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Twenty-plume moth (Alucita hexadactyla)

The twenty-plume moth is a “micromoth” of the many-plumed moth family (Alucitidae). It is found in Europe and has been introduced into North America. The wingspan is 14–16 mm. Unlike a typical moth, which has two pairs of scaly wings, Alucita has about twenty thin feathery plumes (with scales on the supporting ribs). It perches with the wings outspread like a fan. The moth flies the whole year depending on the location. It is common and often found in gardens, but is readily overlooked because of its small size.

photo credits: wiki


Roll a natural 1 and fall off a wall you were scaling or miss that crucial last hit on the dungeon boss… that dice needs to be punished. Send it to jail.

You can make your own DIY dice jail with these instructions for only $3 (assuming you already have some basic tools)

You will need a ½ inch square dowel (about $1.50 at a home improvement store) and 3/16 inch round dowel (about $1.00 at a home improvement store)

You will also need:

A drill with a set of drilling bits

Wood glue

A hand saw (I suggest getting a miter box and saw if you don’t have one[$10-$20 at a home improvement store]. The miter box will guide you to make strait 90 degree and 45 degree cuts, and you can use it on future projects)