Wonkru Network ABC Challenge: Letter K: Kids

Because of the dark nature of the show, kids do not appear on The 100 very often. Most of the kids do not have the luxury of being kids, and must endure a great deal to be able to survive in the post-apocalyptic world. Kids are often on the show to pull on the viewers heartstrings and show how violent and unforgiving society has become. From Aden being a trained killer, to Reese losing her father; Charlotte being imprisoned and sent to earth, to Octavia being hidden under the floor with Bellamy responsible for keeping her a secret. The entire show pushed the bounds of morality and makes viewers question how far is too far to go for the sake of survival, and their use of kids to point out the injustices only highlights these questions. 

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From what we've seen of Rebirth Jason he still has trouble considering the bats his family. The only ones he's been making progress with is Bruce (slowly rebuilding the father/son dynamic) and Dick (admitting Dick's his hero and wants to spend time with him and Dick wanting to do better by him). Pre Rebirth Jason liked Damian a lot and cares about him. But I wouldn't see them as emotionally close brothers either. Neither Damian or Jason think about each other in Rebirth though they seem to have-

2 have fun w/each other and I bet they see each other a part of the family in a clan sense. I think they’d be mutually awkward emotionally with each other but Jason is naturally good with kids similar to how Dick is so I could see Damian respecting him. I have no idea about Tim either though. Damian seems to mourn him but isn’t devastated by his loss. Same w/Jason. Dick was the only one shown needing to help to move on (NW9). So far Dick is the only one shown having a bond w/all the Robins.

I have full trust in RHATO to do good with Jason & the batfam. I mean, I also love the “family of choice” theme because I’m a sucker like that, but I really think that Jason mending his relationship with the family is one of the most important things for him. Also you just made me think about how in n52 Tim&Jason were like the biggest bro ever and now is just ?? I know I should’ve thought about before jumping into the boat, but the inconsistency of comic books will definitely kill me one day.

Anyway yes! For the few times we’ve seen them team up, Jason and Damian do work well together and there’s definitely a lot of ground for them to get closer and emotionally attached to each other. A pro of this would be that while Dick tends to act more as a second father, Jason would be the true bully big brother Damian deserves.

being a naturally smart kid with adhd was honestly so damaging tbh because throughout grade school i just immediately understood every concept explained to me and i did well in school on intelligence alone, which was fine at first, but it meant that i never learned how to cope with things i didn’t understand immediately, and also nobody ever noticed my adhd since i wasn’t having trouble in school, which meant i would blame myself when i couldn’t focus and get incredibly frustrated with myself for procrastinating so much. so like, when school started to catch up with me, and my methods of just throwing my brain at things started to not work anymore, i literally didn’t know how to do school work. i would procrastinate or straight up avoid work i didn’t know how to deal with and i developed crippling anxiety over school and eventually major depression. like it eventually got so bad i had to leave school for a couple weeks. and like, i finally got diagnosed, and now I’m taking meds for adhd, but to this day, i still don’t really know how to learn or work efficiently and i kinda wish id been forced to learn this stuff in grade school instead of eleventh fucking grade when i really need to be doing good in school for college

I love BNHA a lot in general but one of my highest praises is for how they handle Bakugou.

Like, the “cool, angry, top-of-his-game rival character who hates the protagonist” is dime-a-dozen in shonen series. That’s who Bakugou is. And its real common to toss a set of rose-tinted glasses on every other character so they all see Rival Guy as cool and amazing and admirable. That way the protagonist has to work extra hard to beat his rival AND prove himself to everyone else, who all just blindly adore Rival Guy.

And BNHA…doesn’t do that. BNHA lets everyone understand that Bakugou is an asshole. He’s strong. He’s talented. He’s a force of nature. The other kids know this, but theyre not blinded by it. They understand he’s unfairly cruel to Deku. They know his ego is a problem. They’re not scared of him or dazzled by him. They take notice when he’s being a problem. They call him out. They tease him.

There’s the bus scene in early season 1 where Deku’s cowering in shock because Good god, these kids have the nerve to mock Bakugou. Because the kids in Deku and Bakugou’s old school were a lot more like the typical shonen characters. They let Bakugou get away with his awfulness because he was Bakugou. The UA kids are a different cut though. They don’t care Bakugou was #1 in the exam. They don’t care that he’s Bakugou.

And heck, half of Bakugo’s character arcs involve him hopping from one angry existential crisis to another, because he’s not always the best, because he can’t win everyone over to his side with confidence, because he can’t accomplish every single thing his inflated ego says he should be accomplishing. The audience witnesses him meet resistance and hardship and consequence for being an egotistical, hot-headed bully. He faces real-world honest consequences for being that kind of terrible person.

Bakugo hasn’t had one definite character-redeeming moment–no “oh you talked sense into me and now im Good™ “. But as the manga goes on, he’s become less volatile, less cocky, less eager to harass Deku. He still is an asshole, but he’s changed. I have a lot of respect for how it’s been handled. Slowly, progressively. His ego has been chiseled down by personal failures, by witnessing how his cocky confidence does harm to himself and others. 

I love that BNHA doesn’t let the cool, powerful, rival character just have his way. I love that BNHA doesnt just whack Bakugo with a single character-redemption arc and pull him through the other side. I love that BNHA shows us what things are whittling down Bakugo, that they take a metaphorical spray bottle to him again and again, pushing him into something less cruel than he was.

And it’s really good.

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Y'all coming in here with "I think The Brain gay and Sue Ellen pan" like inclusivity is great but these kids are ten that's unrealistic. At that age I didn't even know where my dick was let alone who I wanna use it on

hey that’s real fuckin neato YOU KNOW WHAT’S INTERESTING THOUGH is how for some totally strange reason, no one bats a gd eye at all the hetero relationships between children in cartoons or makes those relationships unnecessarily sexual AND YET as soon as you talk about the possibility of fictional kids being gay, suddenly it’s “i didn’t know who i wanted to use my dick on when i was ten” or “why are you sexualising children??”

REAL INTERESTING how kid characters can be straight and can explore straight relationships (with adult encouragement, mind you), while the very concept of a gay kid character is “unrealistic” and invites needless comments about sex 

it’s almost as if folks think heterosexuality is natural and pure and kid-safe whereas being gay is something inherently dirty and sexual or inappropriate…… hm….. makes u think………………  

My dear lgbt+ kids, 

Everyone did things as a child that do not match up with who they are as an adult. 

Some kids say they want to be a doctor when they are grown up and by the time they are old enough to actually choose a career path, medicine isn’t even an option they would consider anymore. Some kids cry when their parents get divorced and as an adult, they look back and say “I’m so glad they got divorced, it was the best decision for everyone involved.” 

That’s a natural part of growing up. It’s a normal, healthy development. Change is part of life and it would be ridiculous to expect a 30 year old to still have the exact same opinions, thoughts and interests they had at 10 years old. 

Weirdly, some people forget this when it comes to lgbt+ people. They say things like “You’re lesbian? But you had a crush on the little boy living next to you when you were 10!” or “You can’t identify as male, you always wore lots of make-up as a teen!” or “You always dreamt of a big wedding and now you’re suddenly ‘aromantic’.” 

They forget that change is natural - and that kids are often heavily influenced by their environment. Maybe the kid actually wanted their parents together at that time and simply changed their mind - or they were influenced by the fact that everyone else’s parents (seemingly) were married and subconsciously wanted to fit in. Both of that would be completely normal and nothing to judge. Maybe you actually felt romantic attraction at one point but now don’t - or you were influenced by the fact that everyone else (seemingly) falls in love and gets married  and subconsciously wanted to fit in. Both of that would be completely normal and nothing to judge.

Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not valid because you “have not always been that way”. Nobody has always been who they are now. It’s called growing up. 

With all my love, 

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I LIVE!!!  Sorry for the epicly long absence everyone.  To be honest, the last couple of months have been rough with work and moving and dealing with some health issues (don’t worry, I’m fine, some chronic health problems have just decided to return is all).  I’m realizing that I need to take things slower whether I like it or not, and I also need to make time for my own work.  It’s what makes me happiest.

So in that vein, here’s a piece I made for @miniludvin in exchange for the AMAZING painting I won from her in her last contest.  I love her work so much (everyone go check it out!).  I hope you like your little bunny! 

A thieving roommate and a "haunted" Xbox.

Warning:Long, but totally worth it!

During freshman year of college I roomed with my cousin and our friend Dan. The three of us happened to be quite the marijuana enthusiasts and enjoyed smoking…a lot. As great a luxury cannabis is, it wasn’t cheap, especially to three college kids. So naturally, when we wanted to smoke together we’d all chip in an equal sized nug so no one ended up getting short-changed and to obviously save a little cash here and there. As time went on, Dan began to run out of money due to his constant smoking. No money=no weed. So what went from rolling a spliffs everyday suddenly became smashing bowls and scraping resin off the shards of glass and mixing it with tobacco to get high. In our very small and cramped room, I had a mason jar filled with a baggie of my weed hidden in a spot that NO ONE (I thought) knew about. After class one day, I wanted to sit back and enjoy a smoke when I pulled my stash out of the hiding spot to find that the weed was missing. Instantly, I knew Dan did the dirty deed. My cousin wasn’t struggling too bad financially at the time so it couldn’t have been him. But before I pointed any fingers, I decided to wait it out and be 100% positive.

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Paladin Headcanons

Shiro:  Has insomnia which only got worse after he got kidnapped by the galra, used to babysit pidge when she was little, met matt when they were both 16, was overall a good teacher at the garrison, taught Keith (his adopted brother) abt astronomy when he was little and the two would watch the stars

Keith: Never really met his mom probably she left when he was a baby, is touch starved, loves watching the stars, has anxiety, loves watching space/ufo documentaries, lowkey had a crush on Fox Mulder, loves wearing hoodies, his PJs are just a t shirt and shorts or a t shirt and boxers, sleeps in all the time, stays up late, curses a lot, falls asleep easily during car rides.

Lance: Has naturally curly hair, loves kids so much and is amazing with them, his mom taught him about astronomy, had bad acne when he was like 12, helps hunk when he gets nervous, comforts pidge when she gets sad about Matt and Sam, overall really good at helping people when they need it, he surfs, he collected shells from the beach when he was little, always was the one who put on the camera for a family photo and ran to the rest of the family before it went off.

Hunk: His mom gave him his headband when he was little, has really warm and soft hands, uses lotion a lot, helped tutor younger kids in the garrison abt math, has panic attacks sometimes, he taught himself about machinery, loved learning about space in school.

Pidge: Does not let anyone touch her laptop, actually doesn’t mind dresses she used to wear them a lot, matt was trans too and let her use his old clothes, became very close with her mom after matt and her dad disappeared, did all she could to find them before the garrison,  she picked out the dog when she was like 4, loves playing video games.

I know we joke around a lot about the silly nature of Spy Kids and how weird the series as a whole is (which is funny as hell don’t get me wrong), but when I went to the 2013 Austin Film Festival and saw Robert Rodriguez speak at his panel about his works someone asked him about the spy kids series and he said that came from not seeing a lot of action movies that the whole family could enjoy featuring prominently Hispanic families and wanted to make those films so his kids and others would be able to have that representation with characters that save the world in a fun actiony way and as silly as those movies are that just struck me as really sweet.