a doodle of a gemsona that I wanted to do for a while. She is very maternal and has a semi deep voice she was part of the Crystal Gems and fought side by side with Rose Quartz. Like Rose Quartz she cared deeply for Earth as well. Her favourite thing about Earth were the forests and all their animals. She doesnt have a weapon her power is Nature Manipulation. 

Emerald design belongs to me please credit if used 

Hair Dye and Tired Eyes: P2 (m/f)

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Warren Worthington III x Reader (FEMALE)

Part [1] (ungen!reader) Part [2] (male!reader)

Author: Lewis

Prompt: Do you think you could make a sequel to the Warren hair dye one??

Note: Wowie! So part one was very popular and i got quite a few people interested in a part two. Here it is, well version 1.

Warnings: lil bit of language, brief mention of violence.

It had been two weeks since Y/N had returned to the mansion with the others and if Warren was quite honest it was going nowhere. At first he brushed it off, thinking they were probably just shy or getting used to life at the mansion but no. A whole two weeks had passed and they still hadn’t said a word to him. Occasionally Warren would see her talking to Hank or Professor Xavier, he couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealousy. Warren didn’t understand how you could talk to them and then just brush off your soulmate the next second. So far the only benefit had been that his eyes returned back to their natural emerald green and Y/N’s went back to y/e/c only becoming the beautiful golden colour when using her powers.

To say that Warren got jealous when Peter started talking to her was an understatement. Even when Jean was telling Y/N how to get to one of her classes, Warren stood slightly down the hall, a scowl heavily etched into his face, watching the scene unfold.

After the second week Warren was tired, tired of being jealous, getting annoyed at his friends, acting irrationally. An incident where Y/N had dropped her books Scott bent down to help before Warren proved to be his breaking point. Scott’s hand barely even brushed Y/N’s and she didn’t even notice but Warren sure as hell did. Once Y/N was out of sight Warren had his fists balled in Scott’s collar and pinned him up against the wall. Lucky for Scott, Professor Xavier and Hank had just come round the corner to stop Warren from throwing any punches. After that Warren had avoided his friends for the past two days.

Getting into the third week of Y/N being here, Warren still hadn’t been able to talk to her. Any attempt got shot down before he could even get a word out. Warren would see her walking down the corridor and as soon as their eyes met Y/N turned the other. So finally Warren took the hint and backed off.

Now Warren was finally relaxing, kind of. He decided to pay a visit to the pool which was surprisingly empty. Not a single soul was in the building but him. Yet it was almost comforting, Warren finally had time with just his thoughts, plus the water felt great. After around twenty minutes of floating about, he pulled himself to the edge of the pool on the furthest end from the entrance. It was partly shady there as the sun was beginning to set, cutting off the intense beams of light coming through the windows on the ceiling.

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