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I used to chuckle when robert plant moaned in songs or said babe fifty times but now it turns me on,, like i dont get it ??

Ah, friend, consider yourself enlightened.  It’s the natural order of things for those of us who understand that he is an angel on earth.  The physical embodiment of sex.  Pure and simple.  Along with sunshine, smiles, being sweet to animals, and laughing at his own jokes.  Welcome! :D  xxoo

Edited to add:  Oh, and long, luscious curls.  What was I thinking?

I just completed the finishing touches on my new poster, a detailed map of the Mandelbrot Set in a vintage style. I’m calling it the Mandelmap.

The Mandelbrot Set is a fractal shape with infinite detail that you can zoom in on. I often explore the Mandelbrot Set to find trippy patterns to create gifs with, but when I started I felt like I was just poking around at random. So I wanted to create a printed guide for myself to find my way around… I soon realized this was going to be a lot of work, so I decided I might as well take it to the next level and make an awesome poster that would be not just for myself but for everyone else to enjoy too.

What you see here is the result of more than a year’s research, planning, and execution. It’s a 36x24 inch poster rendered fully at 300 dpi, and everything you see was created from scratch. I will be posting more updates and information as I get the test prints in, and I hope to have this poster available to buy within the next couple months!


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Really excited with the continued support for this project from around the world. If you are interested in buying the book, I would really encourage you to pre-order so I can actually get it made. I really really appreciate everyones support!

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Atmosphere of the British Landscape

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We are off to a great start and 2.5% funded in the first 24 hours. Here is the next preview selection from Atmosphere of the British Landscape

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