One way to push my buttons is to at least seem to think that kids are unreasonable, dumb, or incapable of functioning without direct adult input.

Kids’ reasons make perfect sense to them.

Intelligence is not the same as knowledge.

Children do not turn into inert lumps when adults aren’t looking.

Even before I became a parent, I couldn’t understand how so many adults seemed to have so completely forgotten what it was like to be a kid.  Human nature does not fundamentally change, no matter what the technological trappings of the era may be–just because you didn’t have some things as a kid that your own kids have now doesn’t mean that the overall experience of being a kid has changed radically.

I remember watching a Good Morning America where Charlie Gibson was interviewing a 10 year old national spelling bee champion.  Mr Gibson was leaning over and speaking to the kid like the kid was four years old.  Dude, this kid was a spelling bee champion.  Even without that, this kid was 10.  Yes, a ten year old might not be able to speak at length about the geopolitical climate, but I guarantee the kid could talk a lot about something that was a passionate interest, and, a guess here, spelling just might have been one of those interests for that kid.

And I know I’ve lost followers over my negative opinions of the “Why my kid is crying” stuff.  That’s fine.  Everyone has their own life experience.  No need to keep following people who upset or irritate you =)
Click here to support Supporting Peyton McCaughey by Ed Gribben Jr.
By now, many of you know about the tragic situation our family faces and have asked how you can help. Until now we didn’t know what help we would need; but, as time goes by, it is apparent that financial support is the best way our family and friends can participate in Peyton’s recovery. It take...

I know literally nobody on here reads my posts, but I had to take a shot. I work at an after school program, where every day I get to spend time with incredible, smart, athletic, funny, talent kids. Some of them are challenging, but it’s hard not to fall in love with each and every one of these kids. However, there are just naturally some kids you bond with more. One of those kids for me was a boy named Peyton. We played volleyball together, we played around the world together, and he truly made my laugh every single day. Right now, instead of starting school with the rest of his grade, Peyton is in a hospital bed. His parents had their house treated for termites, and although it was cleared for them to return home, Peyton has been severely affected by the chemicals. His MRIs suggest that he now has brain damage. He no longer has the ability to control his limbs, his speech has been extremely compromised, and he can’t feed himself. His family has not been able to work, due to the constant care that Peyton needs. Not only is this problematic due to the hospital bills that are surely racking up, but they have a daughter as well. Soon, it will be hard for them to afford food, gas, and another necessities for themselves and their daughter. So, I know none of you know me, and none of you know him, but I am begging for the help of all of you. These are such incredible people, and they truly do need the help of anyone willing to offer. Even if you can’t afford to donate, please spread the word to others. We can all help this wonderful family through this terrible time.