In which the reader is the only girl on Neverland and Peter is sending mixed signals but one day it all gets sorted out while looking for Oysters.
(This is my first imagine so I’m sorry if it’s confusing or written poorly)

Warnings: None
Words: 1,361
Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader (Y/N)

You can probably imagine the look of shock on the boy’s faces when the shadow brought a girl back. If you had been an onlooker and you weren’t the one being brought to a strange new place then maybe it would’ve been funny but at the moment you were in a state of shock. In front of the group of boys there stood a lone boy, obviously the leader from the confidence he was exuding. He was an attractive boy with sparkling green eyes and light brown hair, if you had to guess you would probably say he was 17 but you were never really good at guessing ages. Unlike the rest of the boys, he didn’t seem fazed at all that there was a girl in front of him. He looked at you for a couple of seconds before turning to the boys with his arms thrown out to the sides “Well boys,” he said “Meet the first Lost Girl.”

At his statement the boys began to cheer. He turned back to you with what you figured was probably his signature smirk “I’m Peter. Peter Pan. And these are the Lost Boys,” he said with a wide sweeping gesture of his arms to indicate the boys.

You smiled and let out a small laugh. Peter Pan, ever since you had heard about him as a child you had been dreaming about what it would be like if he were real and now that he was, it was like a dream come true. “Wait, like Peter Pan from the Disney stories Peter Pan?” You asked, probably with a little too much excitement.

He shook his head and laughed, “Not exactly, love,” he chuckled “Those stories do not do me justice on so many levels, but you’ll soon come to realize that this Neverland is not the land of hopes and dreams that you seem to think it is.”

You frowned at that, you thought Neverland was supposed to be a good place, a place where you could go to belong and find a family. “What do you mean?” You asked, starting to get nervous.“

Peter smirked at you "You’ll see soon enough but for now it’s time to play a game,” he said before turning back to the boys “C'mon boys, let’s play!” He yelled as the Lost Boys broke out into a loud cheer.

*Three Months Later*

He was right. Neverland was nothing like the books and Peter was nothing like the Disney character. But that didn’t mean everything was bad, sure the island was bright and sunny all the time and Peter could be harsh and cruel but you felt like you belonged and you felt like you had a new family.

At first, you were terrified of what the future had in store, the boys seemed barbaric and after your welcoming Peter showed his true nature as a harsh and cruel leader, he was not kind and he did not appreciate freeloaders. That’s why you had learned to hunt and fight and cook and build. You had to prove yourself to Peter and prove yourself you did. You became the best fighter out of all the Lost Boys, a lot of that was attributed to your natural balance and skill with a sword but you had taken a few beatings in the beginning but you improved exponentially each time.

Once you had learned how to fight you had been determined to not be the boys’ mother but one day when the shadow brought a particularly young boy to the island you couldn’t help it, he reminded you so much of your brother back home. And while you were one of the best fighters and you were always at the front lines when attacking an enemy, you did spend a lot of time at camp taking care of the boys. You spent the mornings harvesting and the afternoons preparing dinner and then in the evenings you would soar with the boys, it was always good practice for them and Peter always loved to watch.

That was another thing. As time went on you found yourself spending more and more time with him. He would normally walk with you in the mornings while you were looking for berries and he would always sit by the fire and wait until the sparring was over and the boys had gone to bed so he could walk with you to your tent. Normally you would think that a guy liked you if he was going out of his way to be around you but with Peter you just had no idea. He would be friendly and kind to you when the two of you were alone but he all but ignored you if the boys were around. You really liked him but you kept your feelings to yourself, not wanting to get hurt or put Peter in an awkward position. It was so frustrating.

Today you were going to the shore to try and find some clams or oysters. As you were walking you heard something land on the ground behind you “Hey Peter,” you said without a glance back. You knew it was him, none of the animals would get that close to you and if it had been a Lost Boy you would’ve known about him for awhile now.

“Hey Y/N,” Peter said, jogging a few steps to catch up to you, “What’re we doing today, love?”

“Well, I’ve really been wanting to eat something other than berries or deer or rabbit or bird so I’m going to look for oysters,” you responded with a small shrug.

Peter smirked and raised an eyebrow “You know what they say about oysters don’t you?” He paused “They’re an aphrodisiac,” he teased as a reached over and twirled a strand of your hair around his finger.

You blushed and swatted his hand away playfully, “Oh shut up,” you laughed “That’s not why I want them.”

“You’re right I don’t need an aphrodisiac, I can charm you all on my own,” Peter said seductively, flashing you his signature mischievous grin.

You rolled your eyes “Yeah, right,” you said sarcastically. It was taking everything inside you not to let him know that in all reality you thought he was really attractive and that he was right, he didn’t need an aphrodisiac.

He frowned slightly “What do you mean?” He asked “You don’t think I’m attractive?”

You sighed, you knew where this was going but you didn’t want to ignore him “I didn’t say that,” you said.

He smirked “So you do think I’m attractive then!” He exclaimed.

You shook your head “I didn’t say that either.”

He grabbed your hand and stopped walking. You turned back and faced him, your hand still in his. “Well which one is it?” He asked “You either do or you don’t.”

“It’s not that simple,” you said softly “Even though I’m attracted to you, I don’t like how you treat me. You all but ignore me when we’re at camp but then you’re nice to me out here on our own and I don’t know why.”

Peter sighed and looked down at his feet “It’s because I don’t want them to know I like you, I don’t want them to think I’m weak,” he admitted quietly.

Peter just said he liked you. That’s all that was going through your head. Peter Pan liked you, you couldn’t believe it. You took a small step closer to him and brought your free hand up to the side of his face “Hey,” you said gently “You aren’t weak, you’re the strongest person I know and I’m sure the boys would say the same.”

Peter looked up at you and time seemed to freeze. He suddenly leaned in and gently placed his lips against yours. It took you less than a second to lean into him an kiss back. After a few moments, Peter pulled away “You never answered my question love,” he said teasingly.

“I think this answers it,” you whispered as you pulled him into another kiss.

You never did get your oysters that day but it was completely worth it.

Won't let go (Vikklan one-shot)

Happy New Year guys ^^ This is my little gift to you: a little Vikklan one-shot :3

At first I didn’t even want to write this down, my little demons in my head were telling me that it’s terrible, no one would like it besides me, that it’s not original the slightest bit and who would read this anyway? So yeah, I kinda had an anxiety attack…:/ But I got through it, wrote this and when I came online I saw a bunch of sweet messages in my inbox that brought my self-esteem back up again ^^

I’ve been meaning to write this for a while, and I mean, better late then never, right? ^^

And yeah, Vikk in Lachlan’s hoodie…

Also, I guess there’s a trigger warning as I kinda detail (almost) drowning in this. Stay safe guys, better not read this than have an anxiety attack or something!

Pairing: Vikklan

Setting: HTM

Word count: 1367

Vikk stood on the very top of one of his towers and gazed proudly towards the work in progress casino. He suddenly made up his mind to go and work on said building and spun around quickly, forgetting that the only thing preventing him from falling were his natural balancing skills. The next thing he knew was that there was no ground beneath his feet and he let out a terrified scream as he plummeted towards whatever was underneath him.


Lachlan hummed a random song cheerily as he skipped towards his house. He had just finished collecting some sand – he wanted some big windows for the first floor of his house.

His blood ran cold in his veins when he heard a loud scream and saw his beloved British friend crash into the Lagoon with a loud splash. He dropped his shovel as he raced to the shore, throwing off his hoodie and kicking off his shoes so that they wouldn’t weigh him down in the water. He knew that Vikk wasn’t the best swimmer and if you fall into water from as high as he just fell from, you most likely won’t come back up on your own.


Vikk felt the air being knocked out of his lungs as his body collided with the surface of the water. His lungs were burning, screaming for air and he tried to call for help, but as soon as he opened his mouth water came rushing down his throat, filling his lungs and preventing him from breathing. He was panicking. He started flailing around, wasting his remaining energy, not even knowing which way was up anymore. He was too weak to even think, his brain was refusing to function. He felt as if cold hands were wrapping around his neck and his chest, suffocating him. He finally gave up struggling against the force that was overpowering him and pulling him down and said his silent goodbye to everything he knew as his world became nothing more than thick, cold darkness.


It was hard to see underwater, but it would have been impossible to miss the motionless body sinking slowly to the bottom of the lake.

The Australian pushed a squid that strayed into his way roughly aside – he didn’t have time for stupid mobs!

He wrapped an arm tightly around his friend’s waist and swam upwards as fast as he could. He was already running out of air when his head broke through the surface. He tugged the other boy up too. It was scary how limp his body was, the only reason why his head wasn’t underwater being it leaning against the Aussie’s.

They reached the shore agonisingly slowly. When they finally did, Lachlan pulled his friend onto the grass and fell down beside him, exhausted. But he couldn’t rest, not until he had made sure that his Icky Vikky was alright.

He grabbed the unconscious boy’s wrist, trying to feel his pulse, but his hands were shaking way too much, so he just laid his head on his chest instead, hoping to hear the monotone drumming of his heart. He could hear nothing at first, which terrified him, but after a short time listening he could make out the repeating thuds – weak and faint, but proving that he was alive. He sighed in relief and listened for a few more moments to reassure himself that his friend was alright, before sitting up straight again.

He went into his house to quickly change into dry clothes knowing that the hardest part was over and all he had to do was wait for Vikk to wake up. He was determined to confess his feelings to him – he had almost lost him and he didn’t want to take any chances.


About half an hour passed and the sun was already going down, taking away most of the warmth in the air. The Australian boy was sat on the shore of the Lagoon, staring at the small waves as they silently ran up onto the sand and disappeared. His mind was filled with nightmare-like imagines of what would have happened if he wasn’t there to save his friend. Just the thought of a life without Vikk terrified him and made his eyes burn with tears. He took a deep breath, trying to calm down. He knew he couldn’t keep his love a secret anymore, not after almost losing the one he loved.

His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of movement from behind him. He swiftly turned around, just to see his friend sitting up, coughing a few times and looking at him confused.

‘Lachlan…what happened?’, he asked, his voice hoarse.

'You…fell into the Lagoon but I pulled you out.’

The Brit’s pupils grew huge with fear as he stared into nothing, the fresh and terrifying memories of almost drowning rushing back into his mind.

'I…remember now.’, he muttered, shivering both from fear and the cold of the approaching night.

'Hey, it’s alright, you’re safe now’, a soft voice broke through his thick curtain of terror.

'Yeah um…thanks for, you know…saving me.’

'You’re welcome’, the other chuckled, happy that he could finally look into those deep brown eyes he loved so much.

Evening wind blew past them, causing the shorter boy to shiver again – his clothes and hair were still wet. Lachlan looked around, noticing his hoodie still on the ground where he threw it before jumping into the water. He got up, picked it up and tossed it to his friend.

'Here, put this on.’


That done, he turned away politely while the other swapped his tee with the hoodie.

'Hmmm it’s quite big.’, he said, smile evident in his voice.

When the blonde turned around to look, he was greeted by the most adorable and to be honest, wonderful sight he had ever seen.

Vikk was sitting with his legs tucked under himself, looking up at him shyly and blushing slightly, his wet T-shirt on the ground next to him. The hoodie was indeed huge on him, his body seemed even smaller under the creased fabric, the sleeves almost completely covering his hands and the neck slipped down almost halfway on one of his upper arms, revealing his bare shoulder. The Aussie started giggling, adoring the sight in front of him.

'Teehee, you look great.’

'Oh, really?’, the smaller asked back cheekily.

'Yep’, he sat down close to him 'You look adorable.’

His smile slowly faded as he tried to pluck up the courage to tell the other about his feelings. He was scared but he wasn’t going to bail out now.

'Lachlan, what’s wrong?’, the Brit asked, his playfulness replaced with concern.

'I…’, he sighed then tried again, looking his friend in the eye this time 'I almost lost you…and I don’t want to let you go ever again…’, he mumbled shyly, scared of his feelings not being returned as he gently brushed the bangs of wet, black hair away from the shorter boy’s eyes.

A wide grin spread on Vikk’s face and he leaned closer while whispering his reply.

'That’s good, because I won’t let you go either.’, he paused for a brief second after finishing his sentence, brushing their lips together and giving the blonde a chance to pull away, before finally closing the gap between them, kissing him gently.

Lachlan felt his heartbeat speed up and his thoughts raced wildly in his head, but he shut them out and pulled the other closer, pouring all his hidden love and longing into the kiss.

They pulled apart, out of breath and blushing like crazy.

’…and don’t be scared’, Vikk added softly, caressing the Australian’s cheek 'I love you too.’

He couldn’t answer, just smiled even wider, closing his eyes contently and leaning into the gentle touch. After a few moments, he decided to move, climbing into the other’s lap. He didn’t care that his pants were still wet, he just wanted to be as close to him as possible. The Brit didn’t seem to mind either, he just tightened his arms around his waist and pressed loving kisses into his hair.

'Don’t you worry my lil’ Lachy, I’m not going anywhere.’