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Guys. This stuff. THIS STUFF. IS. AMAZING! I kept seeing it on Instagram and when I stumbled upon it at Winners, I decided to give it a go. The first time I tried it, it was a bit alarming to have all that charcoal in my mouth but thankfully I bought the citrus one. It really does whiten your teeth, I’ve had these yellowish stains on my teeth for years due to braces, but even those are fading! Totally inexpensive, bang for your buck, and it actually works! I cannot rave about this product enough!


@justagingerwithgoals tagged me to do the “selfies of 2017”, so here I am to deliver!

#1, January:
The first time I really felt happy in 2017. I felt so darn cute with my little dimple, and to be fair I looked heckin cute. Still have the dimple, by the way.

#2, February:
This was my first time doing my makeup since January 9th, and I felt so amazing. I seriously killed this day. No occasion, I just really wanted to get all dolled up. Rocked it then, still rocking it now.

#3, March:
I finally started to appreciate myself and everything I could do. I was heading to State Basketball with one of my friends and I just felt really cute.

#4, April:
I went to the “lake” (it’s a reservoir if you want to get particular) with one of my friends and I had so much fun. It was peaceful and beautiful. We ended up going on a mini adventure for some food. It was an amazing day.

#5, May:
This selfie might look peaceful but I was livid when I took it. I was waiting for one of my friends so we could head to a wedding, and his hair had to be perfect so we were like five minutes early. I was so mad, but the wind caught my hair perfectly so obviously had to capture the moment.

#6, June:
Oh boy. I heard coconut oil naturally whitens your teeth so I decided to try it! Let’s just say that it works, but swishing it around your mouth for 15 minutes is exhausting and time consuming. But I mean, it worked really well so I guess I can’t be that mad about it.

#7, July:
Literally just wanted a cute selfie to post on Instagram since it’d been awhile. No cool story, sorry.

#8, August:
I took this yesterday! Basically I decided to go ahead with my fitness-instagram so I got really excited and wanted to post about it. (If you guys aren’t following me and want to, it’s road_of_self_love).

So that’s my year so far in selfies! Pretty lame but also really cool! I’d like to see… @self-love-and-squats, @imhellafit, @gradschoolforty, and @courtlosesit share a year of selfies!

Quick fact. Ready?
Looking for a natural teeth whitener? Try rubbing a bit of organic Apple cider vinegar on your teeth!

Or maybe a natural hair conditioner?
Mix a tbsp of organic Apple cider vinegar with 1 cup of water and coconut oil, and use as a natural form of hair care!

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DIY TIME☺I will post another DIY since you guys liked the last one. 


Whiten teeth treatments can be really expensive and hurtful as well. I can tell because I have been in one before and it gets annoying and tiring, usually people never finish the treatment because money or the pain that causes you.

In this post I will be sharing with you some DIY TIPS that you will help you to whiten your teeth naturally. Of course it will take longer but you will see the results within weeks.

Wondering how to naturally whiten your teeth? Yellowing teeth can be one of the first signs of aging. 

Also if you had braces at some point of your life probably you want to know how to whiten your teeth too.

Let’s face it, it can be pretty unattractive, especially when paired with a beautiful red lipstick. 

 The good news is that teeth whitening at home is easy and can be achieved in very little time.

Just use these teeth whitening tips to put your best smile forward!


Brushing right after eating or drinking is the best way to whiten teeth and prevent staining. Most foods do not cause staining but if you’re a coffee lover or a smoker, you can pretty much expect having discolored teeth. If this is the case, then visit your dentist every three months to have your teeth cleaned.


Brush your teeth with a hydrogen peroxide and baking soda paste twice a week.

What do I need to do? 

• Pour 2 teaspoons  of hydrogen peroxide into 3 teaspoons of baking soda. Mix these together until a paste forms. The paste should be similar in thickness to toothpaste.

• Add a tiny bit of mint toothpaste to your homemade paste to give it a fresh flavor.

• Dollop the paste mixture onto your toothbrush. Brush the paste onto your teeth in small, circular motions. 

• Once all teeth are covered, let the mixture sit on your teeth for 2 minutes.

• Rinse the solution off of your teeth by swishing with water from the bathroom sink.

• Brush your teeth with toothpaste to rid your mouth of any remnants of the hydrogen peroxide mixture.


Some people have attested that their teeth have become whiter by applying coconut oil to their teeth after brushing.

Simply swish a spoonful of coconut oil in your mouth for 5 to 20 minutes. If you don’t feel like doing that then you can add a few drops to your tooth brush and brush your teeth. 

Lastly, you can put some coconut oil to a corner of a clean wash cloth and rub it on your teeth.


Apple cider vinegar is a natural whitening agent for dark spots on your body, and that includes your teeth. The vinegar helps remove stains, whiten teeth, and kill bacteria in your mouth and gums. Gargle with apple cider vinegar in the morning, then brush as usual after you gargle.


Ever wondered how Catherine Zeta Jones kept her teeth sparkling white? She used strawberries! She simply mashed up about four or five strawberries and rubbed this yummy mixture all over her teeth. Tyra Banks is also trying out this delicious technique.

Some people swear by this technique as truly effective. If two super iconic beauties are to be believed on this one, it must be worth a try. Remember to rinse well afterwards.


While you are doing try to smoke less. Try to avoid tannin-containing beverages but if you do drink them, use a straw to maintain your treatment and not ruint it. 

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Quick fact. Ready?
Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid, which on its own can act like a natural anti inflammatory. This special acid can help to reduce blood Triglycerides, improve insulin sensitivity, and can be used as a natural hair conditioner, teeth whitener, and allergy symptom reducer.

reasons why bananas are so good for you
  • you can use the inside of banana peels to polish shoes
  • you can also rub the inside of banana peels on mosquito bites to help stop the itchiness
  • bananas contain B6 which regulates your blood glucose levels and your mood
  • bananas assist learning (eat a banana while studying!!)
  • bananas are high in B-complex vitamins which can help calm the nervous system 
  • bananas help fight depression as they increase levels of serotonin (a neurotransmitter)
  • eating bananas between meals can help avoid morning sickness 
  • rubbing the inside of a banana peel on your teeth for 2 minutes every night will naturally whiten your teeth (results appear in 2 weeks)
  • rubbing a banana peel on your head will help if you have a headache
  • bananas + peels make good fertilizers 
  • bananas can be used to make a conditioner (great for dry, damaged hair) just mash up a banana, add a tablespoon of heavy cream and a tablespoon of honey, put on your hair… wrap it up in a warm towel and leave for an hour before rinsing and shampooing
  • bananas can reduce the risks of heart attacks and strokes
  • more than 7 bananas in one day can be dangerous so watch out

so think about picking up a banana every once in a while and hell, keep the peel too you never know what it can be useful for

Natural teeth whitening method

Things you’ll need:

-banana peel


Take the INSIDE of the banana peel and rub it along the problem areas of your teeth for approx. 5 minutes. It will get gross and icky but trust me, this HELPS. (I saw results within two weeks of me doing this daily.) The potassium, magnesium and manganese absorb into the teeth, thus making them whiter. Leave the banana residue on for about 10 minutes and try and keep your lips away from your mouth. After, take a dry toothbrush and brush the banana paste into your teeth. Afterwards, you can actually brush your teeth with toothpaste. I SWEAR BY THIS METHOD. It’s worked wonders for me. 

anonymous asked:

Why don't you trust/use toothpaste? Is there an organic/homemade recipe you use or know of? I would love to try it! (Is it because of the fluoride?) much love to you xxxx

yes love mainly it’s because of the fluoride and the whole myriad of chemicals that it’s made of… it just doesn’t feel good. i do still use toothpaste every now and then… but i used to brush my teeth with coconut oil + baking soda + peppermint essential oil but that made by teeth quite sensible so i stopped using it. now i still use coconut oil but just a tiny tiny bit of baking soda (it’s quite abrasive if used too much too often) and peppermint essential oil (so very refreshing ehehe) and only a drop of tea tree essential oil (it’s anti-bacterial and antiseptic). and that’s it… it works beautifully + it’s quite refreshing + feels very natural + whitens your teeth :) xxxxx