She brightens up my world in a way I never thought was possible. Genuine, unconditional love is what I have for this tiny being. She has added so much joy to my happiness and I don’t know how I was living before her life intertwined with mine…and it doesn’t matter because now I live for us. This is a true forever thing, I’m forever grateful.

anonymous asked:

MC and unknown go to the hospital because the baby gonna born!! ^^

Hmm… I found this a bit hard to do, considering that if it’s Unknown, I can’t imagine him going to hospital because… well, Mint Eye. I’ve tried my best though…

  • He’d be in a panic, seeing MC approach him before saying “The baby… I- I think it’s coming…”
  • “The fuck?! I- It is?! Then- then what the hell do we have to do!”
  • He knew that MC existed due to her birth actually being registered, unlike his own all those years ago… So it was possible to take her to hospital…
  • But would he be allowed in?
  • Could he be there for the birth of the child?
  • Would the Saviour even allow him and MC to leave?!
  • It was a relief when he was allowed to take her out, but he was given one strict instruction…
  • To return as soon as possible.
  • Once at the hospital, he was in a slightly worse panic than previously and some doctors even thought he was a psychiatric patient there at the hospital
  • but when he got the news of the baby being born almost as soon as he had got MC there… He felt relief.
  • He felt calm.
  • And when he got to see MC and the baby… He was in love.
  • What made him even happier though?
  • The baby didn’t have his natural yellow eyes, or his natural hair colour… The baby looked nothing like his stupid identical twin brother, and had taken after MC instead.