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do you think there is anything threatening canada's future energy resources?

Climate Change. In order to prevent catastrophic climate change, we need to keep most of our natural gas and oil reserves underground.

But I’m in favour of them staying underground considering the alternative.


HEY taylorswift IF YOU EVER HIKE IN SINGAPORE, this is the place. We walked in the middle of nowhere for like 15 minutes and suddenly we reached what seemed like a promise land! An open space that is super super peaceful! I think you’ll love it here! It’s called the Dairy Farm Nature Reserve!

I’ll be more than happy to be your guide! ;)


The light keeper’s house and elephant seals at UC Santa Cruz’s Año Nuevo Island Reserve. Hundreds of thousands of northern elephant seals once inhabited the Pacific Ocean. They were slaughtered wholesale in the 1800s for the oil that could be rendered from their blubber. By 1892, only 50 to 100 individuals were left.

The UCSC reserve supports a 40-year ongoing study of the growing elephant seal population, which has rebounded from near extinction a century ago.

Explore some of the other locations where UC research is happening


Öland Island

A bridge connects Kalmar to this amazing island. This is one of the more beautiful place I have been to in Sweden ! The idea there is to rent a car and to drive along the 130km of this island.

The island is full of history and thus the southern part of has been designated as a World Heritage site by the UNESCO. Menhirs can be seen among the fields, as well as a lot of windmills: there are more than 100 of them ! Vikings settled on the island and the remains of a village where found. The inhabitants decided to rebuild it and to have several events there: the Eketorp Fortress. It is not finished yet but it is already amazing to enter this place, I had the feeling vikings have just left a few hours ago !

The third picture shows the very characteristic environment of the island:  the Stora Alvaret, which is a limestone pavement. This is beautiful to see.

At the top south can be found a Nature Reserve: Ottenby, which is an amazing place to watch birds, and even seals. 

The Borgholm Castle was the summer house of the royal family of Sweden until a fire destroyed it. Even the ruins are very impressive to see !


Xin Xin falls out of a tree at the Gengda Giant Panda base that is part of the Wolong Natural Reserve and China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda.

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