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There are stories internationally about animals that can predict disasters. Dogs, cats, and cows acting strangely days before earthquakes. Birds fleeing before hurricanes. Sharks swimming to avoid storms. Absol is simply another one of these, a valiant-hearted dark type which uses its powers of premonition to warn others of impending doom. But how?

The short answer is that a lot of animals just have better sense than us. For example, many of these animal predictions have been shown to work through hearing. As humans, we can hear frequencies of 20 - 20,000 Hz. Other animals have different ranges of hearing, such as cows who can hear from 16 Hz up to 40,000 Hz. There are a lot of sounds that we, as humans, just can’t hear. For example, the high-pitched dog whistle is out of our range but dogs can hear just fine.

Slightly more relevant lies on the other end of the spectrum. Sounds below 20 Hz, called infrasonic, that we can’t hear. These kinds of sounds are frequently made by earthquake shockwaves, ocean waves, thunderstorms, see where this is going? Absol has a wider range of hearing than we do, such that she can physically hear disasters approaching.

Of course, hearing is not the only way to sense disasters. Dogs are particularly well known for their super smelling powers, such as the ability to sniff out cancer or even monitor a diabetic’s blood sugar levels. We did a whole post on their amazing noses for Growlithe, but it just as well can relate to disasters, too.

Then, of course, there’s the way we do it for weather forecasts: monitoring the atmospheric pressures and humidity. Bees, for example, seem to be sensitive to humidity, which warns them of incoming rain with enough time for them to seek shelter in their hives. Sharks can sense pressure drops of just a few millibars, and abnormal/extreme weather like hurricanes usually causes large fluctuations in the atmosphere.

So again, the short answer is that animals just have better senses than us. Think of it like your bedroom, coming home every day to the same furniture and walls, and then one day, suddenly, everything has been flipped upsidedown – that might be what these animals feel like.  They get accustomed to the normal pressures, sounds, and smells of their environment, and act accordingly when something changes for the worst, by running away, seeking shelter, or for Absol, warning others. 

Absol has better senses than humans, which lets it hear, smell, or otherwise detect natural disasters before they arrive.

The signs as natural disasters

Aries: Volcanic eruptions

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Taurus: Solar flares

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Gemini: Tsunami

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Cancer: Thunder storms

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Leo: Earthquakes

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Virgo and Saggitarius: Landslides

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Libra: Blizzards

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Scorpio: Floods

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Capricorn: Sinkholes

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Aquarius: Cyclonic storms

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Pisces: Tornadoes

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I thought I was done with unrequited love, and then you smiled at me.

And I love you but I hate you at the same time, an endless circle of desperation, a beggar grasping at the crumbs you give me, disgusted with myself for acting this way, wishing and hoping until I make myself sick, crashed to the ground only to get up, spitting blood again, acting like every blow doesn’t exist, acting like it all means nothing to me, twirling around all the words I can’t say to you, until they hem me in and press against me, suffocating me. I can’t find my way out of falling for you, even though it’s crushing me.

You’re every natural disaster rolled into one freak storm, because I should have known better than to let the water level rise, watch the clouds creep closer as though nothing they did could effect me. I should have evacuated, run away, found a way to be far away from you when the ground shifted underneath me.

I should never have let myself be swept up in those first notes and inside jokes and scrawled tattoos, I should never have dove into the waves like they wouldn’t hurt me, recklessness always my downfall, adrenaline always a drug with a hell of a hangover. I should have averted the disaster before it started.

But I fell. And so unrequited love comes upon me again, the blight that sweeps into my head unbidden, planting tantalizing daydreams and alternate realities, embellishing every word you say with fairytale fervor, romance blossoming at the corners of my everyday.

And I stand beneath the crush of the tidal wave once again, daring it to do its worst.

—  ‘First Love’ (Part III)
The Signs as Natural Disasters
  • Aries: Forest Fire
  • Taurus: Earthquake
  • Gemini: Tornado
  • Cancer: Flood
  • Leo: Lightning Storm
  • Virgo: Sink Hole
  • Libra: Hurricane
  • Scorpio: Hail Storm
  • Sagittarius: Volcano
  • Capricorn: Meteor Shower
  • Aquarius: Black Hole
  • Pisces: Tsunami
  • Aries: Sandstorm
  • Taurus: Earthquake
  • Gemini: Blizzard
  • Cancer: Tsunami
  • Leo: Wildfire
  • Virgo: Landslide
  • Libra: Sinkhole
  • Scorpio: Cyclone
  • Sagittarius: Volcano
  • Capricorn: Avalanche
  • Aquarius: Tornado
  • Pisces: Hurricane

Cyclone Debbie keeps slowing and backing off slightly, the winds are literally battering the living hell out of everywhere within reach of the system. People are watching trees fall through roofs of houses, roofs are lifting off of apartment buildings. Triple Zero is getting increasingly panicked calls for help, but the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services can’t dispatch into the region until the storm has reduced. Debbie may still intensify to a Category 5, her wind gusts are registering over 260km/h. She’s the worst cyclone since Cat 5 Yasi almost wiped out Innisfail in 2011.

Please, please, keep the people of northern Queensland in your thoughts! The eye hasn’t made landfall yet so there’s still a long way to go. Specifically keep the Whitsundays, Hamilton Island, and Airlie Beach in your thoughts!

Wrath of God

A/N: Okay, so I’m really excited. The idea for this fic just randomly popped into my head and I had to write it. I hope you all enjoy it! I hope it’s not too horrible.

Author: @totallysupernaturaloneshots

Word Count: 2,511

Characters: Chuck x Reader, Sam, Dean. Castiel, Amara

Pairing: Chuck x Reader

Warnings: Er, mentions of natural disaster, end of the world, mentions of destroying of the planet, wrathful God (who doesn’t love a wrathful God? ;) ), anger, angst, swearing, pregnant!reader, and I believe that’s it.

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Summary: The end is nye. Chuck starts his own apocalypse, the end of humanity and the world itself. No one knows why he’s doing it, but can the reader make him change his mind?

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zodiac couples x natural disasters

earth sign + earth sign = earthquake: cracking but together

water sign + water sign = sea storm: swelling with passion

fire sign + fire sign = volcano:
bubbling with energy

air sign + air sign = sand storm:
blinded by love

earth sign + water sign = tsunami:
taking over everything

water sign + fire sign = lightning storm:
powerful yet fascinating

fire sign + air sign = drought:
begging for more

air sign + earth sign = tornado:
enticing but extreme

earth sign + fire sign = wildfire:
endless and exciting

water sign + air sign = hurricane:
unstoppable yet intense