Was playing Natural Selection 2 marine side having a good fight

Had command posts either side of their main hive

Doing pretty well

Commander asks us what to do next because he’s new

One guy jokingly says “sell all our stuff”

He actually does it

All our command posts are lost

We can’t physically spawn because he sold the machines that spawn us


1d-zouisgirl97  asked:

hi are there any crossover fics with the avengers??

there sure are. make sure to check the Crossover tag and our Superhero tag too!

Natural Selection by Saucery (2/2 | 5,964 | NC17)

BEACON, also known as the Bureau of Enforcement, Armed Combat and Offensive Neutralization (it sure is offensive, Stiles thinks) has established the Avengers Initiative in order to, uh, fight crime. And rampaging alien hordes. And stuff.

Stiles is Iron Man. (Scott is Rhodey. Oh, Scott.)

Derek is the Hulk.

Lydia is Black Widow.

Allison is Hawkeye.


Jaxon is a creepy alien dude with Daddy issues. And also Danny issues. Daddy Danny issues. Danny is justifiably alarmed.

Erica is Pepper Potts, except with more of an inclination toward bodily harm.

Chris Argent is the head of the Avengers Initiative. He is also fierce. He is also a silver fox. Hot damn.

And somehow, in the middle of all this chaos, the Hulk and Iron Man find love.

Secret Agent Man by zosofi (1/1 | 5,899 | NC17)

“Budapest.” Scott’s voice crackles in Stiles’s ear-piece. There’s a crash, a volley of gunfire, the sound of a heavy body hitting up against concrete repeatedly. “This is exactly like Budapest, Stiles.”

excelsior by allapologies (1/1 | 15,921 | NC17)

Stiles is a genius billionaire philanthropist, and Derek has breathtaking anger management issues. Mostly, they argue and flirt. But sometimes, they save the world.

Avengers AU.

Angry Birds Is Not Meant To Be Taken Literally by someonelsesheart (3/3 | 12,917 | PG13)

Derek gets that he and Stiles are kind of on a Need To Know basis, he really does, he just thinks that Stiles’ godfather being in the freaking Avengers counts as pretty Need To Know. 


Самая неожиданная покупка этой распродажи и пока что самая радостная.

Сейчас раскатали алиенов под командованием очень приятного шведа - pure fun. Начинаешь понимать, как чувствует себя юнит, которым хорошо играют в RTS.


Natural Selection 2: Darwinism for Dummies