After hurricane Maria, the island of Dominica (different place from the Dominican Republic) was left devastated and damaged. The country is in a great need of help.

Aerial shots by: Wavemaker Photography

So just to catch up with what’s been happening.

The planet is litterly purging, incase you didnt know:
🔥 California is on fire.
🔥 Oregon is on fire.
🔥 Washington is on fire.
🔥 British Columbia is on fire.
🔥 Alberta is on fire
🔥 Montana is on fire.
🔥 Nova Scotia is on fire.
🔥 Greece is on fire.
🔥 Brazil is on fire.
🔥 Portugal is on fire.
🔥 Algeria is on fire.
🔥 Tunisia is on fire.
🔥 Greenland is on fire.
🔥 The Sakha Republic of Russia is on fire.
🔥 Siberia is on fire.
⛈️Texas is under water
⛈️ India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, experience record monsoons and massive death toll.
⛈️ Sierra Leone and Niger experience massive floods, mudslides, and deaths in the thousands.
🌞Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Bosnia, Croatia, and Serbia are crushed in the death grip of a triple digit heat wave, dubbed Lucifer.
🌞Southern California continues to swelter under triple digit heat that shows no sign of letting up.
🌞In usually chilly August, the city of San Francisco shatters all-time record at 106 degrees, while it reaches 115 degrees south of the city. Northern California continues to bake in the triple digits.
((🌎)) Yellowstone volcano is hit with earthquake swarm of over 2,300 tremors since June, recording a 4.4 quake on June 15, 20017 and 3.3 shaker on August 21, 2017.
((🌎)) 5.3 earthquake rumbles through Idaho
((🌎)) Japan earthquake 6.1 possible tsunami..
((🌎)) Mexico earthquake 8.2 imminent tsunami. Beach lines are receded atleast 50+ meters
🌊Hurricanes Harvey, Irma (biggest ever recorded), Jose and Katia are barreling around the Atlantic with 8 more potentials forming
And last but not least an X10 C.M.E solar flare last night . The highest recorded solar flare ever!

Photo of Irma from space:


and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

climate change isn’t a hoax. it’s very real and it’s killing us. all over the globe.

it’s already late but we still can take action. this is our home, y’all. we need to take care of it.

[edit: earthquakes AREN’T caused by climate change, but it does affect them.

and as for any other natural events: climate change doesn’t necessarily means there are going to be more of them, but it does mean that they will be more intense, and therefore more destructive]

So I’m pretty sure the world is actually turning into an apocalypse movie because we’ve got:

1.) Half of Texas underwater, caused by a hurricane

2.) A good portion of India underwater, caused by another hurricane

3.) A good portion of the Caribbean underwater, caused by yet another hurricane

4.) Two more hurricanes that were created in the wake of the previous hurricane

5.) All of California is on fire

6.) North Korea has bombs
Analysis | Irma is not a ‘Category 6’ hurricane: A running list of viral hoaxes about the storm
An updating guide to the viral myths and hoaxes on the Internet about Hurricane Irma.

Make sure to double check anything you see online about Hurricane Irma and be careful about spreading misinformation especially since people are still trying to flee it’s path. 

You telling me insane floods and wildfires are happening, 3 hurricanes are in the Atlantic Ocean and one of those is one of the biggest hurricanes ever, and now Mexico had an 8.1 earthquake which they’re saying is the strongest in over a century to happen in the country….. ain’t this some crazy ass shit

one thing to remember during these hurricanes is please don’t leave your pets behind. please take them with you or at least drop them off at a kennel, they don’t know what’s going on and i’m sure they’re just as scared as you are, if not more. please don’t leave your pets chained to something, because if it floods they can drown. please take care of your pets to the best of your ability.

I’ve seen posts on tumblr saying that all these hurricanes are nothing. “It’s nothing.” “Stuff happens” “They’ll live” “_____ was worse.” “Everyone dies anyway” “More people died/lost homes in ____”

Don’t live like that. People are dying. People are getting seriously injured. People are losing family members and good friends aswell as loving pets, and some don’t even know their loved ones are okay because they’re missing! People are starving, freezing, getting dehydrated for the sake of their family and/or pets. People are losing their homes and have no money to afford water, food, a way out or help.

Just because something worse happened in x country or survival is possible doesn’t mean nobody can feel pity for someone/country/place. It doesn’t mean no one can help. It doesn’t mean no one can pray. Because they’re humans and living things. They feel pain, and just because something worse happened somewhere else doesn’t mean they’ll automatically be okay. Every country, every state, every natural disaster, every man-made disaster, no matter how small or large the population, no matter what race and country, no matter the religion, they deserve to be recognized. They’re living people and animals. Love them. Help them.

Powerfully photographed above is a very devoted dog named Leao, who is seen to be lying beside the grave of his owner Cristina Maria Cesario Santana. Sadly, Cristina was one of at least 600 lives lost to the catastrophic floods and landslides which devastated Brazil in 2011, also destroying many buildings and leaving countless citizens homeless. Leao sat beside his beloved companion for over two days in mourning, refusing to leave.