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rainbow arc

A circum horizontal fire rainbow arc occurs at a rare confluence of right time and right place for the sun and certain clouds. Crystals within the clouds refract light into the various visible waves of the spectrum but only if they are arrayed correctly relative to the ground below. Due to the rarity with which all of these events happen in conjunction with one another, there are relatively few remarkable photos of this phenomena.

I would love to see this in person!


Rare Atmospheric Phenomena

  1. Lunar corona over Villefranche, France.
  2. Fingers reaching over Milan, Italy.
  3. A rainbow over Kerkrade in the Netherlands.
  4. Sunrise over Santander on the north coast of Spain.
  5. The Northern Lights over Myvatn, N.E. Iceland.
  6. An iridescent display over Cerro Aconcagua, Argentina.
  7. A rare sighting of the green flash in Hovs hallar, Sweden.

It’s totally real. Yeah man I’m super cereal! These are pictures of the shimmering shores of Vaadhoo Island in the Maldives.

It turns out the glow of water originates from microbes in the water called phytoplankton. The light they emit is called bioluminescence.

Also, I think anyone who takes a dip in this water gains about 5 attraction points. Imagine a friend you know and imagine them taking a dip in shimmering water. Works doesn’t it ;)


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Beautiful Sunsets Around the World :O


National parks are some of the most breathtaking places in the United States. These natural wonders draw hundreds of thousands of visitors a day to discover all the parks have to offer. So when Busbud released the list of most Instagrammed locations by state earlier this month, it came as no surprise that national parks were some of the top places people love to gram. Check out some of our (and our followers’) favorite Instagram photos from those popular parks :


Wisteria Tunnel -

Yahatahigashi Ward, Japan Make sure to visit in late April or Early May, during the “Fuji Matsuri,” or “Wisteria Festival,” when the magical tunnel is in full bloom. Arrive at any other time of year, and its appearance will be a disheartening mass of lifeless, twisted branches A member of the pea family, wisteria is an ornamental vine, wildly popular in both Eastern and Western gardens for its graceful hanging flowers and its ornate, winding branches. Easily trained, the woody vines tend to reach maturity within a few years, at which point they bloom in cascades of long, lavender flowers of varying pastel shades. Explore further at Atlas Obscura

As if views of the geysers in Yellowstone National Park aren’t enough, here’s an incredible photo of the Milky Way over Castle geyser. With one-of-a-kind landscapes, terrific wildlife viewing and outstanding recreational opportunities, there’s a universe of exploration in our first national park. Photo by Neal Herbert, National Park Service.