natural dyes

(pls tell me the colors don’t clash bc i actually love this,,,

no name yet… but he’s a pied bat and no, that’s not his natural hair color. he dyes it different colors bc he’s a dork. he’s trans, and he’s a pop idol! actually very friendly and down to earth, surprisingly. wears eyeliner and eyeshadow a lot, as well as nail polish! 

needs glasses but– doesn’t wear any. 

also, he uhhhhh kinda…. m urders people he deems “bad”. and he hates hateS HATES getting dirty/filthy so whenever he does he makes sure it’s nice and easy to dispose of. if he gets blood (or anything worse) on himself he kinda freaks out a little.

oh– and yes, those are ear piercings he has.)


Allura’s Moving Castle AU

1. why? 2. why not! 3. asadahsdklsasdf

ohhhhhhhh i’ve been thinking so hard about isabella and gandy’s interactions in dust


New in the shop!! 100% Merino, DK weight variegated yarn

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I’ve been excited to give solar dyeing a try for a while now! 

Here are my attempts: on the left I used avocado pits and rose petals, in the middle I used turmeric and matcha and on the right, turmeric and coffee. 

They’ve been baking in the sunshine for about 3 days and I’m hoping to try some rose petal steaming on the left yarn to see how that looks as well. 

I’ll keep you guys updated with the results! Hopefully they wont be a big disappointment.