You see, due to frustration, I gave up on following politics a loooong time ago – and I’m not even that old.

Like 5 years ago when I was 18, I was a passionate liberal with a democratic affiliation, and a fiery desire to tip the scales of justice in the favor of the dis-empowered – namely women of color. But as time went on, and more and more repressive Supreme Court Rulings were handed down from the phallic white house of cards, I completely lost my interest in playing the political game for our rights.

The government (and their back-alley romance with corporation and patriarchy) has made it clear that they DO NOT want to offer you or your lover free birth control. It’s completely in their best interests to keep you paying for it, be it financially, physically, or spiritually. And if, god forbid, you do want a way to prevent or terminate a pregnancy, it better be with the outdated methods that they’ve offered you. RIGHT? NO!

Did you know that there are natural ways to prevent pregnancy, that ARE NOT HORMONAL BIRTH CONTROL (IUD, PILLS, DEPO, PATCH ,NUVARING)?

Hormonal birth control may seem convenient, but it’s actually doing more harm to our bodies than good, believe it or not. Even short term Hormonal BC usage has been linked to significant weight gain/loss, imbalances with the thyroid, endometriosis, higher rates for Breast Cancer, heart disease, severe hair loss/thinning, worsened vision, depression, and low libido. Not to mention that its a huuuuuge money making industry for bigpharma. They make billions of dollars a year, selling monthly lab-made chemicals of who-knows-what to women. The medical industry (even some “good” doctors) offer little to no alternatives for how to prevent pregnancy, and that makes it very easy to buy into.

Think about it – our bodies suffer through daily or semi-permanent, risky, harmful BC practices to prevent the fertilization of an egg that can only be fertilized for 12-26 hours each month! There is a very small window in which the baby can actually be made.

The best way to go about not getting pregnant is ditching the pills, and becoming aware of your body’s fertility signals. Your body sends loud and clear signs about how likely you would be to get pregnant if sperm were in the mix. Knowing these can help you master your menstrual and sexual cycle, and allow your body the health and safety that Hormonal or pharmaceutical BC just can’t give.

Be sure to check out this tumblr page [x] and my website [x] frequently for more information about how to change and empower your thinking about birth control and fertility. I’m currently writing a book on how to prevent pregnancy naturally, without hormones. Also, look for the #hashtag #NATURALBIRTHCONTROL on #Twitter, #tumblr and #insta for more tips to come.


Ya Girl, October.

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