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Friendship Bracelets in Witchcraft

Friendship bracelets are often given and worn to symbolize a connection between people. A group or a pair of people can wear matching or complementary bracelets. Sometimes only one is given as a gift. They can be handmade with love or bought with consideration. The very nature of their colorful threads, woven patterns and symbolic meaning I my opinion makes these bits of jewelry one of the most widely accepted forms of magick. What about them isn’t magical? But more on the magic of friendship bracelets later.

I was thinking about friendship bracelets (my friend had just given me one) and I thought why couldn’t we do this with our deities? Spirits? Even elements? Like the idea of a pocket altar, it is taking a bit of them everywhere with you and keeping them close in your mind.
They would be made the same way one for someone else in your life may be made. Obviously the deity, spirit or force will not be wearing one with you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make matching ones. The second one that you won’t be wearing can be placed on your altar if you have one. If you choose to only make one, offer it up to them. In most cases, depending on your comfort level, whatever you are offering it to will be pleased by this. After all, who doesn’t love to see a friend wearing something you made them?

When making the bracelet(s) there is a huge verity of things that can be done with them. Pick colors that are traditionally theirs or ones that you associate with them. You can also add beads. Beads for prayer, beads for glamor, beads for offerings. The list is endless for the use of beads. Once you have colors (and beads) picked out you can choose from a massive verity of different patterns and techniques to put it all together. The thing I love about this is the range of a simplicity and difficulty which ensures everything is as individual as the one making it and the one it is for. Do what feels right for you!
While assembling it is important to think about the intent behind your bracelet(s) Keep in mind why you are doing this. Put on music that reminds you of them, light candles, pray. Make it as witchy or mundane as you wish.

It is one of the most discreet forms of magick and worship I can think of, so broom closet witches can rejoice! If someone asks about it and you don’t want to fully explain, you can always say that it’s a match with your friend.

title: weddings.

rating: t

a/n: spring cleaning my dropbox folder and found this ficlet. decided to finish it up. 

The ballroom was decorated in rich blue and green colours; no surprise given the bride and groom’s origins. The smell of seafood wafted through the open ballroom doors, and there had to be some sort of irony there, Emma thought with a sardonic grin. Then again, what exactly, did mermaids eat? Had Ariel given up being a mermaid forever? It didn’t seem right to ask such questions on her wedding day.

The buttered lobster, however, was to die for.

 Then again, no dish came even close to the decadent spread that was Killian Jones in a handsome outfit – part leather and part something soft and velvety. It was black, naturally, but there were threads of red in the brocade, and the cut accentuated his slim hips and biceps.

 He looked devastatingly handsome, and she could see women looking, simpering and sweet as they tried to edge closer to what was hers. (She wished Ariel hadn’t decided to invite everyone in the fucking realm; it was really tiring to remember that Emma was an actual princess and there were expectations she didn’t care for.) 

Of course, they didn’t know that he had a love-bite the size of China from his collarbone right up to his heart, or the raised, angry skin of his back where her nails had dug into him as she hit her crescendo in their last encounter between the sheets… or that under his jacket there was a thin bracelet that used to be her necklace– a circle of continuity she had given him that rested just above his pulse point.


 She started, turning to meet her father’s gaze, who looked both amused and slightly pained at the way she was starring at her fiancé. She raised an eyebrow at him in response, because she could totally stare at her fiancé if she wanted to (the man was sex on legs, she’s allowed to objectify him damnit). 

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To My Naturals,

Here’s a thread where you can post your hair care routine, what products you use, what products you hate/cant use, what hair type you have + (like 3a of whatever ad if you have is thin, coarse, etc), what vitamins you take for your hair, etc.

I, along with a lot of other girls (and possibly guys too), need help!


-I take 10,000 mcg Biotin daily (I started wit like 3000/5000 mcg Biotin September 2014 and I have used 10,000 mcg for almost 2 years tho)

- I wash my hair once a week ( I don’t wear my curls out often because EVERYONE and their mom likes to touch my hair)

- I have like 3a/3b/3c hair (Lord I don’t know)

- My hair is thin, the biotin helped with length and strength

- I have always had long hair, but it was poorly color treated in 2013 so I did a big chop in April 2014

- My hair is currently bra strap length (the longest it ever was, was waist length in 2011/2012; I'm 4′9″/4′10″)

- I used Mane and Tail from September 2014 to November 2015, It was good but it didn't define my hair good, it has sulfates in the shampoo, lots of slip for detangling

- I used the Organix Brazilian Keratin shampoo and condition from April 2014 to September 2014 (I didn’t like how it made my hair hard)

- I currently use: Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil “Strengthen, Grow & Restore Shampoo”, Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus “Curl and Shine Conditioner”,  Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil “Strengthen, Grow & Restore Leave-in Conditioner”, Coconut Oil for sealing (I used to oversaturate my hair, it works really good for moisture)

- I use a silicone scalp massager (not the vibrating one, I bought mine for less than $2 on eBay)

- I deep condition before i flat iron my hair ( aka twice this year) and like rarely beyond that [ I KNOW I NEED TO DO BETTER, I don’t know….]

- I did a pure ACV deep condition for my dandruff/dry scalp and so far no flakes (did it on 8/10/16), apparently it’s really good for acne, losing weight, dry/itchy scalp, getting shiny hair, pH balancing your scalp, etc)

- I want to do pure Jamaican Black Castor Oil massages on my scalp (you just pour some of it on your hands and massage it in every day using your fingers or the scalp massager thingy for like 2-5 minutes)

- I want to do some deep conditioning (im very cheap so like… I have ACV, Coconut, eggs, and water, what can i do with that? I also have honey…)

- I used the OKAY Shea Ultra Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner but it left my scalp drier than it has ever been and my hair very tangled

- I want to wear my natural hair out more often instead of combing it out and stretching it. I would probably have to wash my hair twice a week for that tho)

- I do not use gel or like gel. I do not slick down my hair

- I use t-shirts for drying my hair

- I only use a wide tooth comb, no brushes

- I only flat iron my hair 1-3 times a year ( only special occasions)

- I don’t eat healthy ( I barely drink water and I only eat during school bc homework takes forever. I tried eating vegatables and I realized that I aint about that life)

Any tips for me??? Please leave your routine and what you do for your hair!


No-nonsense leather binding is a classic full goatskin binding with minimal tooling, including an older version of my monogram on the back cover. The headbands were sewn with natural white bookbinders linen thread. This book has 190 pages of recycled paper in two tones, and it’s for sale here.

Dream Pillow

A dream pillow is a good way to bring about magickal dreams. This one is designed to provoke messages and visions about your true love. Be open to receiving visions and symbols to aid you in your quest for a mate.

¼ cup dried mugwort

¼ cup dried lavender

¼ cup dried vervain

2 squares of purple fabric, 4″ x 4″

1 azurite stone

needle and thread

natural cotton filling

1.   Combine equal parts herbs in a medium-sized bowl. Charge the herbs. Visualize the energy from your hands entering the herbs, charging them with the intent to activate the third eye and allow for clear seeing. Set herbs aside. Recite the following incantation:

     "Unlock and release so I can have vision,
      A love that seems to be hidden.
      Open in me a sight for true love,  
      Shine this upon me from above.“

2.   Take both pieces of purple fabric and sew three sides of the square.

3.   Turn fabric inside out, forming an empty pillow. Fill pillow with herbs and natural cotton stuffing. 

4.   Sew the pillow closed. For added potency, Chang the following incantation while sewing the pillow:

     "In visions across a dream-filled sky,
     Show me my love that stays beside,
     Beside my heart, beside my soul,
     To share in love that’s pure and whole.”

5.   Place the dream pillow under your regular pillow at night.

(via Love Craft by Anna Haywood)

Magic hc

I don’t do enough with this but I’ll at least briefly explain it and draw more for it later.

Anyways. So Ace’s magic has a bit of structural property to it. While it usually looks seamless, like a solid stream of aether, it’s actually constructed lines. I suppose you can consider them like fine threads. They naturally cluster and form what looks like solid bolts of energy when on the offensive. It’s the easiest, quickest way to form them. However, that’s only the most basic of it.

Ace has a much finer mastery over his magic. And can create small particles along the ‘threads’ that act as anchoring points or pivots. From there, the aether threads can turn at any angle. Forming into bends, or even full polygons. With focus, Ace can essentially construct geometric shapes. Since they’re magic, they’re mostly intangible save for the bright light and heat they give off. Since they typically aren’t as concentrated as say a bolt (like mystic shot), they generally don’t hurt and aren’t used for any sort of combat unless being made to create a broader surface area to propel aether from (like trueshot barrage).

This probably isn’t new or revolutionary given that I’ve stolen it straight from Ezreal’s kit. Look at the image for his passive, rising spell force. It’s just that Ace’s is much neater, a cleaner set of connecting 'threads.’ Ezreal’s bow forms in the same manner during the channel for his ult. It’s exceedingly rare that Ace would ever be in combat long enough to resort to something like trueshot barrage, but it is much the same with a unique, aether constructed bow.