So We Met (Potential SD) / All The Tea!

I got to the restaurant 30mins late and when I entered there was barely anyone there. A couple & a few old dudes at the bar. I was seriously about to leave.  He has to be one of those old guys right? My thoughts exactly! As soon as I turned around to leave a man from the corner of the restaurant I haven’t noticed before approached me.

To my surprise, as soon as he said my name I knew it was him….Ahmed. I felt relieved but also caught off guard. I wasn’t expecting him to be a Saudi Arabian man, I wasn’t complaining either. He had some color to him. I liked that. He looked established ,well dressed and his late 30s complimented him well.

After the first impressions subsided, we ordered and the questions began. I was nervous. I knew for a fact there wasn’t any other local daddies in my area, and I coudln’t afford to mess up. Ahmed came all the way from NY to see me. I didn’t want to go home telling my twin that this so called interview she “thought” I went on went wrong.

I wanted to make myself sound worth wild so I didn’t go into details about my fiancial struggles. I just told him that, I was looking for someone to show me a new side of life, who expects the finer things. His eyes squinted a lot when I said that. I knew he liked it or maybe he was trying to get a better look at my clevage I inteionally was flaunting. Overall, it was working. He told me, he has a few family stocks in NY (WallStreet) and didn’t want to commit to anything beyond companionship.

I didn’t dig to deep. The attraction was there for both of us and I just wanted to play off of that. I even tried to sneak a photo for my blog but the fucking bus boy got in the damn way. I so pissed. Even though you aren’t suppose to mention money at the first arrangement, he paid me for my time. Even wanted to Uber me home so I didn’t have to take the bus. I wasn’t having that. I didn’t want his phone having my address just yet. He did give me a little extra for a cab ride, which was nice.

I can’t wait to tell Latoya how this fake interview went. She thinks I’m at some Barista gig! LMAO

XO Latasha


(Highjacking Loverboy’s tumblr to post) Vacation/birthday visit, he finally got to see the Cap dress he bought. Plus my Stucky dogtags ( I got a Widow one too) he got for my bday. AND I GOT MY BIG CHOP. Tumblr posting cause I dont have my alibi worked out for what “happened” to my hair yet. weird-little-shishi teslatricity @inmykrysalis

Soooo it’s been 9 days since I started my locs journey. My growth rate seems to be pretty good because in just this time I’m sprouting at the top which is fine as I await my length and lions mane to come in. Retwisted them myself last night (for the first time).

Definitely learning patience and also to embrace the imperfections. Because getting through the “baby stage” was most frightening to me since I am used to having a head full of long, thick hair. But it’s a part of the process. Gotta embrace it and love my reflection.