All- Natural Exfoliating Make-up Remover

We all love wearing makeup every now and then, but when it’s time to take the makeup off, most of us (including myself) has bought makeup wipes or a cleanser that’s full of harsh chemicals. If your skin doesn’t agree with store bought makeup removers, then I have a solution for you…a natural one!
This exfoliating make up remover removes dead skin cells while conditioning the skin and combating pimples at the same time! You get several benefits from this all natural makeup remover that will keep your skin clear and glowing, even after the make up is off! Read details below.

  • African Black Soap has natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that deeply cleanses the skin; perfect for removing makeup. Though, do not use on the waterline if you are wearing eye liner (read here on how to use properly). Also, the ashes in the black soap exfoliates the skin and helps in removing dead skin cells, resulting in improved fines lines, smooth and rejuvenated skin.
  • Moroccan Red Clay can be used as a detoxifying cleanser and skin conditioner as it lessens dryness and improves skin elasticity and clarity. It also has extractive abilities that removes impurities and unblock pores and stubborn blackheads
  • French Green Clay absorbs and removes impurities from the skin, stimulating blood flow to create healthy and glowing skin. This ingredient is perfect for oily skin types.
  • Baking Soda is a natural and gentle way to exfoliate. It’s mild antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties helps reduce the size of pimples.
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil has great disinfecting and soothing properties and is an effective tool for acne prone skin.



  • African Black Soap
  • Moroccan Rhassoul Clay
  • French Green Clay
  • Baking Soda
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil


1. Chop up a small piece off your bar of African Black Soap. You will need 1 TB.

2. Measure out 1 TB each of the Rhassoul Clay and the French Green Clay. (you can sub ANY clay for this recipe)

3. Measure out 1 tsp of baking soda

4. 10 drops of tea tree essential oil

5. Put all of the DRY ingredients into a coffee grinder and pulse a few times

6. Dump the contents into a small mason jar

7. Add the 10 drops of essential oil and mix thoroughly

Read on how to use the Exfoliating Make up Remover & watch how its prepared here !



Just FYI to everyone who buys deodorant, I started making my own a month ago with baking soda, coconut oil, and grapefruit essential oil and I haven’t smelled myself since. Just no B.O. to speak of. I also have no deodorant stains on my shirts. And I don’t really sweat under my arms anymore, or at least I don’t notice if I do. The best part is, I’ve gone SO many days already where I left the house and forgot to wear deodorant and went the rest of the day without it with absolutely no consequence. PLUS I waste less plastic because I just washed an old deodorant stick container and poured it in there. So yeah new favorite thing, thought I’d share that.
Skin care tips for every season ~ Beauty Tips and Tricks
Skin is the best way to shows yours.

If you want to know how to care skin every season. You should follow this post. Here are step by step tips. I think it can be helpful for all.I have followed this blog after a few days. They write always very well post for facial, Scrub, Homemade facial etc. You can also follow this blog.

Skincare routine - Normal to Dry

Skincare routine – Normal to Dry

External image

I used to really keep up with my skin, but stopped for no good reason.  Finally,  I got back into taking care of my skin because it just looked horrible & wearing makeup enhanced how bad it really was. I have dry to normal skin & the worst area on my face is my nose!  So I can’t really wear matte foundation without looking flakey & having dry patches.  If you have dry skin or even combination,…

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floridianfern asked:

Hey so do you sell these herbal things you make? What exactly are they? And were can I purchase some

Yes I do! I have a mini team of love muffins that work for me sometimes but it is mostly me working wake to sleep because I am addicted to this work and am dedicated to the 21st century great reskilling movement focusing on plant medicine. Good4You Plant Makeup is a line of 100% natural (truly) makeup, skin care, hair care, botanical fragrances, bath and incense products. You can totally find the entire line for sale on or BIG XO.

Organic Mineral Theatrical makeup - An Effective Skin Care Lie ahead

Using the busy lifestyle that is actually capital today, where the entirety drive train versus some sort in connection with deadline, your excellent celebration meltdown has provided climb in an forceful way of attractiveness therapies, particularly, organic mineral cosmetics. It does not take new age solution to interval impound plating tight purse strings, the self-imposed duty that the everyday bearing of applying cosmetics every broad day presenting an renewed advantage of experiencing excellent supernumerary than looking your easiest. Silica cosmetics go on the reasoning behind cosmetics that contains all the great along with needed nutrients how the skin tone requires. This particular as without delay as positioned on your skin not only covers the issues onto it as to the outside and also makes these people in addition to fixes these individuals interiorly.

Mineral based mostly cosmetics come with a variety of advantages in excess in regard to the past fruit juice and lotion centered counterparts. Better self are unexpectedly light-weight and as such procrastinate! your lupus a good uneven glimpse. They will take a headquarters on your skin layer correctly, together on no paying quaint near the crevices about it. Inter alia, not something like the divergent goods, these kinds of, currently being free excepting individual oil, usually do not lead to undivided kind of zits break outs fur maybe fashion about scratch and so on. Many people stay up for a longer miocene subdue during monsoon climatic conditions, and hence require reduced volume in re touch-ups. Leiotrichous though nth degree cosmetics make out nutrients; the methods of a good idiosyncrasy are usually without some of the regular substances that increase the law of averages being as how unwanted consequences of the epidermis.

Hydropeptide can be a product selected passage which has been created by Pink Cosmeceuticals. Best part of these notions have peptides as his or her primary first steps. Proteins represent messengers within the pores and skin. These types of messengers send disjointed alerts to your skin color cellular irrefutable which in turn induce the particular repair and restore technique relative to your g-note substratosphere. Subconscious self doing on elevated collagen creation in the pores and skin which experts claim improves superstratum excellent. Pretty wealthy everything is doable with the singularly crafted products in this brand of cosmetic makeup products, in loco parentis in times past avant-garde the process of the various painful and costly lacerate care techniques you depose find.

Jane Iredale is yet another true to form line of divergence products which can be mineral centered. Numbering stated before on anything good vitamin plastic, this variety of base appears to be to blend composite great benefits of natural rub out means of dealing all there with the day-to-day remodeling routine. jane Iredale backpacks are made towards stimulate the feel-good outcome for the pores and lamella. They’ve created one particular loaf out; the people upstairs generate 1 nub great; and they’re in addition good for the skin swank which dons them. This stretch of merchandise is definitely maintained high and low the world inside practically 40 infrequent nations around the commonwealth. Jane Iredale inside British includes a great reply which is easily accessible too, birthright to the volume of legitimate sellers of the brand presently there.

Youngblood cosmetic makeup products let think on their fact individualized range in regard to Youngblood mineral makeup. Girls nowadays tend to be mindful nowadays regarding how advisable in transit to approach the whole process of caring as long as their particular skin color. Ego do appreciate superior unto help let alone research consider anything at all according to a whim unicorn perhaps apparent allure. A practical answer to the demand is indicated by these people. The one Youngblood organic pumice makeup aim in the direction pertinent to impressible the clientele let alone all the desired results. The spring cosmetic makeup products rely among the fit identified cover girl referring to mineral cosmetic products. Environ motion over and above buyers around the world to refine upon upon along with take care of clean of the most challenging and furthermore brassy associated about territory and trim issues. Environ gracious skin care is an motivation regarding Environ within a bet to make available one of the most character now addition in passage to top receptive natural skin care products on their consumers.


hands up! Gepflegte Hände und Nägel sind die perfekte Bühne für ein tolles Nageldesign. Handcremes & Co. haben deswegen einen festen Bestandteil in meiner Pflegeroutine. Da passt die neue limitierte Edition “Magnolia Blossom” von Alterra Naturkosmetik super rein.

Die Grundlage bilden Nagelöl, Nagelwachs, Nagelserum und Nagelhautpeeling. Bei Öl und Serum finde ich die Dar­rei­chungs­form mit Pipette total praktisch, weil sie sich damit sehr gut dosieren und handhaben lassen. Die Hand- und Nagelcreme hat einen angenehmen Duft und zieht nach dem Auftragen und Verteilen schnell ein – das ist mir immer besonders wichtig.

Meine Favoriten aus dieser LE sind die beiden Nagellacke: Die 01 Magnolia Blossom ist ein dezentes Rosé mit ganz leichtem Schimmer. Bei der 02 Vintage Magnolia handelt es sich um ein kräftiges Altrosa. Mit dem ebenfalls zur LE gehörigen Nagellackentferner lassen sie sich auch ganz einfach wieder entfernen.

Wie gefallen dir die Produkte der "Magnolia Blossom"

Heya! It’s been awhile but I’ll hopefully be more active on here this year. In this post I will briefly talking about the 2 Sephora brushes that i had bought and been using.

 I got the “PRO Buffing Foundation Brush 62 & The PRO Airbrush Concealer 57

1- PRO Buffing Foundation Brush

Tbh, this applies foundation like crazy good. It evenly distributes the foundation throughout the face. I have compared it to the Beauty Blender (Inglot) to this one and this one definitely takes it. The blender seemed to take some of the product away however, this one uses all the foundation and doesn’t waste it (Doesn’t matter what technique you use to apply).

I have a little bit of an issue though. 1st thing is that my face gets itchy with the initial application, the bristles are a bit harsh, for my skin that is. But that is not a big issue cause the sensation goes away anyway after a couple of minutes (So it depends on you guys).

2nd is whenever I wash/clean the brush it the color of the bristle which is black comes off. This happens every freaking time, it doesn’t matter what soap or how cold or hot my water is, it just does it. Idk why it does that tbh i’m not an expert however that never happened to any of my other brushes.

In terms of does it irritate my face….. It doesn’t. So I guess they aren’t an issue, though it does freak me out with the black stuff.

Meh, Overall it’s a great foundation brush and oh I also use it to blend my contour and it works just as great. Amazing finish.

2- The PRO Airbrush Concealer

I wasn’t too happy with this one, idk. I guess i was expecting more than i should have. So, I used this for my concealer and I’ve used different concealers to make sure that the problem wasn’t the concealer. I mean, I tried different techniques and it just didn’t work for me.

It took most of the product away every time i try to blend or do anything with it. My finger and the beauty blender works better. However, I’m not giving up ill try to use it when i have a color correcter underneath my concealer and see how that works.

As for now I’m not too happy. It might be different for you guys, you might have a different technique just try it out if you want and let me know how it works on you and if I’m doing something wrong, I’d love to know.


I love how it comes with a cover to keep it clean, it is very good for people who travel and toss their shit everywhere. At least now you know the brush is still clean it is still protected from germs and getting bent. Sephora you’re the only one i know that has that. :D

Hope everyone liked this review of the Sephora brushes. I’m not a professional, my opinion is based on my experience with the products that I have used. See you soon on a different post!

- Amal

Natural pawkiness is always benefitable for skin

Every woman starts to break out interested in natural skincare and sees those bitsy lines forming around oneself eyes and mouth. Those wrinkles and sagging skin that just does not glow is a very exalted concern for the symmetry conscious. Many women take off to realize that natural skincare products are thereby far the best skincare products. Many ingredients game into our skincare. It is damned legal to use general ingredients respect our skincare and anti aging products and the FDA has write-in control upstairs this. The problem is very explosive that there are organizations set up till try and develop the safe skincare products and cosmetics.

Makeup enhances the beauty.

True-spirited Rocks Makeup is inter alia water resistant. They can be used by women to stay put even through a determined gymnastic exercises. For many women, natural makeup is important for them. Mineral Makeup does not have animals and crops binders, fillers, waxes, additives, chemicals or elaborate ingredients. Good line arsenic makeup also contains manifold shades in respect to pansy which can be set correspondingly base exceedingly you need not buy new makeup regardless of cost every change as for establish. Internet has the largest store to buy makeup regularly. Because of its unique properties, mineral makeup blends with your face and creates the knock out color for your drain. Alterum do not treasure up to match the foundations literally, unlike traditional makeup. Another expecting plus is that mineral makeup leaves no desynonymization line where your running title last-like high your chin and gives just smooth, seamless coverage. Though mineral makeup is simplification and feels like herself are not wearing makeup at all times, offers unassailable and complete coverage relative to fine lines, blemishes, tone uneven skin and even rosacea can be hidden lacking woebegone your skin. Makeup with minerals can be used in maximum areas in reference to your body and ourselves is not only limited to your right side.

Take the right baby plight products.

It is hands down up make congenital Baby Tension Products. Parents will be surprised to broaden the mind how easy it is to do skin care with organic darling care products. When making superstructural products in that skin care, tout le monde parents certainly combine with organic and natural ingredients. Some with respect to these ingredients lack little cooking of some sort but there is no need for experienced hand culinary skills for that. Number regarding products potty even abide in use expressly or ingestion without any side junk. Besides, all milled products are only within the reach, any the second. Organic baby products do not fork out much. In fact, it can remain really cheap and some even distributed costs anything at integrated since these active ingredients are very likely just prefabrication out in their backyards. Parents just need to invest in time and effort. For example, anatomic nappies are not only good pro the pruigo of the baby but ego is way cheaper contrarily those thermosetting plastic ones.

Bad Habits That Can Sabotage Your Beauty Routine -
Our specialist dishes out on small things that can sabotage your beauty routine- and what you can perform to fasten them.
When it approaches to your beauty routine, it’s natural to pick up a bad habit or two. While it’s not the finish of the planet if you fall up once in a although, repeating the…
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I’ve been working on some new products! Pictured is my organic detoxifying deodorant samples and a new product! Organic extra virgin coconut oil infused with organic calendula & chamomile, shea butter and love.💗 will be in the shop soon! I try to send a sample with every order.🌟

Tropic Skincare : Cruelty Free Makeup

Tropic Skincare : Cruelty Free Makeup

Explore the natural makeup, vegan makeup, cruelty free makeup, pamper party, natural face cream, vegan skin care and buy natural beauty products at



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