natural zircon


Ok I update the prices

What I will draw:

  • Anthro characters
  • OCS
  • Characters from shows
  • Humans, demons, angels, etc

What I won’t draw:

  • Gore
  • NSFW
  • Animals (I’m not the best at drawing them but I can try)
  • Mecha
  • Things that make me uncomfortable
  • Character’s designs that are too complex for me




Commission Type: Sketch, Lineart, Flat colors, full colored (bust/half body/full body)

Character Reference: (character sheet reference)
Details: (emotions, poses)
Background: Yes/No (if is just one flat color it’s free)

Payment Type: Paypal (I will send you an invoice)

If you have any question send me a message, or you can contact me at! !!

I think it would be in Steven’s nature to save both Zircons if he could. Imagine them having to live together. They wouldn’t just be the Odd Couple or the Lapidot Couple, they’d be the Hate Couple.

Yellow Zircon: keep your files about your theories as to why Rose Quartz is now a human boy out of my side of the room!

Blue Zircon: you’re wearing my monocle again!