With all of the hype with bath bombs and “omg look how pretty, let me share on Instagram!” and the pressure to buy only the most current and trendy things, I think a lot of us forget about the core values Lush carries and all of the charity work we do and the morals we carry.  With the start of the “You Won’t Miss a Bead” campaign, I find this a golden opportunity to show that Lush is doing so much more than giving you Instagram material.  Check this video out about the dangers of microbeads in products and why Lush only uses natural, ecofriendly materials!

Beautiful biodegradable dinnerware created from fallen leaves

Maker VerTerra says: “Our production process is simple and transparent: After collecting fallen leaves that would normally be burned, we apply steam, heat and pressure to transform the leaves into durable products that will naturally compost in 2 months.”

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