~ Try using this Organic Tinted Moisturizer from Juice Beauty. Its essential for all skin types 

~ For an effective toner, purchase a cucumber and follow these instructions. Or you can purchase Thayers Witch Hazel Toner

~ My favorite natural exfoliating product is the Coconut Cardamom facial scrub, its moisturizing anf perfect for all skin types! 


Day 160: Besides the overall redness and one cyst on my cheek things are looking pretty good. I’m on my sixth month now so I really hope I stop seeing blemishes soon. Fingers crossed. My shirt is all wet cause I can never wash my face without making a mess. I can’t wait to not get scratches and marks from everything that touches me. My skin is so delicate right now!


Bio Republic

~ Face Masks Galore!

If you have been reading my blog for awhile you more than likely know that face masks are my favorite! Anytime I see a single use face mask, whether it be at Walmart or Sephora, I’ll take two! I have a pretty standard regime, using one face mask every 3-4 days, and choosing them based on my skins needs at that time. That’s why this review took a little longer to post. 

Face masks are awesome because they pack a powerful punch of concentrated working ingredients in a short period of time, usually under 45 minutes. Bio Republic’s face masks go on and off in 15 minutes! Which is awesome if you are low on time but don’t want to sacrifice on results.

Some cool things to note about this company and their masks is that they are eco-conscious, they take this beautiful world we live in into consideration when formulating their products. All of the ingredients can be found in natural, and the sheet part of the mask is made of Bamboo. Bamboo consumes less water than the trees used to make pulp fiber masks. Bamboo also consumes less CO2 and help to prevent erosion and deforestation, and is grown without fertilizers and pesticides. 

I received all four of their face masks for review, and overall was very pleased with the results, here are the details so you can decide which one or ones are right for you. At only $4.99 each, I say try them all!

Cucumber Breeze 

This mask was supposed to calm and sooth your skin. I popped it in the fridge for an extra oomph of that cool feeling. This mask, and all of the masks in their line, include Vitamin E which is great for smoothing skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles, something I don’t quite have to worry about yet, but good to know! This mask had good results, my pores looked smaller and my face felt tighter. Overall, I looked and felt very fresh faced, and “revilatized.”

Pomegranate Crush

This mask wasn’t as amazing as the first one I used, but my skin was already in good shape when I used it, so improvements may have been harder to judge. This is the only mask that I really noticed any scent, and I was kind of “whatever” on it. Pomegranate stimulates collagen production and fights inflammation. I noticed that after I used this face mask my skin was brighter and my nose wasn’t as red. It definitely stayed true to the “illuminating” promise it makes on the front.

Green Tea Detox

I have to say that this one had my least favorite packaging, and was my least favorite mask. I know I’m a little bit uptight about presentation, but for me its what first attracts me to a project, this yellow made it hard to read, and the illustration is not as crisp as the other ones. This mask is supposed to purify your skin, and I have to say it did make my skin feel really clean, so much so that my skin felt a little striped and dry. However, I noticed that my skin felt soft as well, so that is good. It would probably be a great mask for people with an oily complexion.

Aloe Rescue

This was by far my favorite face of the four, which makes sense because I generally like aloe skincare products. This mask was even more soothing and cooling than the cucumber mask. I used this after being in the sun and afterwards my skin felt like it had completely recovered and moisturized. I think that this is the best overall mask, my skin just felt so healthy. Also, this one is the only one that left my skin feeling not too sticky. 

I think this is a great face mask collection! And for $4.99 a pop I definitely will be adding some too my huge face mask basket. I really like that they are sheet masks, it makes them so much easier to apply, and there is no need to wash the serum off afterward. To check these babies out head over to Bio Republic
Pearls Are Not Simply For Pearl Rings But Also Cosmetic Makeup Products
Since the start, people has been looking for strategies to get rid of the aging process and take advantage of eternal youth. The marketplace of beauty’s most current initiatives have concentrated to a great extent on cosmetic surgeries, injection therapy of serums, foreign substances and fat, implants, laser treatment options as well as a selection of alternative medical treatments.

Today, various makeup suppliers are seeking the fountain of youth in one more foundation which has previously been known all through the globe for centuries to accentuate the attractiveness of all who seem to wear them – the pearl. This is the identical pearl as used in cultured pearl rings.

Mother-of-pearl, also referred to as nacre, is made by specific species of oyster to line the interior of their shells, preventing irritability from the abrasive external shell and helping to guard against enteric parasites. It is actually consequently named mainly because when an irritant gets inside of a shell, the oyster defends themselves simply by coating the irritant using the exact same material.

The nacre of a pearl-producing oyster, no matter whether identified in pearls themselves or within the oyster’s shell, provides the identical vital amino acids which cure and preserve cellular material within the human body system. Deficiency of any 1 of those crucial amino acids can easily trigger skin to appear coarse and also wrinkled.

Scientists who have performed to cultivate skin creams influenced by nacre claim that several components of pearl may stimulate the metabolic actions of the ancestral substance in a cell, the DNA and RNA, and thus might promote and quicken cell renewals within the skin and hair. Just like human being tissue, nacre reserves in the mineral-based organic structure a range of bio-active molecules. These molecules consist of proteins that have been said to possess useful outcomes on the skin: lessen wrinkles and also firm, sculpt, in addition to illumine.

Healthy skin care Tips On your Oily T-Zone

When you have fatty or maybe combo skin area, it’s likely that fine anyone battle with your own personal t-zone. Should you be new to some sort of t-zone, envision pulling some sort of “T” on your own confront. Your own personal t-zone involves your own personal brow, nostril along with face. These are typically popular spots intended for surplus olive oil, pimple along with appearing for individuals that fall in typically the fatty or maybe combo type of skin.

However, typically the spots which may have by far the most headaches are typically the spots that men and women view initial if they examine anyone. Nevertheless never allow your own personal t-zone ensure you get along. Using care you may blow see your face straight into appearance along with minimize typically the pimple gowns and so disturbing. Foggy you need to understand to help you manage your own personal fatty t-zone the appropriate way.
Utilize appropriate cleansing. Should you be managing surplus olive oil, you’ll want to work with a cleansing supposed tailored for fatty skin area for the reason that spot. Some sort of carbamide peroxide gel structured cleansing is ideal to reduce olive oil along with remove your own personal tiny holes. Firmers may help. Nevertheless provided that your epidermis is incredibly fatty.

Firmers eradicate surplus olive oil, if you are skin area basically really fatty, you may well be still left experiencing dry out along with small. Work with a qualified skin disguise. Work with a skin disguise weekly that is certainly produced intended for pimple or maybe fatty skin area. Obtaining a single using herbal tea shrub or maybe clay courts is a superb start off. Should your cheeks are typically dry out, merely implement on your own t-zone which means you no longer dehydrate your own personal cheeks. Get some good pore strip. Pore strip are an easy way to completely clean your own tiny holes, particularly if get appearing.

Always work with a toner as soon as you get rid of the deprive in order to support shut your own personal tiny holes. Olive oil blotting bed sheets can be a have to. A great way for you to instantaneously eradicate surplus stand out. All these prudent damaged tissues are generally best to stay in the tote or maybe bookbag for you to recharge see your face.

Read More at LifeXtyle

Younique is a makeup company on a mission to uplift, empower, validate, and ultimately build self-esteem in women around the world through high-quality naturally based skin care and makeup products encouraging both inner and outer beauty and spiritual enlightenment while also providing opportunities for personal growth and financial reward. To learn more about the products or business opportunity please visit or contact Corina Gutierrez #SanAntonioTx #wheelchairbeauty #beauty #makeup #3dmascara #3DLashes #bbcream #eyes #face #angel_on_a_mission #angelonamission


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