natural science tattoo

#DidYouKnow - The narrower the pupil in relation to the horizon, the greater accuracy of depth perception in peripheral vision? Pair that with the fact that the octopuses optical nerve fibers are behind retina and you get absolutely no blind spot which means an octopus can see everything that is going on in their environment. Pretty cool huh nation?! 📸: Gustavo Maqueda

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Half-healed, half fresh, but man, am I super psyched to have wrapped up this tattoo on Josh today. Also a little sad! It’s been so fun to work on! New Zealand and Northern European native birds, plants, and insects. Trees are pohutukawa, birch, beech, rowan; birds are tui, kea, house swallow, and raven; today added a magpie moth and two Leioproctus fulvescens bees. Hopefully I’ll snag some healed photos before he heads back to NZ! Detail post after this. 


Camelias and swallows for Adam, who is a total champ and came all the way from Georgia to get this all in one go! Thank you so much for sitting so strong, and safe travels home. 

Interesting mix of black and payne’s grey and full color on this one. Super fun and a good challenge!

I had the great privilege to tattoo my dear friend’s little brother (and also now my friend) Connor today. Thank you so much! Blue spruce, lark bunting, and columbine flower for a native Coloradan.