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Gold Sheen Obsidian

How stunning are these Venusrox Gold Sheen Obsidian Crystals? The sunlight brought them to life and they are now available via the showroom.

“A good stone for clearing negative energy from one’s aura. An excellent stone for uncovering one’s hidden talents and enabling one to use those new found talents to move forward and achieve success. A strong stone for encouraging one to be in your own power and not be controlled by others or to control others.”

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When the Lights are Low

Prompt: Sting jealous of Yukino and Rogue
Submitted by: blackhunter94
Pairing: Stingyu, (slight Nalu)

Summary: A new nightclub is opening near Sabertooth but someone can’t go because he let the guild paperwork pile up.

“I love those black sandals you bought,” Lucy told Yukino as they walked into Sabertooth’s guild hall.

“Which ones?” The pale haired girl laughed. There were few things she loved more than a shopping spree after an especially well paying job.

“The ones with the gold heels,” Rufus said. They were clearly the best looking pair in the shopping district that day.

“Yes, those!” Lucy exclaimed. “I would have gotten a pair myself, but I’ve been after the white floral ones for weeks now.”

“They suit you, Lucy-sama.”

“Natsu, you can put down the bags now,” the blonde directed. The fire dragon slayer had been made to lug around all of their purchases.

He put their many shopping bags onto a table and sighed. “Man, you guys are ridiculous.” Together, they’d spent just south of a million jewels.

“Aye,” agreed Happy who carried the jewelry bags with his tail.

“But you spend that much on food any day,” Lucy quipped.

“Did you enjoy the shopping, Frosch?” Rogue asked when he saw them. He’d sent the exceed along with a small allowance.

“Fro did!” She declared. “Look what Yukino picked out!” The feline pulled out a cute flower brooch.

“How fashionable,” the shadow dragon slayer commented with a wan smile. “Then again, Yukino’s always been a fine dresser.”

Her cheeks faintly reddened. “T-thank you, Rogue-sama,” she said. “But the real fashionista here has to be Natsu-sama.”

“It’s true,” Lucy inserted. “He actually has a talent for that sort of stuff.”

“Be that as it may,” Rogue continued with a laugh. “I’ve always admired your sense of style, Yukino.”

“He liiiiiiikes her!” Happy called out.

“Fro thinks so, too!”

“I like what you’ve been doing with your hair lately,” the celestial mage confessed without thinking.

“You know, I actually thought it looked silly.” He self consciously felt at his short pony tail. “I take it you all are going to that new nightclub’s grand opening.”

She nodded enthusiastically. It would be her first time at such an event. “Will we see you there, Rogue-sama?”

“I’m not really one for parties,” he reasoned.

“I’m not either,” she confessed. “But I think it would be fun with friends there. I hope you come.” Then she, along with her Fairy Tail companions, left the guild.

Hours later as Rogue stepped out of his loft, he saw Sting on his way to his own apartment next door.

“Back already?” He asked. He assumed the job would keep his friend away for at least a day longer.

“The ogres weren’t as impressive as I thought. Where are you going?” The light dragon slayer asked. “You look less like a vampire than usual.”

“You’re as tactful as ever,” the dark haired man said sardonically.

“Fro helped shop for the outfit!” Frosch said proudly.

“I’m going to that club opening. Merlin’s or something like that. Would you like to come?”

Sting sighed dejectedly. He’d heard about that place. “I would, but the damn council needs all those reports in by tomorrow. Since when do you go out, anyway?”

“I don’t,” he admitted. “But since Yukino invited me, I decided to give it a try.”

Yukino did? He hadn’t realized they were so close. “Since when does SHE go out?” Sting was amazed. He’d be trying to get the both of them to come to a party with him for months, but all of a sudden they decided to try it the one weekend he was away. Some nakama.

“Natsu and Lucy probably convinced her,” the shadow dragon speculated. “A lot of Fairy Tail members are in town for the party.”

“So you were gonna party with Natsu-san…without ME?” Was there even an ounce of loyalty in this world?

“I didn’t realize you still had that obsession,” Rogue jested. “He’s meeting us in front of the guild in case you wanted to get an autograph.”

“Is Carla gonna be there?” Lector asked. He’d never miss an opportunity to try and woo the female feline.

When they arrived at the guild, the twin dragons waited the better part of a half hour for their friends to show up. When they did, half of Fairy Tail must of been with them.

Sting exchanged greetings with Natsu and Gajeel and accepted Erza’s praise on how well he’d been handling the guild, but all the while he couldn’t take his eyes off of her.

Yukino was sandwiched between Lucy and Mirajane, as she had been when he found her at the banquet. She wore a short, backless black dress with gold jewelry and the shoes she bought earlier that day.

“Yukino,” he said when he was finally able to approach her.

“Sting-sama.” She started fumbling with her gold clutch. “You’re back early. Are you coming out with us?” The celestial mage wet her lips nervously, adding a natural sheen to her matte lipstick.

“No.” It took nearly all his will to tear his gaze away from her mouth. “I let the paperwork pile up for too long so that’s what I get. You look really nice, by the way.”

“Doesn’t she always?” Lucy teased, subtly nudging the shyer girl forward.

“A girl like her won’t stay single for long,” Mira admonished. “You should have just confessed during the banquet. I bet she would have said yes, nee Yukino?”

“Mirajane-sama!” Yukino flushed immediately, covering her face with her hands.

That was it. She would never be able to face him again. How could they even joke about him having feelings for someone like her with a straight face?

Much to her surprise, Sting took the teasing in stride. He didn’t seem bothered at all. “Just try to get her back in one piece.”

“If the lovebirds are through,” Rufus interrupted. “We should be going. We’ve gotten a bit past the point of fashionably late.”

And then Sting watched Yukino walk away from him, feeling more anxious than he had any right to seeing that they were only friends. 

The white dragon slayer spent the better part of the night halfheartedly writing reports and signing documents as his abusive imagination plagued him with thoughts of Yukino and other men. His best friend in particular.

It wasn’t that he didn’t trust Rogue to treat her well, in fact it was quite the opposite. His friend had always been a far better person than him. He deserved happiness, if he could manage to find some outside of his exceed.

The only problem was that the very thought of Yukino with another guy, any other guy, made him want to put a hole through something. It was really quite the dilemma.

A little after three in the morning when he was on his last stack of paperwork, Sting heard the door to his office creak open. 

“Did you get bored?” He teased, once he saw her painted fingernails drumming nervously against his document.

“Bored would be the wrong word for it,” the celestial mage, emboldened by more than a few drinks, traversed the distance between them and took a seat on top of his desk. “I just noticed something tonight that made me want to come back here.”

She nervously tapped her painted fingernails against her thigh. 

“What was that?” Sting asked with a smirk. He’d have to thank the universe later for whatever it was.

“When people are having a good time, they always seem to…gravitate to the people most important to them.”

She thought back to how attached Lucy acted toward Natsu when there was enough alcohol in her system to null her pride.

Levy, Juvia, Mira…all her friends had someone there to dance with and whisper in their ears when the lights were low. Even Rogue had completely succumbed to his obvious fascination with Mermaid Heel’s strongest mage. 

“I’m sure a lot of people tried to gravitate towards you,” he said dryly. 

Yukino rolled her eyes at this. He would be fine. There were hoards of women who tried to join the guild just to get his attention. 

“Well, it must not have worked very well since I’m back here.” The celestial mage smiled and picked up a pen. “Now, let’s finish the rest of this work before the council tries to shut down our guild." 

Notes: Thanks for reading, guys!

ssslant  asked:

If I have combination skin can I buy Nars Sheer glow foundation? I don't really like matte finishes, i prefer a natural finish

NARS Sheer Glow isn’t too dewy or glowy, it has a very natural sheen and glow to the skin. So yes you can totally use it! However it’s not the longest lasting foundation so you’ll need a primer on your oily skin areas. 

Some other foundations you might like that are good for combination skin and with a more natural finish and slight sheen are

  • Urban Decay Naked
  • Lancome Tient Miracle
  • Dior Skin Forever
  • MAC Face & Body 
  • Makeup Forever Face & Body
  • Revlon Nearly Naked
  • Loreal True Match Lumi Foundation (not to be confused w/ Lumi Primer)
  • Garnier BB Cream For Oily/Combination Skin (great coverage like a medium foundation, has a slight sheen/glow)

All these foundations will give the skin a natural finish, nothing too dull and matte without being over dewy and luminous to where they just slide off the skin :)

Hand carved Chiapas amber plugs in the style of our “Pentafilon” five petal flower. These pieces are unique because we were able to use material with a rare red skin and leave them rough on the back to create the brilliant red light effect as seen when the pieces are backlit. They also have a marvelous green sheen in natural sunlight. SOLD. We have enough of this material left for a few sets of jewelry at 16mm or below. Contact

diss0ciatingg  asked:

Is there any way I can achieve a dewy finish to my skin but still use lots of powder? I can't stand it when my makeup isn't completely set and smooth but I don't like looking powdery and cakey :( Love your blog btw x

Translucent powder! I love translucent powder for many reasons & I feel like I talk about it too much lol.

I have oily/combination skin but I love a slightly dewy, not matte finish but if I dont use powder my foundation will just melt off. Translucent powder is just a white powder sometimes beige but goes on clear. It looks extremely natural and flawless but never, ever cakey and powdery. It’s still “matte” but it lets the natural sheen/shine of a foundation shine through. Plus translucent powder is great for oily skin because it keeps me shine free longer than regular powders and is great for dry skin because it’s so silky it won’t cling onto dry patches. I can’t say enough good things about it! You’ll skin will look WAY smoother with translucent powder too because they have blurring/perfecting properties to blur pores and fine lines.

Some of my favorites are ELF’s HD Powder, Makeup Forever HD Powder & Tarte Clean Slate Translucent Powder (best one for oily skin). If you have a darker skin tone i’d suggest the Laura Mercier one or a tinted Ben Nye Luxury powder because it’s slightly tinted and translucent powders can sometimes come off ashy on deeper skin tones.

Or setting sprays! They help your makeup last longer and add a little sheen and glow to the skin. Setting sprays make your powder and foundation melt into the skin taking away any powdery finish.

You can also add powder highlight on your cheek bones over your powder to add a little shine in the right places without looking too dewy all over :)


I took my 2 strand twists out this morning but didn’t have time to separate and fluff them out. I’ve been locking the moisture in my hair with Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Anti-Shrinkage Sheen Sealing Nectar. This stuff smells so good it’s ridiculous. I picked it about about 2 weeks ago at walmart for around $9.

My hair retains the shine it gives for hours and the smell too. I spray it on my hair in the morning as I’m getting ready and maybe once again in the middle of the day. You have to be careful not to spray a whole bunch because everywhere you lay your head will have a grease stain on it. So far it’s doing a really good job at retaining the moisture in my hair.

Okay so a few days ago I bought the hourglass ambient light palette because I really want to try it but never did because when I swatched it I wasn’t that amazed. I used it today and when I was applying it I was just thinking ehh, it’s not even really showing up on my skin?? I usually like when my highlights are like in your face like becca opal and nars albatross, I was considering if I should return it until later on when I was standing in my kitchen which had a dim light on and saw my reflection and I was like :o my face had a beautiful natural sheen to it and was very soft and beautiful, then I looked up more info about the highlight and that’s exactly what the maker said it’s suppose to do, it’s suppose to mimic “good lighting” all the time, it’s really a unique concept and I’m so glad that I finally tried it! Now I want the blush palette haha.

Physicians Formula Nude Wear Glowing Nude Powder Swatches

Physicians Formula Nude Wear Glowing Nude Powder, Blush and Bronzer.

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NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation Review

If you like medium to full flawless coverage with a weightless feel and satin finish this foundation is for you…

This foundation is very different from others I have tried, it’s very lightweight with a consistency more on the runny side yet still has awesome coverage. You can use a light layer all over the skin for a medium coverage or build it up for fuller coverage without looking heavy and cakey. 

The finish is satin, I wouldn’t say it’s super luminous or dewy but it gives the skin a more natural sheen. Makes the skin look luminous and healthy while still being relatively matte. I also wouldn’t say it’s ridiculously long wearing or lasts all day. It started to break down a bit and let oils come through after about 5/6 hours without a primer or powder. With a long wearing primer and powder it can last for around 8/9 hours. 

What impresses me the most is the amount of coverage it gives with such a weightless feel. Great every day foundations for those who need more full coverage to cover spots and redness but don’t want to wear a thick, full coverage foundation on a day to day basis. Can also work great as a night out foundation when you want to look extra flawless. 

Let me know if you’ve tried it and your thoughts!