Last July my hair was short (10 inches)I just focused on health and not length and now it’s 14 inches . (I get it straightened in about 2 weeks and a trim I’ll have more accurate numbers )Healthy hair grows , its inevitable ,so worry about health first and the length will follow.
I cut dead ends in a heart beat no matter if it means me losing length cause my hair would be longer than it is now if I never cut it but raggedy ends have no place in my life lol.
Avoid dry tangled ends and deep condition once a week is a tip that I suggest!

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okay but

since i started doing my eyebrows with makeup products like 3 years ago,, ive always struggled with not finding the right color, like my hair is naturally medium brown so the eyebrows should be so too. and nowadays probs even lighter bc my hair is mostly pastel turquoise/green or something. but the light/medium brown eyebrow products always just look stupid, either too light or too red and anyway they are always lighter than my actual eyebrows so i just basically paint the skin light brown under my dark brown eyebrows.
but then one day when i bought a new eyebrow mascara or something there were only light brown, red and black/really dark options. and i went like fuck it and bought the black one. and idk to others it probably looks stupid bc even tho im not doing them on the 2014-ish big black blocks-style, my eyebrowns are still a fuckton darker than my hair and i might look weird but fuck it. i think they are great. they are the natural color the eyebrow hairs actually are and they match my eyes. im really fricking proud of my black eyebrows.

hi i would just like to announce that in the bit i’ve played so far, Dream Daddy has rocked my fat bi trans world

1. nonchalantly offers the option “binder body” with the same weight and normalcy as the alternative, “tank body”
2. has a dizzying array of skin tone options and at least six (i might have forgotten some) natural hair options
4. lets you pick if your dearly departed co-parent was your husband or wife
5. even if you pick husband, gives you the option to have had a biological kid with him.
6. may have an actual vampire??? more on that later probably

Am i perfect ?

Natural coarse hair
Only got sweatpants to wear
Face filled with pimples
Guys like girls with cute dimples
But I’m very kind
Shouldn’t that be fine?
Society am I perfect yet?
Brazilian weave
Eyebrows on fleek
Wearing a tight dress that’s really nice
Hoping it will entice
Some boys to at least look at me twice
Now a bad bitch with zero feels
Rocking those red bottom heels
Society am I perfect yet?

- Lathitha

okay let’s make a list of things I want need to do:

-Journal (print out photos and add captions for that photo and write poetry it can be fucking stupid idc just write pls and doodle to your heart’s content and use pretty colours

-Get ur learner’s BC IT’S DAMN TIME read that book and pass that test and get ur ass in the driver’s seat

-Go to the gym 5 times a week and eat healthy again and don’t starve yourself or do anything like that just eat better along with that learn how to cook or actually create healthy meals

-Take your nana ji to kensington, cafes, museums, all that good stuff

-Please go hiking you really need to 


-Download your photos and videos onto a hard drive or SOMETHING and edit videos bc you love that

-Learn how to do different hairstyles and how to take care of your natural hair

-Start doing yoga again to feel whole and zumba 

-Start going to bed at 10pm bc the only reason you stay up is bc u know it’s bad for you and ur self-destructive

-Respect yourself and your body and your mind more and I mean it….I’m sick of you taking other people’s shit bc it’ll make you or them uncomfortable they should fucking think before they put u in that situation

-Treat people with kindness

-Not everyone is your friend in fact you have no real friends they’re all pretty temporary and I know you want to hold on to everyone bc you have so much love to give but people aren’t like you they’ll just take and take and take so hold onto that love and give it yourself because you will never have a sister or brother but you will have your self 

thegirlwithaviolin  asked:

Can I ask for a ship, please? I'm around 5'6" and have jet black shoulder length hair (natural), fair skin, and dark brown eyes. I wear glasses. I'm always mistaken as cold, but when people know me they were happy to have me around. I'm really dirty minded and is also one of the top students. I really am insecure, and would not believe praises. My bias is Jimin, Jungkook and Baekhyun. Hilariously, a lot of people called me Jungkook because I share a lot of traits with him. Thanks!

Hey, I also play violin!!! :D

I don’t know what group you’re asking for, but I’ll assume BTS since u talked abt them.

For BTS, jimin because the contrast between you two would be like opposites attract​ almost. Plus jimin would treat you like a little mochi when you’re low-key annoyed.

~Admin Jetplane


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Okay clc’s teasers so far are giving me serious lovelyz’s “Destiny” vibes which is awesome bc I loved that era and styling a lot 💕💗 I also like the natural hair colors - it really helps create an more soft aesthetic and brings in some earthy tones to contrast the almost haze-like pink. Also yeeun REALLY suits black hair 😍