Some tips to writing gay sex when you aren’t a gay guy:

When your characters are cis men:

  • Preparation can be key. If your character didn’t expect to have sex that night, then he probably isn’t prepared. If there is penetration going to be happening, some men prefer to get themselves ready… y’know… clean up. Otherwise bad stuff can sometimes happen and it’s not pleasant for either person.
  • LUBE. Not spit. LUBE. Spit dries up really easily and it can pull on that sensitive flesh and that’s not a pleasant experience for most people. There are also different types of lube which you can choose from depending on the type of situation!
  • There are other ways of having sex then putting dick in butt. Many other ways. Explore them! This also applies to every other gender.
  • Stretching before penetration is important, it can REALLY hurt otherwise. Your character needs to be relaxed, but don’t overstretch them (that can hurt too). That ain’t fun buddy, don’t put your character through that.
  • Don’t just… have your guy who is on top slam his dick into the other? That’s not fun, put some speed differences in there, have him pay attention to the other’s responses.

When the characters are trans men:

  • All trans men are different, much like all cis men are different, and all girls are different, and all other-gendered-folk are different as well. Each has their own experience with their lives, these notes are just things that I’ve personally learned along the way, so they may not be applicable to everyone!
  • After going on HRT (hormone replacement therapy), men can grow facial hair and get a deeper voice.
  • If your character shows signs of having hormones, he may not be able to produce natural lubrication anymore in his parts. Much like cismen, he also needs lube.
  • Some trans men prefer anal, just cause gender dysphoria can suck sometimes.
  • Try to stray away from calling your trans character terms like ‘tranny’ or other terms that can be hurtful. (Some older generations may find power in the term, so this can change.)
  • Some trans men feel uncomfortable when people start talking about their ‘pussy’, calling them ‘woman’, or wanting to ‘impregnate them’ (which for some people -not all though- is impossible once you’ve been on HRT for a while). You might trigger the aforementioned gender dysphoria again in your readers, but also in your character.
  • It’s not a good feeling, so maybe stray away from that! :)
  • Be kind to your trans man, (and your other characters of course), so give him things that make him feel validated as the man he truly is. Use he/him/his pronouns, be obvious about it.

Feel free to add more! This is not an all-encompassing list!
It’s also good to note that everything changes from person to person, so feel free to do some research and talk to trans and cis men alike, go out and write what you like, what makes you happy!

I love the whole “Humans are the Weird Aliens” stuff but, like, consider.

One of our future goals in medicine is to be able to perform transplants with no problems, and many people donate their dead bodies for such a thing. Furthermore, we’re resilient as a species and won’t lose a fight until we die.

So a few hundred years from now, we’re integrated into the galactic community, and you don’t want to fuck with a human. Even if you cut they’re arm off, they’ll just take the severed arm and beat you to death with it, and then go to a hospital to get an arm donated by a dead guy grafted on as a replacement.

Consider the idea that maybe only Earth Life naturally produces adrenaline and the rest of the Galactic community treats it like a drug. Imagine having your non-human friend suggesting you go to rehab for your “problem” not realizing it’s literally a biological function?

I’ve seen stuff like Death People and Space Orcs but to be honest we’ll probably be considered more like Drugged Up Death Orcs.

Humans and Aliens

So, here we are talking about humans and aliens and how we might be weird to each other, but how about this to chew on. What is humans are the only intelligent species to do this before they actually had any sign there was other intelligent life in the galaxy?

Let’s be honest here. We have absolutely nothing to suggest that life is anything but a phenomena unique to earth and even if it wasn’t, we have absolutely not clue what it would look like after evolving on a planet that might even be very close to earth.

Yet still we speculate, we muse and we wonder. We’ve made serious attempts to look into the cosmos and see if something waves hello. We’ve sent messages into the void and listened to see if something will answer.

What if, in some distant star system hundred of light years away, a species of intelligent beings finally begins to ascend to the stars. What if they start studying space, exploring the galaxy, and colonizing other planets.

What if their instruments start picking up strange signals. What if one of their ships comes across an strange device floating in space that matches no natural entity. What if the more they look at it they realize that these phenomena are not natural. That something produced these things, something intelligent. Something that is not them.

What if the more they study these signals, the more they begin the realize that some of them are messages. Messages to them sent by something hundreds of light years away. What is being said makes little sense, a lot of the information has been degraded by the long travel times and many of their best researchers suggest that whomever made these things might communicate in ways very different from their own.

It throws them into a spin. There is other life in the galaxy, possibly life much like their own, and that life has tried to contact them. How could it possibly know that they exist from that far away? It must know they exist, for how would know to try and contact them?

They debate and ponder, bicker and argue before deciding that the only way to respond is to send a message back. They figure out roughly where these messages originated from by looking at the path the different messages took to pass through different parts of their territory and get a pretty good idea where earth is.

All they can do is hope their reply gets close enough that it can be found, and that the receivers will be able to eventually decipher it.

Meanwhile back on earth, they do get the message, and the response is along the lines of. “HOLY SHIT! We’ve actually made contact with aliens!”

justinmeldaljohnsen: A nice pic of these two folks that I’m glad to have gone through some great journeys with. A few words about Taylor, while I’m here: He’s one of the most naturally gifted musicians and producers I’ve ever encountered. His vision for this new @paramore album was clear, from start to finish. His skill, knowledge, and taste led the way. Working by his side, and seeing all these attributes grow and flourish, was very inspiring for me. Expect many more great things from him in the future! Thanks for reading, sorry for the glut of pics, I’m feeling a bit nostalgic.


Lots of narratives have been going around about why Hillary lost. Most are placing the blame directly on the candidate herself, ignoring a few key points:

1. Hillary won the popular vote by 3 million votes. Yes. 3 million. To minimize this or not take it into consideration proves you are bias in your analysis of why Hillary lost. You don’t win the popular vote by 3 million if you are a truly bad candidate (Hillary also won every single debate). And for historical reference, Al Gore only won the popular vote by 500,000. Hillary won it by 3 million. 3 million votes is no small feat. You cannot ignore this fact if you want an un-bias analysis of why Hillary lost the election. The last two Republican Presidents lost the popular vote!

Also – both popular vote winners Al Gore and Hillary Clinton were hurt by progressives (Nader and Bernie) who got too comfortable after 8 years of a Democrat in the White House. Our side seems to shoot itself in the foot after 8 years in power. As we learned yet again – every vote counts, especially in the swing states. Because guess what? You can win the popular vote and still lose the election due to the electoral college. Progressives blew it big time for the second time in 20 years and hurt our popular vote winners Al Gore and Hillary Clinton. A cumulative 3.5 million more votes for the Democrats!

2. In U.S. politics, one party usually has power over the White House for only 8 years. Very rarely does a party hold onto the White House longer than 8 years. The last time was when Bush Senior won after Ronald Reagan, but then he quickly lost re-election to Bill Clinton. Democrat Al Gore couldn’t even win after Clinton left us with a surplus and booming economy. This usually happens because the side that isn’t in power tends to rise up, while the side that occupies the White House gets lazy and complicit. From a historical perspective, America was already headed towards a Republican Administration in 2016. Combine that with the racist backlash to Obama, and Trump exploiting the rise of worldwide racist nationalism, it’s no wonder their base turned out and ours didn’t. Remember – under Obama, the Democrats have lost 900 legislative seats nationwide and most of the Governorships and state legislatures, too (in addition to the White House and U.S. Congress). The backlash to Obama has been strong and was bound to hurt us in 2016. Point is – in American politics, very rarely does the same party occupy the White House for more than two-terms. This especially holds true when you combine that with racism and the rise of nationalism working against the first African American President. Conservatives were out for blood after 8 years of Obama, while our side shot itself in the foot by allowing Bernie to run as a Democrat (Nader all over again).

3. Just as in the United Kingdom (Brexit), there has been a worldwide resurgence in a nationalistic white working-class. Trump exploited this in a way Bernie Sanders never could have. Why? Because nationalism is being used to scapegoat immigrants and minorities. The 2016 election truly was an election about which party was going to turn out their base (whites vs. minorities). That’s why Hillary spent her time trying to convince us of the dangers a Trump Presidency posed to minorities. And if we had voted in levels similar to 2008, our base would have triumphed. But a core part of our base was missing – young voters that showed up for Obama but not Hillary. Why? Bernie fucking Sanders. Most of the “Bernie-or-Bust” voters I knew were young male progressives who puked at the thought of ever voting for Hillary. They even called Bernie a “sell-out” when he half-heartedly campaigned for her. What a shame. Because in the face of Brexit, every vote counted. Remember – Trump only won the swing states by a total of 80,000. How many “Bernie-or-Busters” were in the swing states? Seriously – never underestimate angry white men showing up at the polls (Brexit and Trump). Our side is much harder to turn out. That’s why every vote counted. And yes… I’m looking at you, college students!

4. Comey. The momentum the 3rd debate victory produced was lost after the Comey letter. The 3rd debate was the debate where “Nasty Woman” was coined. The closet thing the Hillary campaign came to naturally produced momentum. And it (luckily) came near the end of the election in the final stretch. Hillary was riding high after the 3rd debate domination – 11% polling lead. Everyone thought she was going to win and Nate Silver gave her over a 90% chance of winning. But then came the Comey letter. 

His letter also came after the release of Trump’s “pussy grabber” tape. The media narrative switched from “pussy grabber” to “FBI re-opens Clinton E-mail Probe.” The headlines became anti-Clinton rather than anti-Trump. And in American culture, media momentum is huge. That’s why they call it an “October Surprise.” Late deciding voters heavily broke for Trump due to the Comey letter and that’s what made the difference. 

Hillary ordered a complete analysis of the election and the Comey letter was the only new variable from her 11-point polling bump after the 3rd debate to election day. “Pussy grabber” was old news. “E-mails” became front and center yet again. This is why there is currently an independent review of Comey’s actions as we speak. Official protocol says to never release anything about a case if it may sway an election. Why? Because it might turn out to be false. Just like what happened. Comey ultimately retracted the letter in the final hours of the election, but the damage had already been done. Hillary was finished. Her 11-point debate lead – gone. That’s why there is currently an official investigation into Comey breaking official protocol and swaying the election in Trump’s favor. Once this investigation is complete, I’m sure you’ll be hearing from the Clintons.

5. Sexism. The 2016 election proved a far more qualified woman can still lose to a far less qualified man. Actually, Hillary was the most qualified person (man or woman) to ever run for the Presidency. Any man with Hillary’s accomplishments and qualifications never would have lost. It wouldn’t have even been close. Period.

6. Russian interference. We’ll never know exactly how much Russia swayed the election, but the influx of “fake news” targeting Hillary Clinton definitely had an impact on her public perception, especially in regards to her “trustworthiness.” Putin had a vendetta against Hillary because he held her responsible for the protests he faced after his re-election. He also thought Hillary would be far more aggressive and effective than Obama. He’d rather have a puppet and buffoon as President (Trump) than the brilliant Hillary Rodham Clinton.

7. The media. Hillary’s e-mails were made to seem just as bad as the millions of horrific things Trump did over the course of his 4-times bankrupt career. The false equivalence was mind-boggling. In the pursuit of trying to appear “un-bias” by saying both sides were equally corrupt, they ended up being bias against Hillary and helping Trump win the Presidency. The actual un-bias viewpoint is that nothing Hillary has done is anywhere near the level of deplorable things Trump has done. But the media made Hillary seem just as bad as Trump in order to give the impression that they were being “objective.” 

I truly hope the media did some soul-searching after the 2016 election. Tearing down Hillary and glorifying Trump – giving rise to his “cult-of-personality” has really bitten you in the ass, hasn’t it? Now you have at minimum 4 years of covering a manipulative propaganda artist con-man who just likes to play head games. Have fun!!

8. Republican witch-hunts. Republicans abused their power, which led to 8 separate Benghazi investigations. More investigations than Pearl Harbor, the JFK assassination, and 9/11. Yet Hillary was never found of any wrongdoing and came out victorious after her triumphant 11-hour Benghazi testimony. Unfortunately, after so many fake “scandals,” Hillary’s image had been damaged. Which was the entire point of these fake scandals – even if Hillary isn’t guilty, we can still accuse her of corruption and plant seeds of doubt. But rather than viewing the Republicans as the corrupt ones, manufacturing fake Clinton scandals and wasting tax-payer money, many Americans drank the Clinton hate kool-aid (even progressives).

All of these factors led to the “perfect storm.” Which is why we needed every single vote in every single state. Yet Hillary still managed to win the popular vote by 3 million despite Russian interference, Bernie mania, multiple witch-hunts by Republicans, 11-hour Benghazi testimony, sexism, a media hell bent on false equivalency, a rise in worldwide racist nationalism, one party historically only occupying the White House for 8 years, and the devastating Comey letter. 

3 million more votes. Despite it all. A majority of Americans agree with our vision and our values. By the millions. And that’s not even taking into consideration ID laws and voter suppression of minorities, which greatly decreased the amount we won by.

“But, you know, then at the end, we had the Russians and the FBI deal. She couldn’t prevail against that. She did everything else and still won by 2.8 million votes.

The finest vote counter in America is Nate Silver. He told you what costed the election.” ~President Bill Clinton

A political icon and legend. Was going for round 3 in the White House. And we all know she ran it the first two times.

Why taking honey doesn't harm bees

Bees actually dont spend their entire lives collecting honey! Bees only collect honey for storing at the very end of their life. For most of their lives they are nurse bees, or collecting pollen and nectar for short term storage (like feeding their brood) Baby bees actually eat a mix of uncured nectar and pollen, not honey.

A bee colony in an area like texas will need about 50 pounds of honey to make it through winter with more to spare. Because these bees were bred to store more honey than they naturally need, colonies often produce upwards of 80 pounds of honey a year.
A good beekeeper will not harvest honey from a first year bee colony because they need a surplus to build comb with. After the first year the bees will produce very little, if any, brood comb as it is already large enough to sustain a good population. A second year bee colony will produce far more honey than necessary.

Lets say you were to just leave the bees alone, letting them build up honey.
Firstly, your bees would swarm. Swarming is a dangerous thing for bees, very few swarms survive. They risk being sprayed by humans or moving into bad places (such as inside someones house)
Another thing that can happen when youre colony swarms is small hive beetle. Small hive beetles take advantage of any unguarded honeycomb (after a swarm there will be less bees guarding the comb) and they will wreck havoc. I have seem this first hand and its is awful. Too much honey is not a good thing.
It’s irresponsible to let the bees run out of room like that, which is why taking honey is useful. You take a box of honey, and you put an empty one on. Now that the bees have more space to build comb, their swarming instict will be surpressed. A honeybound hive is easily at rist of collapse.
Although it sounds nice to “leave all the honey for the bees” it honestly is not helping them. They have absolutely no need for such a surplus they were bred to collect.
I know this sounds like a dumb human who acts like they know more than the bees, but its true.

If you’ve got the time and the inclination, what’s to stop you showing up on the hour at any lecture hall at any university and becoming the guest lecturer? Nothing, that’s what! Professors are always late and campus police don’t know the difference. All you need to do is walk in and get talking.

“What’s this class all about?” is a great opener. While you wait for someone to raise their hand and say “noses”, or “smelling”, or “science”, draw a big rectangle on the blackboard. You can always use a rectangle.

When some kid says “Last week the professor said we’d be looking neurological processing of olfactory stimuli,” you can shake your head and smile and say “just explain it to me like I’m 10 years old.”

This time they’ll definitely say “smelling”, and you can turn that rectangle on the blackboard into a truck.

“Imagine a truck,” you could say. “It’s parked on your top lip. And when you smell something, the men load up all that smelling information into the back of the truck. Who can tell me what comes next?”

Wait for them to say “they drive the truck up your nose,” then say “Exactly! They begin the perilous journey up your nose. They’ll dodge all the boogers and thick black hairs, and finally they’ll arrive at your brain.”

Next, discredit the professor who’s walked in. “You slept with a student!” is a classic for a reason. Even if he hasn’t, he won’t stick around to argue the point!

“When the truck arrives at the brain, the men unload the truck and they show all the smells to the loading dock workers. They decide whether something is a good smell or a bad smell. Sometimes, the workers get confused. Like people who think poop smells good! We’ve all got a friend like that. Who thinks that, by a show of hands?”

If no one raises their hand, you could try saying “It’s natural… how bad can a substance produced naturally by the human body be? It’s normal to be curious. What about you,” and here you want to point at someone in the front row, “you might be interested to know that I have a very natural diet. That means a great texture and aroma.”

If there are no takers, you probably still have half an hour to get to the next lecture hall. Good luck!

{PART 10} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

Originally posted by jengkook

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut 

Summary; As Jungkook watches you become more acquainted with cousin, he also manages to share some of his worries concerning you; with Taehyung being able to draw out Jungkook’s true heart of the whole situation.

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

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John’s red-haired baby??

Abby… apple of John’s eye. Unmistakably bearing his nose and ears, even if her hair is an uncanny shock of red.

His best friend peers at him over the barely subdued wriggling of red curls

In Within the Narrative, John’s baby has red hair. Why????

Ok, let’s say a normal fan wrote this fic. Any fan would logically make the baby’s hair blonde because two blonde-haired people – John and Mary – would naturally produce a blonde-haired child and…not a red-haired one.

But then let’s say Mark wrote this, using the pseudonym “Dale Pike”…

Is the red hair a clue? I’m thinking the Red-Headed League, but I dunno what the connection is 🤔

Sidenote: Also not sure if “Abby” is a clue too? I mean it could just be random name since they didn’t want to make the Rosamund reveal yet, but idk

stop the stigma

this is a part of my recovery that i tend to keep private, but after the last few days and conversations with friends, family, and people who are more like family to me than my own, i feel it necessary to speak up. i had no idea how many people out there really have no idea what causes depression. Though it may be situational and come in passing for some, for others like myself it is a LITERAL imbalance of chemicals in my brain and the lack of serotonin. and the stigma between being mentally ill and taking medication really bothers me. i am not crazy, taking medication does not make me weak, it does not mean i am any less of a person than someone who does not rely on medication. what many don’t seem to grasp is that all this medication provides for someone like myself is the missing chemicals, it allows my brain to functionally normally as anyone else’s would. its not giving me something extra, its just providing what others naturally produce whereas i don’t. there is nothing wrong with taking medication. it does not make you less of a person. it does not make you makes you human, for the first time in nearly a year i feel like myself again. for the first time in a year it doesnt feel like there is an elephant sitting on my chest. for the first time in a year i can breathe, i can smile, i can sing in the car. for the first time in nearly a year i have accepted that i am human, and having the ability to ask for help does not make me weak, yet strong. for the first time in nearly a year, i can breathe. for the first time in nearly a year i am me again. 

The “Taylor Swift” PR Virus

On the night of the Met Gala, dated May 2, 2016, Tom Hiddleston contracted what is to be  known later as the Taylor Swift PR virus, which after introduction and a month’s time of incubation, will exhibit first symptoms, such as complete reversal in PR goodwill, being gaslighted, and getting dragged into petty, childish drama by overgrown, emotionally-handicapped adults. Like many other victims before him, the disease is incurable and widely believed to have originated from a parasite known as the Taylor Swift.*

*as narrated by nature documentarian, Sir David Attenborough

Its etymology is two-fold. First, the parasite “tailors” itself to its host for a time, often mimicking the prey’s preferences and appearance, exhibiting to the host only its pleasant aspects. During the boyfriend shopping phase, the Taylor Swift commits to extensive research on its prey. As the parasite enters into a relationship with the host, during the honeymoon phase, the Taylor Swift dispenses a collection of mouthpieces (e.g. #squadgoals inducted members) and unnamed “sources” that speak on its behalf, often dropping planted leaks of the pairing to the press. Typically in a few weeks’ time, after feeding on the host’s goodwill and PR mileage, extracting an album’s worth of songwriting material, the Taylor Swift leaves its prey paralyzed with the disease in quick fashion, mobilizing itself and its horde of enablers towards its next host, hence the name, “swift”. The victim left behind undoubtedly will have to endure an extensive period of PR viral agony before containment of the contagion. Cure is yet to be discovered, but at the moment, only treatments known as Karma™ and fast news cycle can alleviate the symptoms.

Experts have warned the public at large to avoid exposure to the Taylor Swift during the phenomenon known as the shading event, if possible. It may be difficult as the Taylor Swift produces what is known as the ear worm. Public advisory weighs heavily towards covering the ears and chanting “la la la” when its ear worm makes it through the airwaves. Unsuspecting bystanders are forced to endure the unfolding of unsolicited and passive aggressive “shading” of a former host while waiting in checkout line at the local market.

Experts also suggest changing the station, or, if trapped unwittingly in the elevator extensively with the invasive parasite, to promptly eject oneself from the mechanical enclosure or to simply put on earphones to prevent infection. Those naturally resistant to the Taylor Swift ear worms typically have alternative preferences in music. Experts advise putting on Radiohead, Queens of the Stone Age, Beyonce, or the Taylor Swift’s natural countermeasure, the Katy Perry, its equal in maturation stasis. The Katy Perry has proven to be especially effective during moments of the Taylor Swift’s mysteriously timed PR announcements, such as a calculated maneuver coined, The Boyfriend Rollout™. On rare occasions, the Katy Perry dispenses copious amounts of Karma™ to combat the natural byproduct of bullshit produced by the Taylor Swift.

Pictured Above: Joe Alwyn the host being compromised | Source: Splash News

Researchers have yet to understand how the Taylor Swift chooses its prey, but some patterns have emerged on its choice of mates, such as birthplace, typically U.K., race and sex (white and male), strong built-in fan bases, unblemished PR, and impeccable growing star power. The closest researchers can compare the parasite’s behavior to is the preying mantis, although with the exception of literally eating its prey alive after seducing it, the meaning is a figurative one. The Taylor Swift’s new host, Joe Alwyn, is at the mercy of its parasite, with no built-in fan base or star wattage to help bat off some of the infection already taking hold. Those naturally resistant to the Taylor Swift parasite will undoubtedly reject narratives planted by the chlorophyllous symbiote, Tree Paine, in choice rags such as E!, People, Us Weekly, The Sun, and The Daily Mail. Experts have concluded that the Taylor Swift parasite is perhaps addicted to mad love.*

*a chemical addiction to copious amounts of adulation and comparably 25 million pumpkin spiced lattes in patriotic dollars

Developments to follow.

Scary realizations about Heroes of Olympus characters that make you glad they are good guys

Frank: Can turn into any animal.. so basically he could kill you and make it look like an animal attacked you and no one would be the wiser.

Hazel: She could actually pull all the metal out of your body Magneto style and bury you very quickly.

Percy: Can actually stop your body fluid from flowing. Like make your blood stop flowing.

Annabeth: Has the skill and the strategy to kill you without ever seeing jail time.

Leo: besides the obvious fire! He can rig your car to blow up with little to no effort. Amongst other things he could rewire in your home.

Jason: could manipulate the electricity that your body produces naturally. Shock your heart with no issue.

Piper: umm.. all she has to do is tell you to kill yourself.

Reyna: Same as Annabeth only with much more PTSD on her record.

Nico: We have already seen he can strip people down to ghost form. But he can manipulate dreams! Scare you to death or shadow travel you to the middle of the ocean drop your ass and leave.

Will: He might be the scariest. He is a pacifist thank gods but he knows every single pressure point in your body. He could paralyze you in 3 touches. We all know he can fix things but what if the power also can do the reverse? Like when you have to rebreak bones to set them? Can he break your bones or hurt your organs with his power? Probably. First he makes you deaf with that whistle then leaves you forever stuck inside your own head unable to ever move your body.

Hot Oil Treatments, Which Oils and Why

Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is one of my favorites to use because it is one of the few oils that can actually penetrate the hair shaft, while others simply coat it. This oil helps give hair more power as it strengthens it and makes it less susceptible to breakage and heat damage.

Jojoba Oil
If you didn’t already know, our body naturally produces its own oils and your hair may act up (get clumpy or frizzy) because it is lacking these oils. Jojoba oil is the oil that is most similar to these natural oils! What this oil does is coat and protect the hair follicle, leaving your hair less frizzy, more soft, and thick.
it will protect your hair from wind damage, brittleness, and dryness" ~"Better than good hair” by Nikki Walton (

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Olive oil is an oil that is packed with tons of antioxidents which prevents cell damage and also helps protect your hair follicles. It also helps stimulate cell renewal, super moisturizing and helps control dandruff.

Castor Oil
Castor oil is packed with minerals and vitamins that help provide your hair with the moisture its missing while conditioning. This oil also penetrates hair from the follicles all the way to the root which helps hydrate the hair, combat hair loss from all that transitioning breakage, and stimulate long and thick hair growth.

Almond Oil
Almond Oil is also packed with minerals and vitamins but unlike castor oil it also has a ton of fatty acids that your body isn’t producing but needs in order to grow your hair! Almond oil also reduces inflammation and helps soften and lubricate your hair. Lastly, we can;t forget how this baby helps reduce all that breakage and hair lost. (Don’t worry its normal for that to happen as you’re transitioning!)

Vitamin E Oil 
Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant as the EVOO was, protecting your hair from harmful radicals but also strengthens your hair and promotes growth. Although I don’t use vitamin E oil, I do take the vitamins and also keep in mind Castor oil has vitamin E in it as well!

These are my main oils but I have also used argan, moroccan, and moska before. I’ll post an updated review of the oils I regularly use for my H.O.T. later but for now these are my lovers!!

Stay tuned ~NA

Molecule of the Day: Morphine

Morphine (C17H19NO3) is a naturally-occurring opioid produced in the opium poppy plant. It exists as a white powder with a bitter taste under standard conditions, and is sparingly soluble in water.

Morphine is used a narcotic analgesic - it relieves pain by acting on the central nervous system to reduce the body’s capability to appreciate pain. When consumed, it travels to the central nervous system, where it binds to the μ-opioid receptors. This triggers pain relief, sedation, and euphoria.

However, this can also result in a depression of the respiration system, resulting in asphyxiation and hypoxia. Furthermore, morphine results in dependence and addiction, as the body reduces the number of receptors in response to the greater stimulus. Consequently, greater amounts of morphine are needed to achieve the same analgesic or euphoric effect, and when morphine is withdrawn, the lower-than-normal stimulus level results in withdrawal symptoms.

Morphine is also used as a precursor to some related opioids, such as codeine.

Requested by @awesome-prudence (hope morphine will suffice!)


Project Plowshare and Nuclear Explosions for the National Economy,

In the 1950’s scientists first proposed the idea of using nuclear weapons for peaceful purposes, essentially replacing TNT as the main explosive for moving earth, creating tunnels and canals, cutting paths through mountains for highways or railroads, and for other civil engineering projects.  Thus in 1961 Project Plowshare was created to study the use of nuclear weapons for peaceful purposes.  Between 1961 and 1973, 27 atomic bombs were detonated as part of the project.  Three were detonated to test the feasibility of using nuclear explosives to stimulate gas flow in a low permeability natural gas field. The study was a failure when it was determined that the natural gas produced was too radioactive for use. While the project was promising, it was doomed by the radioactive fallout that resulted after a nuclear explosion, thus making the results hazardous to the health of those who benefited from it. One of the most notorious tests was the underground Sedan explosion, conducted in Yucca Flat, Nevada on July 6th, 1962, to test the feasibility of using nuclear explosives for mining and excavating purposes.  The resulting blast ejected 12,000,000 tons of radioactive soil into the atmosphere, which spread as far as West Virginia, Ohio, and North Carolina.

Overall Operation Plowshare cost a total of $700 million.

Since the Americans were doing it, the Soviets had to do it too, except they had to do it bigger and better.  In 1965 the Soviet Union began the “Nuclear Explosions for the National Economy” project, which detonated 156 nuclear devices between 1965 and 1988.  Unlike Project Plowshare, the NENE project was done with practicality in mind.  Few of the Soviet peaceful nuclear explosions were scientific tests, but were used to actually excavate mines, create canals, build dams, and conduct other works of engineering. Like Project Plowshare, radioactive fallout often negated positive results, although the Soviets gave much less of a damn about it than the Americans did.  Many of the explosions caused irreversible environmental damage.  20 years after the Kraton-3 explosion in Siberia in 1973, plutonium levels in the nearby waterways and aquifers were still thousands of times higher than recommended safe levels. The Chagan explosion conducted in 1965 (top picture) spread radioactive material across Asia as far as Japan.