Roast potatoes and toast that’s a bit too brown may cause cancer, say authorities

Eating crisps, well-browned roast potatoes and toast that is more than lightly grilled can increase the risk of cancer, according to a public health campaign urging people to change their eating and cooking habits.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) says people are consuming too much acrylamide, a chemical produced naturally as a result of cooking starchy foods at high temperatures.

Acrylamide has been shown to cause cancer in animals and while it has not been conclusively produced to have the same effect in humans, the scientific consensus is that it is likely to do so.

Im so tired of people using psuedo-science for trans people like I just saw a post talking about how HRT is dangerous and testosterone is a carcinogen. Testosterone. One of the main hormones humans produce naturally. Is as bad as smoking. Posts like those can scare trans people from accessing stuff we need when you act like being put on HRT is the same thing as being on Adderall. @ all my other trans peeps: fact check when someone brings up how “life threatening” transitioning can be. Yes, there are dangers, but It’s so easy to hype up those dangers and make it seem as if transitioning will kill you.

Molecule of the Day: Morphine

Morphine (C17H19NO3) is a naturally-occurring opioid produced in the opium poppy plant. It exists as a white powder with a bitter taste under standard conditions, and is sparingly soluble in water.

Morphine is used a narcotic analgesic - it relieves pain by acting on the central nervous system to reduce the body’s capability to appreciate pain. When consumed, it travels to the central nervous system, where it binds to the μ-opioid receptors. This triggers pain relief, sedation, and euphoria.

However, this can also result in a depression of the respiration system, resulting in asphyxiation and hypoxia. Furthermore, morphine results in dependence and addiction, as the body reduces the number of receptors in response to the greater stimulus. Consequently, greater amounts of morphine are needed to achieve the same analgesic or euphoric effect, and when morphine is withdrawn, the lower-than-normal stimulus level results in withdrawal symptoms.

Morphine is also used as a precursor to some related opioids, such as codeine.

Requested by @awesome-prudence (hope morphine will suffice!)

Scary realizations about Heroes of Olympus characters that make you glad they are good guys

Frank: Can turn into any animal.. so basically he could kill you and make it look like an animal attacked you and no one would be the wiser.

Hazel: She could actually pull all the metal out of your body Magneto style and bury you very quickly.

Percy: Can actually stop your body fluid from flowing. Like make your blood stop flowing.

Annabeth: Has the skill and the strategy to kill you without ever seeing jail time.

Leo: besides the obvious fire! He can rig your car to blow up with little to no effort. Amongst other things he could rewire in your home.

Jason: could manipulate the electricity that your body produces naturally. Shock your heart with no issue.

Piper: umm.. all she has to do is tell you to kill yourself.

Reyna: Same as Annabeth only with much more PTSD on her record.

Nico: We have already seen he can strip people down to ghost form. But he can manipulate dreams! Scare you to death or shadow travel you to the middle of the ocean drop your ass and leave.

Will: He might be the scariest. He is a pacifist thank gods but he knows every single pressure point in your body. He could paralyze you in 3 touches. We all know he can fix things but what if the power also can do the reverse? Like when you have to rebreak bones to set them? Can he break your bones or hurt your organs with his power? Probably. First he makes you deaf with that whistle then leaves you forever stuck inside your own head unable to ever move your body.

Getting started is a form of active inspiration that naturally produces momentum. You have probably experienced this phenomenon before. For example, going for a run may seem overwhelming or exhausting just to think about before you begin, but if you can muster up the energy to start jogging, you’ll often find that you become more motivated to finish as you go. In other words, it’s easier to finish the run than it was to start it in the first place.
—  James Clear

What I really love about the Riarkle gift exchange in ACM is that - the very last shot of shook!Farkle, the one that goes on for a whopping 4 seconds - is actually a shot from when Rowan was still in the middle of delivering Riley’s speech to him. If you look closely, you can see the back of her head/shoulders moving in a way that clearly indicates she was talking at the time.

This means that giving Farkle such a long-lasting reaction to Riley’s words was so important to MJ that he drew a shot from out of context instead of just using what the scene naturally produced. He went out of his way to do that.

Tell me again that Riarkle’s relationship development is not a priority on this show.

El Relámpago del Catatumbo, la tormenta eterna de Venezuela. El Relámpago del Catatumbo es un fenómeno natural que produce numerosas tormentas eléctricas en la cuenca del lago de Maracaibo, en el poblado de pescadores Congo Mirador, perteneciente al estado venezolano de Zulia.

Uno de los fenómenos mas cautivadores que he podido observar.

The Story of 2213 (So far)

Part 1: The History

2213 has its origins in my undergrad program and in my undying love for BBC’s Sherlock. I came to the fandom just after watching series 3 and was astounded by the wonderful meta and investigation that fans had put into examining the show and the original stories on which it was based. I was in my junior year of college at the time and looking for a project for my thesis. The idea of adapting one of the Conan Doyle stories to feature a female Holmes and Watson seemed only natural.

My co-producer and I chose to adapt The Boscombe Valley Mystery, mostly because of its straightforward plot and the fact that it was easy to translate into modern times. Holmes and Watson were made women, remained British, and continued to live in 221B in London. In all honesty, that production read as a BBC Sherlock fan piece (even the original music we had recorded for it had essences of Sherlock scoring) but we had fun with it nonetheless.

Two months after closing night, my adviser and I met to go over my grade for the project.  She gave me a wealth of positive feedback and asked me if I would ever consider adapting such a thing for television. I hadn’t considered it, I told her, and she told me to start thinking about it. She had a contact at Syfy who was commissioning work for their web series division and was willing to put in a word for me if I could get some material together. How could I turn down an offer like that?

The next few months were overwhelming – I graduated from college with a B.F.A. in Theater, emphasis in Acting. It was difficult to keep up with writing during that time, but I managed to draft three episodes and map out a first season before the end of the year. By that time, unfortunately, my adviser’s contact had left Syfy. Disappointed, and overwhelmed with other facets of my life, I put the idea on the back burner.

For the next year, I worked on the show sparingly. It underwent many changes since the original performance in 2015. Watson and Holmes were named “Johanna” and “Charlotte” respectively, they were moved to the U.S. (Seattle, my home – which I know well), and they were moved into a dingy apartment above “Hudson’s Deli” at 2213 Bell Street where they live today.

Part Two: The Show Now

By making the characters women in the modern day United States, I realized that there was a unique opportunity before me to have Charlotte Holmes not only be a “consulting detective,” but also a sort of vigilante for those wronged in the criminal justice system. What if, I thought, she tackled the crimes that were found in the system itself?

Conan Doyle himself was a staunch advocate for justice [x] and often stood up for the wrongfully accused, a character trait he passed on to his great detective. I’ve been inspired while writing this series by incidents of police brutality (and subsequent failure to prosecute officers involved), stories of wrongful convictions, and allegations of cover-ups of police wrong-doings.

That’s the cases themselves, though. At the end of the day, I’m most interested in the relationship between Holmes and Watson (Charlotte and Jo) and how adaptations have been getting that relationship wrong for over one hundred years. It is, after all, the greatest love story ever told.

Part Three: Moving Forward

I’ve been inspired the last few weeks by several Tumblr users to start getting this project off the ground. To those of you who listened to my self-indulgent ramblings about this piece of work, I thank you – you were ever so encouraging. 

I’m now reaching out to the masses to ask for your help. I’d like to self-produce the pilot episode (I have some people I can reach out to to help with this), but I need funds to do so. There will be a kickstarter campaign coming in the next couple of weeks.

I’m also looking for people to read the first thirty pages of the pilot and provide feedback to me. From that feedback, I’m planning to edit/write the rest of the episodes for season one.

And lastly, I’m putting feelers out there for graphic designers, musicians etc. who might be interested in contributing to such a project.

Thank you for reading if you’ve stuck through to the end of this post! If you can help by putting the word out, reblogging, or messaging me about any of the above points, I would appreciate it!



De todos los colores que podría ser hoy, me tocó el gris de los cielos
Ese gris, de mañanas y tardes frías
Ese gris, de miradas somnolientas
Aquel gris natural que produce un mensaje no esperado de alguien a quien de verdad, he adorado
Extraño mis mejillas rojas, los ojos azules y el cuerpo amarillo
Extraño las manos purpuras y el aliento verde
Porque, sabía que al fusionarse, los colores vivos pintaban los rastros de risas que dejaba en los caminos las viejas ilusiones
Pero no, hoy soy gris
Sin sentido, sin atención
Sólo soy un gris.
Everything nature produces is so pure, energetic, alive and eternal. Everything mankind produces is so technical, industrial, rusty and dead.
—  Sereno Sky, author of the hippie novels “Lonely Traveller 1 and 2”
stop the stigma

this is a part of my recovery that i tend to keep private, but after the last few days and conversations with friends, family, and people who are more like family to me than my own, i feel it necessary to speak up. i had no idea how many people out there really have no idea what causes depression. Though it may be situational and come in passing for some, for others like myself it is a LITERAL imbalance of chemicals in my brain and the lack of serotonin. and the stigma between being mentally ill and taking medication really bothers me. i am not crazy, taking medication does not make me weak, it does not mean i am any less of a person than someone who does not rely on medication. what many don’t seem to grasp is that all this medication provides for someone like myself is the missing chemicals, it allows my brain to functionally normally as anyone else’s would. its not giving me something extra, its just providing what others naturally produce whereas i don’t. there is nothing wrong with taking medication. it does not make you less of a person. it does not make you makes you human, for the first time in nearly a year i feel like myself again. for the first time in a year it doesnt feel like there is an elephant sitting on my chest. for the first time in a year i can breathe, i can smile, i can sing in the car. for the first time in nearly a year i have accepted that i am human, and having the ability to ask for help does not make me weak, yet strong. for the first time in nearly a year, i can breathe. for the first time in nearly a year i am me again. 

Molecule of the Day: Tetracycline

Tetracycline (C22H24N2O8) is a yellowish powder that is used as a broad-spectrum antibiotic. It has a remarkable tetracyclic core, which is shared with a related group of compounds which also have antibiotic activity, collectively called the tetracycline antibiotics.

It is produced naturally by the bacterium Streptomyces via the following pathway:

It is used to treat many bacterial infections such as Lyme disease, and does so by inhibiting protein synthesis in prokaryotes. It binds to the A site of the large ribosomal subunit, preventing the aminoacyl-tRNA from entering the A site to lengthen the growing polypeptide chain. Interestingly, even though it inhibits both the 70S prokaryotic ribosome and the 80S eukaryotic ribosome, it is highly selectively disrupts prokaryotic protein translation, as human cells do not have a mechanism to pump tetracycline into the cytosol, whereas bacterial cells do.

Tetracycline is also used as a selective agent in cell cultures; cells containing the tetracycline resistance gene, tetR, will be able to survive in a medium containing it, whereas those which do not, or have an insertionally inactivated tetR gene, will not survive. This enables for the selection of recombinant cells or cells which have uptaken a desired plasmid.

As an antibiotic, tetracycline suffers from some drawbacks; it can stain teeth yellow, grey, or brown, and cause headaches, fevers, and rashes. 

“Do you know how the Blue Lobster phenomenon can happen?”

It’s a mutation that naturally occurs in pigment-producing cells.

Lobsters have 3 colored pigments, which you can think of as blue, red or yellow. A “normal” lobster has a mix of all three. Blue lobsters have too much of the blue pigment. There are red and yellow lobsters as well, but they are much rarer, and they can even be albino (almost no pigment).

I saw a blue lobster in the Mystic Aquarium years ago. They are quite beautiful.



[120116] ferryremix’s Instagram update with Seungri

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