this one ‘Chocolate Chicken’ ^_^

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