This morning, I made some goodies with essential oils as a toddler survival kit and I’m feeling quite proud of myself. I’ve got bug repellant (Terrashield with witch hazel), helichrysum (for boo-boos), immunity booster (On Guard with fractioned coconut oil), and a mood booster for cranky moments (sweet orange with a little clove…also good for immunity too!). I’m descending into crunchy momma territory.
11 Candid Photos Ode to Normalizing Black Breastfeeding Week
Last week, I planned to capture professional quality self-portraits for Black Breastfeeding Week to share on social media. However, the convenience of smart phone photography was unbeatable and I challenged myself to only use my mobile phone for this series due to many external factors, like my kids

No matter your race, you can learn how to breastfeed in such a way that you postpone the return of your fertility–naturally!

Breastfeed on, mommas. :)

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Sapphire people DON'T steal wild animals from nature. It's wrong and they live where they can do things. Since small baby seals have this tail and no feets or paws, they must be Aquatic. Of they have wings, they belong to the sky, and the rest of them is here in the ground. Momma Nature gets worried when you put animals in different habitats, like if someone put Steven in a uncomfortable place for him. Would you like that? No. The point is, give seals to cows :v

“I am confused…. Give the seals to the cows? Or not…? Maybe I can bring a cow to the Ocean?”

Hope all you guys and gals out there had an amazing weekend! Things Momma Nature wanted to remind me of this weekend: you can’t always control the outcome of your journey. When on the mountain, you are a guest of that mountain. So be present and respectful of the journey at hand. If it’s not the right time, there’s always another day. Also, potato chips were invented today, so, like, go eat some. #getoutside #neverstopexploring #adventureisoutthere #rei1440project #wander #colorado #coloradomountains #14ers #RIMBY #greettheoutdoors #takethetrail #alpenglow #exploremore Photo from outboundcolorado



Momma Nature is v rude and my mood and focus are being v fickle bc of that


this thunderstorm was fun for a second now its just getting on my nerves im trying to fucking sleep and its like momma nature put a fucking strobe outsite my window and is playing the worst clubmusic with only the bass on i’m feeling sleep deprived….thanks mother nature for being such a bitch.