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I have a diff headcanon for Tony doing hair. Yeah, he'd *definitely* go to pay for it first - finding the best natural hair stylist possible, but in the event that he had to do it (and had time to learn) he may mess up at first. But he's use to working with even the finest and tiniest of mechanical pieces. That plus those nimble fingers and I headcanon Tony as being able to do intricate braid patterns.

I can respect that. I don’t think it would be an inability to learn, because he’s genius, but I just doubted he’d take out the time to do it you know? But now that you say that I can see him looking down at his little girl like “Alright, mom is gone, can’t reach your stylist…. let’s go to youtube then.” and learning from there.

Take me to the part of nature where we can dance wild and free 😆
#bts video for @freepeople and @fpcalifornia
Photography by @gavin.crews
Videography by @gabriel_igarashi
Stylist @darcymcelroy
Models are @mackenzie_thoma and @mariahlee
Makeup by @brittanyspyksma
Location: Joshua Tree National Park 🌵
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I made some much needed upgrades to my “home studio” (aka the desk with the little window next to it…) If you’ve ever wondered how I light foodstuffs, there you have it.. A desk and a window! Zzzz.

I’ve never played with actual backdrops before.. Always thought they might look super corny, but I got these sweet 3x3 textured backdrops and they totally don’t suck! Also finally stained the other side of my table top.

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That is a hard choice, as Gravity Falls can provide an epic piece, but Steven Universe and its background art is very stylistic. As an artist, I say Steven Universe because of the unique character design and the show's stylistic nature.

Yes, I agree; I love both shows for different reasons, which is why I wanted to create a nice piece of fanart for them! Though when I think about it, it seems more a question of not which one, but which one should I do first!

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Hey Fran! You are a radiant beauty both inside and out and I enjoy your posts. They are nourishing to my spirit! Do you or any of your followers in the Chicago area have any natural hair stylists that they would recommend?? Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Hey :)

Thank you for your kind words! The Huetiful Company (the hair steamer i’ve been raving about for years!) recently opened a beautiful natural hair salon in Chicago. I just googled it to get the right address for you:


3428 S King Dr.


Chicago, IL 60616

Phone Number:

(866) 708-7015

Hours of Operation:

9 am - 8 pm

**They also have one in Atlanta, for those interested. Hope that helps!

George Cortina: There’s tons of beautiful models but there’s something unforgettable about Gisele. When he was 17, he did his first show and he fell in love with Gisele because she was unique and had beautiful skin and and an incredible body. Women that are naturally beautiful are always more loved by everyone. He mentions Karen Elson, Kate Moss, etc. Most important models of today, Gisele & Kate. He says they are complete opposites. Gisele is more natural and energetic, Kate is more rock and roll.    Nino Muñoz: Gisele has something that shines from within, she has a lot of personality. She understands the process of photography, light, cameras, positions, angles, etc. He has worked with her for 15 years. She understands the product she’s selling. A production team works together to get the best result. He likes that Gisele is involved in the process, whether to chose to make the picture black and white or color or the crop of the photo. Gisele is sexy and that’s something that comes from being latina.

NEW SERIES produced by Issa Rae || Head Cases

Felicia Leatherwood, celebrity hair stylist and natural hair guru, documents one-on-one sessions with clients who are struggling with their kinks, coils and curls.

“The show is much more than hair. We’re tapping in and helping women understand that hair issues stem from deep within. Sometimes they’re tied to emotions and identities created from childhood and cultural stigmas,” says Felicia Leatherwood.

Watch the first episode above, as Felicia helps Apryl with her hair woes.

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