Cleaning your altar

This isn’t an official way to do it and is just what I do. Feel free to switch things or adapt the process for your own needs. :)

1. First, you want to carefully take everything off the altar, quickly look it over for any signs of uncleanliness or wear, and set it somewhere safe.

2. Next if you use an altar cloth you want to take it off and shake it out, even throw it in the washing machine. You can put a temporary or new altar cloth on depending on the season.

3. I highly recommend wiping the table or surface down with a natural based cleaner. Being an Aphrodite devotee, I usually use a spray bottle full of rose water but anything without harsh chemicals will work.

4. Take a look at the items you took off your altar for any damage and clean them up again with a natural cleaner (you don’t want to damage them further). 

5. Put the new or clean altar cloth on the altar and then arrange your items, switching out old things for items of the new season. 

6. Consecrate the rearranged altar with a few words, a prayer, spell, or whichever. And you’re done!

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Wolfgang enjoying a evening meal of deer ribs.

All our wolves are fed roadkill deer that are very simply butchered and thrown into enclosures. By feeding them this diet they’re able to exhibit natural feeding behaviors and exercise their head and jaw muscles when they chew through the hide and fur. The fur also acts as a natural teeth cleaner, the abrasive action keeps our wolves’ teeth shiny and clean.

Come on out to our Feeding Demonstrations on Sundays where we will often give the main pack a small carcass to demonstrate natural feeding behaviors and social dynamics.

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RFA+V+Saeran find out MC has an addiction. But it's something very strange and bizarre, almost as if MC belongs on My Strange Addiction. How do they react?

Haha, this was crack more than anything…hope you laugh!


  • He caught you with a thing of make up
  • “Huh? Oh, babe, I didn’t know we were going out tonight.”
  • You turn around and give him a confused look, “We are?” 
  • He watches in horror as you carry out your original intention and eat the eyeshadow
  • So that’s why you were buying so much makeup….
  • He thought you were a make up guru, but turns out you’re addicted to eating eyeshadow
  • He doesn’t even know where to go, but he does research cuz…honey, you need help


  • He thought you were sick
  • You were carrying around a toilet roll all day and the supply went down
  • “Aww, honey, do you need extra tissues? I think we have a box of softer ones in the closet–”
  • His words die on his lips as you scrunch up some toilet paper and shove it in your mouth
  • He’s so worried since that can’t be healthy
  • He confiscates all the toilet rolls in the house
  • When you have to go to the bathroom, he’ll only give you a designated amount
  • No snacking in there, MC!”


  • When you asked her for some extra baby powder, she thought you just needed to use it for dry shampoo
  • She didn’t expect you to inhale it on the spot
  • She drives you to the doctor right away
  • She’s really worried…how long have you been doing this?
  • Afterwards, she looks up some psychiatrists in the area because she’s pretty sure it’s not normal


  • He found out when he knocked over a wine glass by accident
  • He goes to clean up the mess, but you stop him
  • He watches as you continue to crush down the broken glass in tiny pieces and then eat it
  • Aww heck no
  • He has a doctor come over
  • Firstly, to check if your throat is okay
  • Secondly, because…he ain’t tolerating that crap he nearly had a heart attack


  • You keep sniffing a bottle of windex whenever you’re in the kitchen
  • He’s pretty sure you’re just messing with him
  • “MC…you can’t prank me. I know it’s just blueberry gatorade or something.”
  • “No, I just like the smell of windex,” you reply solemnly
  • He still doesn’t believe you so he grabs the bottle and takes a big whiff
  • He just looks you in the eye before emptying the entire house of chemical cleaners
  • Becomes one of those organic moms with all natural cleaners 
  • Obsessed in case you have another one of your urges…


  • You two are walking one day and you get to this gravel
  • You reach down and scoop up a handful
  • And start eating them
  • Saeran is in denial as he watches
  • When you’re done, he just nopes away from you
  • He can’t stomach this crap


  • He came over to your house once
  • Only once
  • Because you had an addiction to collecting the most creepy dolls
  • But he won’t say anything
  • But he doesn’t like coming over
  • “Do you…want to come over my house instead?”

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Cleaning with Soap Nuts

Couple weeks ago, Tumblr introduced me to a natural, cheap, almost odorless, hypoallergenic, and sustainable cleaning agent called soapnuts (or soapberries)! The dried husk/shell of this fruit contains resin that is high in saponins, a naturally occurring chemical compound that reduces the surface tension of water so that it can penetrate and dislodge the solid/other liquid more effectively. Extraction of the active ingredient only requires that soap nuts be agitated in warm water; a lot of lathery foam will form. I’ve tested soap nuts as a

  • laundry detergent
  • body and hair cleanser
  • fruit/veggie and dishwashing cleanser
  • insecticide for my indoor plants

So far so good, although not fond of using it as a body cleanser; it’s too awkward to apply IMO. There are plenty of other uses, but I think this would be a particularly excellent ecofriendly way to bring along a camping trip to clean your wares.

To my gardeners: Trust me, I checked every pod. No leftover seeds, otherwise I would definitely plant a soap nut tree!

How to: Unclog a Drain w/o Harsh Chemicals

External image

If you’re a natural chica like me or just happen to have a lot of hair, you may have experienced a clogged drain or two after shampooing in your shower…

Yup.  It sucks.

Well, I had this issue earlier in the week and since I (1) don’t like to spend money and (2) don’t like harsh chemicals I decided to find an alternative method. All you need is  baking soda to do the trick alone; here’s how I did it:

External image

1. I mixed a whole box of Arm & Hammer baking soda with hot water to make a thick paste.

2. I poured the paste mixture into my drain and let it sit for 30 minutes.   into my drain.

3. After 30 minutes I ran HOT water to clear the drain of the paste.

Voila! The water ran clearly with no water build-up.




Kitchen/Potion Witch Tip

Part water, part vinegar, and an optional part of lemon juice

Put the mixture into the pot or pan with a stain and let it sit on the stove for about 15 minutes before turning it on to a low heat. Let it warm up before taking the pot or pan off the heat. Scrub the bottom and voila… No longer stained. I’ve done this with several pieces of my cookware and the best part is that this is a natural cleaner. 

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I'm going to be moving into my own apartment for the first time (!!!) and I was wondering if you had any tips on small apartment life?

Congrats! And… I have NO idea! I don’t know about your situation or your finances or even what current things you have/know/do! So let’s come at this from another angle.

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Here are the tips I would give MY past self when I first moved into an apartment:

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  • Make a cleaning schedule. You can do different things on different days (ex: Wednesday: clean bathroom, Thursday: clean kitchen) or make it a standing date to clean your entire apartment on one particular day of the week. Either way, it will make your living environment healthier and make you less stressed in the long run. You don’t want to let everything pile up to the point where you stare into the abyss of your home and say “I could just… ..burn it… all… down…”
  • Wash up dishes/put them in the dishwasher right after you eat – it will save you a TON of time and dishes piling up. If you’re too busy to stick to that, wash up dishes every night before bed – the warm water may help soothe you into a more relaxed state. Or it may make your carpal tunnel less noticeable.
  • Don’t forget to take out the trash often. Try not to make eye contact with your neighbors as you throw your garbage into the dumpster and loudly shout at it “NOW STAY DEAD.” It never stops being funny.
  • Buy extra vacuum bags now so that you don’t wind up like me, screaming in your living room at 11AM before a guest comes over to see your dusty filth-pile of a home.
  • Have multiple trash cans. That way your hopes and dreams have several areas of the home to be collected in.
  • All-Natural Cleaners are great (like vinegar, baking soda, borax, Nature’s Miracle, Seventh Generation, etc.) because they’re not harmful to the environment and they ensure that you’re 4AM suicide thoughts aren’t THAT easy to go through with.
  • Wood polish always smells like a lemon had sex with a very irritated fairy, use it liberally to impress guests into thinking your home is clean.
  • Febreeze: For when your anxiety gets so bad that trekking down to the laundromat just isn’t an option.


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  • Cook for yourself  – not only will it save you in costs but it will also help your health to know what you’re putting into your body. Because when the doctor says “What the fuck have you done to yourself?” you want to know exactly what to counter with.
  • Learn to cook some simple meals if you don’t know how to already. YouTube is a great place to learn recipes if you don’t have family or friends to teach you. Because they’re all too busy with more important things, like Not You.
  • Invest in a decent set of knives. You don’t need anything fancy starting out but two very nice knives (one bigger and one smaller) will take you a long way. Try to keep them sharp enough to stab the occasional robber.
  • A crockpot is great if you have a busy schedule. There are tons of recipes you can just throw in the morning and come home to at night. Because that’s your life now. One long string of whatever is easiest to survive on.
  • Invest in a few nice pans – you can actually usually find cheap sets of pans at thrift stores, especially cast iron pans that just need to be seasoned. Like you, they need to go through the fire a few times before they’re ready to get a'cookin’.
  • Spices are your friends! Don’t be afraid of trying new ones – try to use them liberally, just like the college degree that put you in $120,000 worth of debt.
  • If invited to a friend’s home for dinner, bring a bottle of wine or a pre-made side dish. Your friends will think that you’re actually a person who knows how to shop at a market and somehow this is important.


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  • Organization is FUN – don’t be afraid to organize your clothes, your art supplies, your photos, etc. It will save you time and effort in finding things, which is priceless and ultimately the soulless necessity to owning objects.
  • Learn to do use some simple tools – a hammer and an electric drill are your friends – if you treat your friends like tools that you weld at your leisure to hang a vanity mirror in your bathroom so you can see how big your pores have gotten.
  • Never underestimate the value of labeling. Even if you can’t organize the minutiae of your life, you can organize the minutiae of your stuff. It’s fine… It’s fine…
  • Call maintenance when you need them. That’s what you pay your rent for. Your hard earned dollars, slowly rolling back on themselves to give you half-assed labor that shows up at the worst possible time of day and tracks mud through your home is definitely worth it.
  • Get the new CFL lightbulbs. They’ll cost you less and last longer. Because there’s always hope for another year, I guess.


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  • Budget for your bills before everything else, especially your rent. You’ll need a place to live if things go to shit, even if you have to live in the dark for a few weeks. Hey, it’s like camping, except with considerably less bears! Win-win!
  • Work out a grocery budget and try to adjust your diet around the sale items. Going on food stamps is definitely an option if you’re below the poverty line but be prepared to spend a little bit of cash on fresher fruits and veg so you don’t get scurvy. There’s no joke here, that’s honestly just a depressing enough reality for most of the population.
  • If you can, budget some fun time! Even if it’s just chilling in a park for a few hours with some $2 wine and a load of awkward stranger-stares, it’s worth it to get out of your apartment now and then and find some fun.
  • Remember: people expect gifts. Put aside money so that you can appease their holiday and birthday appetites, like the Gods demanding sacrifices. If all else fails, bake cookies or offer virginal blood (virgin sourcing not my concern).


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  • Hygiene is super important! Don’t be a stinky dinky. You can always make some shampoo stretch with a little bit of water and a good shake of the bottle.
  • A calendar hung somewhere prominent will help you keep track of this new and exciting time of adulthood, or as I like to call it “New Human Survival Skills.”
  • Water – It’s a thing people need, I think.
  • Buy better shoes and you won’t have to buy them as often. Not that you can because you’re probably poor, but it’s something to consider getting angry about.
  • Tank tops/T-Shirts work in all seasons when layered.
  • Remember to close your windows when it rains because water is damaging to your life and electronics.
  • Turn off your TV/electronics at night because now you’re an adult and welcome to the Twilight Zone of dead static silence.
  • Speaking of electronics, treat them all like tender angel babies. You don’t want a sudden $400 expense because you forgot to take your phone out of your back pocket before you went peepee.
  • Sweaters and robes are your friend in winter; heating bills are not. Budget accordingly.
  • Colleges have free or lower-cost health programs, such as free check-up clinics, free flu shots and even free dental care – most are students that are learning, so it’s fun that they don’t have a filter yet and will blurt out if you’re close to death!
  • Don’t get drunk without a sober friend to help you home because you REALLY don’t want to remember a wormy dude with a music note tattooed on his hand assaulting you later.
  • Wear condoms if you’re having sex. Yes, ANY kind of sex. If you’re not fluid-bonded, it needs a wrap-up – and even if you are, toys are always better with (toysafe)condoms for an abundance of reasons – including just being better lubricated.
  • Get some apps to help you stay safe. “Guardly” is great for alerting someone when you may be actually missing and not just bored listening to a friend’s record collection for hours on end.
  • Flannel sheets when it’s very cold out are basically a full-body orgasm. 
  • Just keep on keepin’ on.


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Giant Caveat: Yes, I’m aware some of this are darkly sarcastic verging on a touch troubling, but they’re what I would tell myself, personally, if I had it to to do all over again. Personally, I feel like they would have helped me and perhaps writing this out helped me get over a few of them now, or just to keep on keepin’ on with what I have to work with currently. So, keep on, no hate, just love. <3 My only final tip would be to accept friendships whenever they come along, even if they wind up hurting you, cut out toxic people from your life if they’re holding you back and to always try to come from a place of love before considering anything else. 

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Thresher Shark with cleaners attached |  Alopias

hey yknow whats a really really weird Young Person Instinct? fonts
like im not just talking Comic Sans Looks Bad Why Do Old People Keep Using It Unironically, im talking like, there is very much a feeling of Aesthetic Quality emanating off of certain fonts that old people seem to be blind to where we as young people will naturally gravitate towards cleaner, readable, more professional-looking fonts but you can bet like fuck people’s bosses will keep using these funky-ass ‘fun’ fonts on their papers because yknow fuckin

thats what we really needed on this informational flyer



Clean the Microwave with Lemon 

Citrus works miracles on a dirty microwave. Fresh lemons create a steamy environment that cuts through grease and grime. Just let the lemon do its work and then wipe the walls and turntable clean.

1 microwave-safe bowl
½ cup water
2 Paramount Citrus lemons, halved
Clean, dry rag


1. Place the water in the bowl. Squeeze the juice of the lemon halves into the bowl and then add the squeezed lemons to the bowl.

2. Microwave the bowl on high for 3 to 4 minutes, until the water comes to a boil. Do not open the door. Let the bowl sit in the microwave for 5 to 7 minutes.

3. Open the microwave and remove the bowl. Use the rag to wipe out the microwave.


6 Things Every College Student Should Know How to Do

Heading to college and living on your own is a huge step toward complete, adult independence. If you’re about to take that all-important step, congratulations, and way to go! Before you head off on your own at college, though, there are some things that you’ll need to know how to manage without Mom or Dad there to do it for you.

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Whispers AU: The Beginning

This is the first story in the Mob Psycho 100 crime drama AU ‘Whispers’ that @stickydoona and I created! You can see a full synopsis and some awesome pics over on her post!

It is a bit gritty, so be aware of violence and language ahead. Cut also for length.

Reigen was trying not to seem like he had no idea where to even start.

He had the facts, at least, and that was what he focused on as he walked the perimeter of the suburban home for probably the twentieth time: the woman’s husband had been found dead in his bed. At first, the police and paramedics had thought it was natural causes, but his wife had insisted that he had a full, clean bill of health. She insisted on an autopsy.

The results had shown he was poisoned.

There had, of course, been an “official” investigation, because the first person of interest was obviously the wife. But the police had found nothing to even suggest her as the murderer. After a full check into everyone they knew (which hadn’t been many), the trail had gone cold. Hell, it had never even been lukewarm.

That’s when she had called him: Reigen Arataka, Private Detective and Personal Investigator (he had broadened the title to get additional work during a particularly dry spell, which hadn’t been too long ago).

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Just encase you were wondering what I got up to today - here is a hyperlapse of me tidying up my mess of a room! I didn’t get time to unpack after the hair incident so all my stuff was spread out from not unpacking - and my bad was a mess because I had to get new sheets to avoid any allergens! 😂😂 but now my bed is pretty much tidy.

— you will probably notice the camera moving around a lot don’t worry it’s not ghosts! My tripod is broken for some reason? It seems very loose and it keeps shifting.

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