Natural DIY Hair Mask Recipe (For Hair Growth & Hair Loss)


  • 1 Avocado (Rich source of proteins, amino acids, and vitamins)
  • 1 Tbsp Argan Oil (High levels of Vitamin E & Fatty Acids)
  • 1 Tbsp Castor Oil (Packed with Vitamin E & Omega-9)
  • 1 Tbsp Rosemary Essential Oil (Loaded with sulfur, silica, and antioxidant properties that prevents hair loss and accelerate hair growth)
  • 2 Tbsp Aloe Vera Gel (Contains Proteolytic Enzymes which repairs dead skin cells on the scalp)


1. Smash your avocado using a mortar, be sure to make it as creamy as possible. Place in a mixing bowl.

If using aloe vera gel, skip the following step and move on to step 3. if using a fresh trimmed aloe plant, follow step 2.

2. Slice your aloe open and smash it in a clean mortar until you get it into a smooth consistency. (This may take a little while, but the fresh aloe will be worth it in the end!) 

3. Place 2 tbsp of aloe into the mixing bowl of avocado.

4. Add & mix all oils into mixing bowl of avocado & aloe.

5. After all ingredients are mixed, place it onto your hair and massage it into your scalp. Keep adding the mixed ingredients until all your hair is covered, just like a mask!

6. Let it sit for about 30 minutes until dried, rinse with lukewarm water, and wash.

Continue this routine at least once a month. For best results, apply once a week.

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- Jacqueline, the Plant Lady.

Witchy Tip

If you’re a green witch that has a hard time when you’re not around nature get a small bottle and put some of the things from your favorite forest spot, like dirt, a pinch of moss, small twigs, then turn it into a necklace. This helps you have a bit of nature where ever you go and is calming when you feel uncomfortable in a city area.

DIY Lip Exfoliator Sweet Enough To Eat

Simply mix, apply to lips in a circular motion, and wipe this tasty concoction off with a tissue for completely kissable lips. Easy as pie, right? Well, it’s surely as sweet! 

Lip Care 101:

Why exfoliate your lips?

It’s going to make lipstick go on with a nice smooth and even texture. Exfoliating the top layer of the skin before applying lipstick exposes a new soft surface, and it hydrates at the same time. Exfoliating now, as we head into cooler months, is especially important because your skin tends to be drier during the winter.

Is natural always better?

Nothing beats mixing something special at home, but it depends on the person and the products they use. Folks can have different reactions to different ingredients, even if they’re natural. There are some great synthetic ingredients out there that are not irritating and non-clogging, though — you just have to choose a product line that uses reputably sourced ingredients. Also, when making your own concoctions, remember that they don’t last as long since they lack preservatives, so make small batches, and note smell and texture.

Any more tips for keeping ‘em kissable throughout the year?

Keep a hydrating lip balm by your bed at night and put it on right before you go to sleep. Look for something non-petroleum based. Shea butter- or cocoa butter-based is your best bet. Also, whenever you find a product you like that has SPF in it, go for it! It can be a tough thing to find, but fortunately, just putting color on your lips blocks the sun a bit by itself. Think of red lipstick as a semi-block from the sun!

Best overall beauty tip:

There really are no rules! You can make anything work with the right style and confidence.

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DIY Zombie Brain Cupcakes

Make these all natural blood-red beet spice cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  

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Incredibly Realistic Handmade Wood and Paper Bird Sculptures by Zack Mclaughlin

Inspired by a love for the natural world, London-based artist Zack Mclaughlin creates incredibly realistic bird sculptures with the single goal of bringing nature into the home. While one might assume these birds are made with feathers, they’re actually made using wood and paper. In addition to these beautifully intricate pieces, his store also includes DIY Bird kits and for those who desire a more minimalistic asthetic, Mclaughlin also creates wire figurines that appear as though they are hand drawn sketches. Whether you’re a hobbyist looking for your next project or someone looking for a striking conversation piece, these stunning creations are sure to amaze. Visit Mclaughlin’s store on Etsy to see all that the talented artist has to offer.