Celebrate Wilderness Month 2015 with Us & GO WILD for Every Kid!

On this day in 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Wilderness Act, making the United States the first country in the world to define and designate wilderness areas through law. Today, through the National Conservation Lands, the BLM manages 223 congressionally designated wilderness areas and 517 wilderness study areas as a part of the Bureau’s mission under the Federal Land Policy and Management Act.

The nearly 8.8 million acres of wilderness and 12.6 million acres of wilderness study areas for which BLM is responsible represent extraordinarily diverse landscapes - from deserts to offshore rocks to alpine tundra - in 11 western states plus Alaska. Cherished for their untrammeled landscapes and preservation of ecological and scenic values, BLM’s wilderness also provides excellent places to enjoy solitude and primitive recreation.

To celebrate the Wilderness Act and Wilderness Month 2015, we’ll feature BLM-managed wilderness areas and wilderness study areas here - one stunning location per day.  As a bonus, we’ll share the unique scientific, historical, and cultural value of these areas as 4th graders and their families explore the outdoors - a living classroom - through the new initiative!


Learn how we’re inspiring and empowering the next generation of conservationists! 

Yami Bakura

Yugi thought that his classmate Bakura Ryou was a sweet and good-natured kid. Yugi was right about that, until the evil of the Millenium Ring took over Bakura Ryou’s mind and transformed him into the nefarios Yami Bakura. Unfortunately for Yugi and his friends, Bakura kept the sinister Millenium Ring close at all times.