Fyre Festival is Hilarious and I'll Tell You Why

As a Louisiana resident, I find all the people rushing in to defend the Fyre Festival goers behavior hilarious. Here’s why.

I’m someone who is familiar with disasters, from floods taking out homes to hurricanes ripping through my state. I am also familiar with the horrible things said about the people in my state, primarily the poor, when they resort to methods of survival such as scavenging for supplies in unmanned stores in times of disaster. I also remember how people were so eager people were to call names and point fingers during Katrina when people were recorded fighting and stealing from others. Somehow my people were deemed ‘savages’ and 'animals’ for all of their behavior.

Now here’s Fyre Festival’s rich attendees who:

1. Are not actually stranded (bc people low to throw around that word). Being stranded suggests there is no foreseeable way out. They have a way out, they just have to wait as groups of people are going out in droves.

2. Have enough money to buy supplies and things from another area if needed.

3. Were not there for more than a day and started looting, stealing, and destructing property.

4. Have actually been provided with some form of food and shelter. Ironically, disaster relief shelter lol.

People are acting like they experiences the Hunger Games when really it was more the first few pages Lord of the Flies before shit hit the fan. Does it suck they lost thousands. Of course. Do they have the right to be mad. HELL YEAH! I would be too. However, I’m still going to laugh at this reaction by the attendees and the media. How these people would survive in real danger I will never know lol.

The Signs as Natural Disasters
  • Aries: Forest Fire
  • Taurus: Earthquake
  • Gemini: Tornado
  • Cancer: Flood
  • Leo: Lightning Storm
  • Virgo: Sink Hole
  • Libra: Hurricane
  • Scorpio: Hail Storm
  • Sagittarius: Volcano
  • Capricorn: Meteor Shower
  • Aquarius: Black Hole
  • Pisces: Tsunami

Requested Anonymously

There are stories internationally about animals that can predict disasters. Dogs, cats, and cows acting strangely days before earthquakes. Birds fleeing before hurricanes. Sharks swimming to avoid storms. Absol is simply another one of these, a valiant-hearted dark type which uses its powers of premonition to warn others of impending doom. But how?

The short answer is that a lot of animals just have better sense than us. For example, many of these animal predictions have been shown to work through hearing. As humans, we can hear frequencies of 20 - 20,000 Hz. Other animals have different ranges of hearing, such as cows who can hear from 16 Hz up to 40,000 Hz. There are a lot of sounds that we, as humans, just can’t hear. For example, the high-pitched dog whistle is out of our range but dogs can hear just fine.

Slightly more relevant lies on the other end of the spectrum. Sounds below 20 Hz, called infrasonic, that we can’t hear. These kinds of sounds are frequently made by earthquake shockwaves, ocean waves, thunderstorms, see where this is going? Absol has a wider range of hearing than we do, such that she can physically hear disasters approaching.

Of course, hearing is not the only way to sense disasters. Dogs are particularly well known for their super smelling powers, such as the ability to sniff out cancer or even monitor a diabetic’s blood sugar levels. We did a whole post on their amazing noses for Growlithe, but it just as well can relate to disasters, too.

Then, of course, there’s the way we do it for weather forecasts: monitoring the atmospheric pressures and humidity. Bees, for example, seem to be sensitive to humidity, which warns them of incoming rain with enough time for them to seek shelter in their hives. Sharks can sense pressure drops of just a few millibars, and abnormal/extreme weather like hurricanes usually causes large fluctuations in the atmosphere.

So again, the short answer is that animals just have better senses than us. Think of it like your bedroom, coming home every day to the same furniture and walls, and then one day, suddenly, everything has been flipped upsidedown – that might be what these animals feel like.  They get accustomed to the normal pressures, sounds, and smells of their environment, and act accordingly when something changes for the worst, by running away, seeking shelter, or for Absol, warning others. 

Absol has better senses than humans, which lets it hear, smell, or otherwise detect natural disasters before they arrive.

Cyclone Debbie keeps slowing and backing off slightly, the winds are literally battering the living hell out of everywhere within reach of the system. People are watching trees fall through roofs of houses, roofs are lifting off of apartment buildings. Triple Zero is getting increasingly panicked calls for help, but the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services can’t dispatch into the region until the storm has reduced. Debbie may still intensify to a Category 5, her wind gusts are registering over 260km/h. She’s the worst cyclone since Cat 5 Yasi almost wiped out Innisfail in 2011.

Please, please, keep the people of northern Queensland in your thoughts! The eye hasn’t made landfall yet so there’s still a long way to go. Specifically keep the Whitsundays, Hamilton Island, and Airlie Beach in your thoughts!

anonymous asked:

Hey! I'm sorry to bother you, but I heard on the news today that Washington State is due for the next big earthquake. They said that a big earthquake could trigger a tsunami that was as big as the 2011 tsunami in Japan. Should I be worried about it?

Your not bothering me at all. I wouldn’t worry too much about it. They have been saying for 30 years that we are overdue for our next big earthquake. If it does happen, areas that are west of I-5 will get taken out like Brookings and the Tacoma waterfront.

 If you don’t live close to the coast, I’m sure you will be fine. The only thing I’m worried about is Mount Rainer erupting. When it erupts, my area will be covered in ash. 

Other cities like Puyallup, Orting and Elk Plain will be wiped out. So don’t worry about a thing unless the NOAA says something about it. Other signs that a tsunami is coming are animals running to high ground. If you see that, you must go where they are going. 


Andrew Bird - Natural Disasters

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(1/2 pls tag elephant) hi... a few years ago there were a lot of major earthquakes in my city and i developed ptsd. since then there've been a lot of quakes/aftershocks but i thought i was finally getting a bit less anxious. now there has been another major earthquake and although there was basically no damage i feel so terrible and full of dread and anxiety and back to day 1. i know there will be so many more to come as the country is on a fault line and it makes me feel hopeless and like

(2/2 elephant) trying to recover is pointless when it’s just going to keep happening as long as i live, potentially with worse outcomes, and the reminders are absolutely everywhere in my city, like it won’t be a normal city again while i’m alive. do you have any advice as to how i can try and keep recovering despite this?

I want to tell you first thing that you can recover. You can learn how to cope with the trauma even as you face times when you may be reliving it literally. Recovery is not pointless. With recovery can come the potential to better handle anything that happens in the future. 
Recovering from trauma is a process. It is one that is best done with the help of a therapist- if there is any way you can see one, I would highly recommend it. (I know this is just my opinion, and people can and do recover on their own, but there are many benefits to therapy, and a lot of effective treatments for trauma and ptsd, and I honestly struggle to say or even advise that this is something you navigate on your own unless you truly have no choice). In the meantime, knowledge is power, and I suggest you take a look at our resources on PTSD and trauma (some resources are targeted for veterans, but the info is still pertinent): 

PTSD & Trauma

Take care,


Apparently there are people mocking those in Oklahoma for being freaked out by the earthquake.

To those I say: FUCK THE FUCK OFF.

You get bigger/more frequent earthquakes? Whoop-de-fuckin’ do. Oklahoma doesn’t. Know what that means? The people there aren’t ready. The buildings aren’t built with it in mind.

Let them be freaked out. Let people who aren’t used to a thing NOT BE USED TO A THING. The only thing you have “over” them is that you’re acclimated to a different part of Earth. Wow. What an accomplishment.

It’s why when people in non-tornado-heavy areas get nervous about a “tornado watch”, explaining to them that it’s fine and we’re gonna be okay is better than pointing and laughing at them not knowing the difference between “watch” and “warning”. Why WOULD they know it? They don’t have to. They might know more about earthquakes or droughts or swamps or something than we do.

So SHUT THE FUCK UP and be comforting to people who might be experiencing a scary thing for the first fucking time rather than acting like living somewhere different makes you inherently a better person.

*all the middle fingers*